Lenovo K4 Note Vs Lenovo K3 Note : Which one is Better to buy ?

Lenovo K4 Note Vs Lenovo K3 Note :- Which one you Should Buy and Which one is Best ? 

Do you want to Know Comparison Between Lenovo k3 Note vs Lenovo k4 Note ?And want to Know which phone Between Lenovo k4 Note Vs Lenovo k3 Note you Should Buy ? Then you are at Right Place . today we are here with a guide in which we will tell you the comparison of Lenovo k4 Note Vs Lenovo k3 Note : Which one is Better to buy .
Lenovo has emerged as the Favorite and best smartphone brand of the 2015 followed by Xiaomi and Yu yureka , It is still surprising that Lenovo Succeed in smartphone world in Such a short span of time whereas Big brand like Samsung and Lg Wasnt even able to make their Space in Top 5 smartphone . 

Lenovo K3 Note Review- the best Smartphone Below 10000

In a List Released , Yu Yureka was the most search smartphone of 2015 Followed by Lenovo k3 note . But when it comes to Favorite smartphone brand of india 2015 , Lenovo wins the Crown . Lenovo Released a Range of Many Budget Smartphones in 2015 including The Lenovo k3 Note which was the Best Hit and Best selling smartphone of india and not only this Lenovo k3 note Was also the best selling Smartphone of Lenovo Company ” Said By Lenovo CEO itself ” .
Just After approx 1 year launch of Lenovo k3 note , the Company has launched it successor Lenovo k4 Note in indian Market at a Price tag of Only 11,999 Which is amazing .
Now without Wasting much Lets Head over to our main Guide on Comparison Between Lenovo K4 Note vs Lenovo K3 Note


Lenovo K4 Note Vs Lenovo K3 Note Detailed Comparison : Which one is Better ? 

Lenovo k3 note was Undoubtedly one of the best smartphone in 10,000 Price segment and it is worth mentioning that we have seen Lenovo k3 note getting out of stock in just mere of seconds which is enough to prove How much popular was lenovo k3 note at that time . Today ( 5th jan 2016 ) Lenovo Released Lenovo k4 note at almost the same price tag at which they launched The lenovo k3 note . Now it is Worth Comparing which one is Good Lenovo k3 note or Lenovo k4 note .
Okay Now lets Head over to Our Guide Lenovo K4 note vs Lenovo K3 note .

Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo K4 Note : Detailed Comparison Between Lenovo K4 note and Lenovo K3 Note .

Starting with the Display :- 
Lenovo K3 Note Display Vs Lenovo K4 Note Display :- 
Starting with the Display of Lenovo K3 Note :- 
Lenovo K3 note comes with a 5.5 Inch Display with a Awesome pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. With a pixel density of 401 Lenovo k3 note was the only 1 smartphone under 12000 price tag which came with such high Pixel density resolution . The Performance of Lenovo k3 note’s Display was amazing . 

Coming to the Display of Lenovo k4 note . This is something Lenovo Disappointed us in the lenovo k4 note . Lenovo k4 note also comes with the same Display Specifications of Lenovo k4 note , Just for your info Lenovo k4 note comes with A 5.5 inch Hd display with a Resolution of 1920X1080 .

The only Upgrade We see is In The Lenovo k4 note’s Display they Have Fixed a Gorilla Glass 3 For protection and rest everything is same .

So in The comparison of Lenovo k3 note vs Lenovo k4 note Display No one is winner because both note Carries same specifications .

Coming to the 

Lenovo K4 note Vs Lenovo K3 Note : Hardware .

Starting with the Hardware of Lenovo k3 Note 
Lenovo k3 note comes with A Mediatek MT6753 octa Core processor coupled with 2Gb ram . Lenovo k3 notes was the only smartphone under 10,000 price segment which scored a Whopping Antutu Score of 46000 Which is Even more then of Samsung galaxy S5 . Lenovo k3 note was the perfect phone which never Hang or lag . 
Coming to the lenovo K4 note , the company has used the Same Mediatek Mt6753 Processor in the Lenovo k4 note also but this time the plus point is that the Company have increase 1Gb ram Ram from its Predecessor Lenovo k3 note ( 2Gb ) So in total The lenovo k4 note comes with Octacore processor + 3Gb ram which makes it one of the best Mid range Flagship Device . Upto now there are no Updates on the Antutu Score of the device , But if we see Lenovo K3 note’s 46000 antutu Score and that too in 2gb ram then we can expect a Good Antutu Score and Performance from Lenovo k4 note .
So In the ” Lenovo K4 note vs Lenovo K3 Note : Hardware Comparison ” We cant say Who is Winner because we Have seen K3 note in performance but Not k4 Note so we cant say anything .

Lenovo K3 Note Vs Lenovo K4 Note : Camera Comparison .

Starting with the Camera of Lenovo K3 Note ,
The lenovo K3 note come with a Combination of 13 Mp + 5 Mp Camera . The Performance of Lenovo k3 note’s Camera is amazing .  The best thing which i like about Lenovo k3 Note camera is that it is capable of capturing images at a time span of just 0.1 second and HDR images are also Captured too fast .
Coming to the Front camera of Lenovo K3 note , It is also Good and Comes with Features Like Age detection , beautify mode and many more features . although the Camera of Lenovo K3 note was one of the best camera we have ever seen in a Budget smartphone .
Coming to the Lenovo K4 note camera , the lenovo K4 note Also Comes with a Combination of 13 Mp + 5 Mp camera , There is no major upgrade in the Camera Hardware of Lenovo K4 Note , However the real Performance can only be measured after some days of use .
So at this time we cant tell anything about Which camera is Good in Comparison of Lenovo k4 note vs Lenovo K3 Note

Lenovo K3 Note Vs Lenovo K4 Note : Battery Comparison .

Starting with the battery of lenov k3 note :- 
Lenovo k3 note comes with a 3000 mah battery , although the battery running time of the K3 note was not satisfying because the phone got empty almost after 5 Hours of usage and Gaming .
Coming to the lenovo k4 note , the phone comes with a 33000 Mah battery which is only 300 mah more then of K3 note , However for a 5.5 inch screen 3300 mah is average bemuse we have seen many phones in the same segment and with more battery , the best example is The Xiaomi redmi note 3 which carries a 4000 mah battery .

Lenovo K4 Note Vs Lenovo K3 Note : Extras .

  • Fingerprint Senor :- 
The lenovo K4 note comes with a Fingerprint sensor that is said to be capable of unlocking the smartphone in just .5 Seconds which is great , But then at another point if we take the redmi note 3 then it can unlock the smartphone in just .3 seconds so it is something lenovo should take care of and should improve This in future software updates .
  • Nfc Chip :- 
The lenovo k4 note comes with a Nfc chip which makes it the only Smartphone in the sub 12k range which comes with a Nfc chip support which is a Great thing . 
Price :- The lenovo K4 note is Priced at a price tag of Only 11,999 rupees ,However if past of lenovo is Believed then they can make a Cut in Price of the lenovo k4 note in the coming days to Beat competitors . 
Although the Lenovo k4 note Impressed us With its Price and Features Combination but at another point The Smartphone is not a major upgrade over its predecessor which is supposed To disappoint the fans of lenovo who were expecting something new from lenovo in the new Lenovo k4 note this year . 

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