Best Vr Headset India – 2016 .

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Best and Cheap Virtual Reality Headset for Android and Ios Smartphone in India .

Planning to Buy Vr headset for Android ios smartphone in india at cheaper price ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with a Guide on Best Vr Headset for android ios in india .
Virtual Reality headsets are one of the best modern innovations . A vr headset is a device that you wear over your eyes and then you place your phone inside it or connect it your pc and then it plays
game or video in high definition screen in front of your eyes , It basically works the same like 3D glasses and a 3d screen do . 


Best Vr Headset For smartphones in India under 1000 rupees .

So in this guide we will tell you the names of 5 Best VR Headsets in india below 1000 rupees .
  • 1st – GetCardboard GC-0001 
Getcardboard is a Vr headset inspired from Google cardboard . The Headset can support screen sizes starting from 4.4 inches and upto 5.5 inches . To Get the best experience you should be on Android 4.1 or above . It is also worth mentioning that this is probably the cheapest Vr Headset in the World .
Price :- 199 Rupees , You can Buy it from Amazon .
  • 2nd – AuraVR .
One of the best thing about the AuraVR is that it can support screen size upto 6 inches and not only this but the Auravr is made of plastic material which makes it one of the best Vr headsets availabe in india at cheaper cost with plastic material . Supports Android 4.4+ and Ios 8 .
Price :- 650 Rupees , You can Buy it From HERE .
  • 3rd – DOMO nHance VRC625


The DOMO nHance VRC625 Supports screen sizes upto 6inches however screen upto 5.5 inch works perfectly . This vr headset doesnt come with a magnetic button instead it comes with a conductive button which helps you to operate your smartphone placed in the headset itself .
Price :- 225 Rupees , You can buy it from HERE .
  • 4th – DOMO VR3 nHance VR Fold 3D .
The Domo Vr3 nhance comes with 40mm lens which gives awesome experience while viewing movies . You can also fold the headset and put it in your pocket as it comes with fold-able frame .The Vr headset can support screen size from 4.5 inches to 5.7 inches .
Price :- 470 Rupees , You can Buy it from Here .
  • 5th – DOMO nHance VRC1 .
The DOMO nHance VRC1 Comes with magnet which can help you to operate your smartphone without touching the smartphone however it is necessary that your smartphone should also have the magnet sensor and without that the magnets are of no use .The headset can support screen size upto 5.7 inches .
Price :- 190 Rupees , You can buy it from HERE .
With awesome advantages of the Vr headset there are some disadvantages of using Vr headset also :- 
A bad VR experience can literally make you sick. If the image you’re seeing in your glasses doesn’t move in perfect sync with your head’s movements, you can get motion sickness. It can be mild, which can limit the time you’ll want to play . Sometimes the long usage of Vr headset can also effect your Eye sight . so it is recommended not to use The vr headset for a long time .
So this was our guide on The Best Vr Headset in India in 2016 , I hope this guide helped you in choosing the best vr headset in india 2016 .

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