How To Increase Battery Backup Life time of Micromax Yu Yureka / Yureka Plus

Last updated on February 22nd, 2017 at 09:47 am

How to Boost Battery Life Of Micromax Yu Yureka / Yureka Plus Without root 

Do you want to Increase battery running time of Micromax yu yureka / Yureka Plus ? If yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with a guide on Trick to increase battery Hold of yureka and yureka plus .

Micromax yu yureka smartphone was one of the most searched smartphone in 2015 . Yu yureka was amongst those smartphones which used to get out of stock just in 3 seconds in the flash sale However now the smartphone is available at open sale on AMAZON . Yu Which is a Sister brand of micromax is famous for making affordable smartphones with Flagship level Hardware specifications .

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Yu Yureka And YU YUreka Plus Both smartphone carries almost same hardware specifications which includes 2Gb of ram, Octa core processor and a 5.5 inch HD display.The biggest Drawback of Both Yu yureka /Yu yureka Plus is Battery Drain problem , So today we are Here with some tips and Solution to increase battery life of Yu yureka .


How to Solve Battery Drain Problem In Micromax Yu Yureka/Yureka plus .

One of the biggest reasons why Micromax yu yureka drains battery so fast is the Big 5.5 Inch screen and the qualcomm snapdragon processor and the battery is only 2500 Mah which is  not enough for High end devices like the Yureka and yureka plus .
So starting with the first method to Increase battery running time of Yu yureka and Yureka plus .
Method 1 :- 
  • Dont use Your Smartphone at Full Brightness for longer time .
  • Uninstall The apps you dont use everyday . It might surprise you but the installed apps also consume battery even if they aren’t opened .
  • Limit or Dont use Widgets at homescreen of your smartphone .
  • Unplug the smartphone from charger after its 100% charged .
  • Dont use The smartphone while its charging .
  • And Thats all , The above are some basic methods which will help you to Get more battery backup From yu yureka and Yureka plus .
Now Moving To the second And Main Method .

How to get More battery backup time From yu yureka and Yureka plus .

  • First of all Go to the settings of your smartphone .
  • Then go to Battery and Performance . 
  • Then Go to battery use .
And Now you will see the main apps and Hardware which are using and draining your battery .
Here is the screenshot of My Device :- 
So here i can clearly see that Wifi and Cell Standby Is consuming the most battery . So here is what you have to do incase the Wifi and Standby are the Biggest battery Drainers .
  • Turn off WIFI when not in use .
  • You can do simply by going in wifi settings and then choosing wifi Sleep data policy . 
  • Then choose Sleep wifi when screen is turned off .
Starting With the Second Method :- 
Remove Useless Apps 

Remove all unwanted apps that you dont use often . installed apps on a often keeps draining your battery so its better to keep only those apps installed which is important to you .
Limit BackGround Process of running Apps .

Go to Developer settings in your smartphone , Choose Limit Background Process and set it to only 2 or maximum 4 . By doing this you will set the background running of apps so when set 2 the smartphone will allow to run only 2 apss and when 4 only 4 apps will run .
Increase Sync Time .

Increase the EMAIL sync time to a Minimum internval of 6 hours .
Dont Keep too Much bright or colorful wallpapers .

Using too much colorfull wallpapers is also one of the biggest reasons which drains the battery too fast . To avoid this you can keep a  Black wallpaper .
Turn off the Data Connection When not in use .

Turn off your mobile internet connection when not in use , The smartphones consumes the maximum battery when it tries to catch mobile signals so it is ideal to turn off the Data connection when not in use . 
So thats all By doing the above you will be able to Increase the battery backup time of your Micromax Yu yureka / yureka plus without rooting your smartphone .

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