How Freedom 251 Is So Cheap – Bell Freedom 251 Rupees Smartphone .

Why Freedom 251 Costs only 251 rupees ? 

So Do you want to know why Bell freedom 251 is So cheap and Costs only 251 rupees ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with a guide on How the cheapest smartphone in india the Bell Freedom 251 costs only 251 rupees
Bell freedom 251 is the cheapest android smartphone from Ringing Bells a Mumbai Noida based firm . Bell freedom 251 comes at a price tag of only 251 rupees and carries amazing features like the 4 inch display , 3.2 + .3 Megapixel camera . A 1450 Mah battery and a quad core processor . Now who ever listen about the specifications and price simply creates a doubt that How Bell Freedom 251 android Smartphone is so Cheap

Bell Freedom 251 Price Specifications Features .


Why Freedom 251 Android phone is Priced So less ? 

So here are some points and facts told by Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd’s President Ashok Chadha on Why Freedom 251 is So cheap .
Chadha is a interview also cleared that there is no role or support of government behind the Freedom 251 Hence it is not a subsidized smartphone . 
He told that the smartphone is a part of Narendra Modi’s ” Make in India ” Campaign therefore the 251 takes full advantage of the make in india and Startup india Campaign .
Ashok Chadha in a another statement told that The freedom 251 is one of the first products under startup india Programmes and thats one of the major reason why Freedom 251 is priced so less at only 251 rupees .

Bell Smart 101 price specifications features .

Why Bell Freedom 251 Android Smartphone is Sold So Cheap ?

So here are The following reasons according to the Comapny’s President on why Freedom251 is so cheap .
Before giving reasons chadha admitted that Freedom 251 is Initially a Adcom ikon 4 , But the business strategy followed by both companies are different . The initial cost of Bell freedom 251 is 2,500 rupees .
  • The Freedom 251 will be manufactured in Company’s Noida and Uttarakhand plants and because of this they reduce the cost of phone by around 500 rupees , So the price left is 2,000 .
  • The phone will be assembled in india so therefor they will reduce more 480 by getting a duty exemption . So the price left is around 1,500 .
  • The company will sell the Freedom 251 by online platform only which will cut the salesman and middleman charges . So by doing this they will reduce 480 More rupees . So now the amount left is around 1,000 Rupees .
  • The last reason Ashok chadha told is that many complies want to sell their products on their E-commerce web portal , so they will make the remaining 700-800 by charging the companies to list their products .
Ashok Chadha in a final statement also said that in next 12 months they expect to capture around 30 Percent of Indian smartphone market .
So this was our guide on How freedom 251 is so cheap and Why The Bell freedom 251 android phone is priced so less .

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