Xiaomi Mi Band Vs Mi Band 1s : Release date And Price in india

Xiaomi Mi Band Vs Xiaomi Mi Band 1S whats the Difference . Launch Date and Price in India .

Fitness tracks are paving their ways into our society. A fitness tracker is a device that a device that can monitor your calories intake, sleep timing, distance traveled, count your footsteps and pair up with your smartphone to keep a good track of your fitness. Let’s help you choose between the Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S .The devices are so innovative that some even some with a hear rate monitor to help you monitor your heart rate. Xiaomi provides it’s own fitness bands that can be paired up with any of your Android device or iOS device by downloading an app called Mi Fit.

Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S:Which one is better?

We gonna firstly look at the specification of the Mi Band 1.

Mi Band 1

Mi band 1 is a wrist band that is 205mm long and weights about 5g(0.2 ounce).  The average fitness band is around 50g(1.8 ounce) so the redmi band is very lighter than any other bands available there. It is water resistant, so you can even wear it during your workouts but you cannot wear it under water. The dimensions of Mi band is 36mm L x 14mm W x 9mm H. It can work at any temperature from -20°C – 70°C( -4°F – 158°F).
The band has a metallic case which is made up from scratch resistant metal alloy. The strap in the band is made from a thermoplastic elastomer which is UV resistant, anti bacterial and anti allergic.

Mi Band 1S

The Mi Band 1s is 5.5g(0.9 ounces) which is 0.5g (0.018 ounces) heavier than the Mi Band 1. While comparing the Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S, we found the later to be slightly bigger than the former, having the dimensions 37mm L x 13.6mm W x 9.9mm H. It can resist the same temparature range as the Mi band 1 and even the straps are also the same. Like the former, the band doesn’t have any display screen but it can be paired with your smartphone. The device uses Bluetooth but it consumes less battery. The 1S is completely water and dust resistant, hence you can take it with you for a swim. Hence in Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S, we prefer the 1S as its completely water resistant.

Features of Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S

The bands Mi Band 1 and Mi Band 1s are very similar to each other except the 1S has a heart rate sensor. So when it comes to Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S, you should consider buying the 1S when you need to own a tracker with inbuilt heart rate sensor. Both the devices can be used to unlock your Mi devices, gives you alerts of missed calls, messages by flashing it’s LED lights.
Features Of Mi Band And Mi Band 1s :- 

Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S:Battery & Price

In Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S, the Mi band 1 lasts for 30 days with a full charge. The Mi Band 1S lasts for the 30 days too and lasts about 10 days with extreme usage which makes the Mi band 1S more favorable in Mi Band Vs Mi Band 1S.
The Mi band 1S costs $28(Rs.1856) and Mi Band 1 costs $15(Rs.999). Confused about where to buy them? You can buy them for a great discount here.
Coming To The India Launch date and price of Mi Band 1s so upto now there no words from the company regarding the Mi band 1s launch date in india and price in india . 

When we compared Mi Band 1 Vs Mi Band 1S: The Mi Band 1S won. With a wide range of features , it came with the additional benefit of a heart rate sensor that is definitely worth paying some dollars extra.

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