Airtel 5G Launch Date, Plans, Price Speed

Airtel 5G Launch Date, Plans, Tariff

So do you want to know Airtel 5G Network Launch Date, Plans, Tariff & More? then you are at right place. Do you want to experience internet speeds much faster than your WiFi network as well as the 4G Network that you are using right now? Then, my friends, you are at the right place as we have great news for you.

Airtel has finally announced their new 5G Network here in India. The newly launched 5G Network will have speeds that will easily crush your current internet speeds. Not only 5G Network will provide mind boggling speeds, you will be able to use them on the go!We are here with the full details on Airtel 5G Launch Dates, Tariff info, Data Plans etc. In this Guide, we will tell you about  Airtel 5G Launch Date, Plans, Tariff and other things.

Airtel 5G Sim Card
Airtel 5G Sim Card

Airtel 5G News

Airtel 5G Launch DateLate May 2024
Plan Tariff10X
AvailabilityPrepaid & Postpaid

In this quick and short article, we will be taking you through all the important information regarding the newly announced Airtel 5G Network! Not only you will see each and every detail regarding its launch dates and areas in detail, you will see other things too. Soon jio is also Planning to launch Jio 5g in India , This guide will also show you the details regarding the Airtel 5G Network like its speed, data plans, tariff rates and much more! All these things will be highly useful to you before choosing the newly announced Airtel 5G Network. So make sure to stick around until the end and go through each and everything slowly so that you do not miss any important detail.

Airtel 5G Network Launch Date

The newly announced Airtel 5G Network is expected to launch by Q2 May 2024 here in India. This means that you will be able to start using super fast 5G Speeds on your smartphone by the end of the month of June. We have also shared a Guide on How to Use 5G in 4G phone without root .While Airtel has already conducted a 5G Network Test in India, they still have to do some development for their 5G Network. This means that they will be launching this 5G Network by Mid May 2024.

As for the areas in which Airtel 5G Network will launch, just like every time we will be able to use 5G only in bigger cities at first. After months of testing and expansion, people will be able to use super fast Airtel 5G Network even in smaller towns. Now talking about the speeds of the 5G Networks, based on the current tests it will be a lot faster than 5G. Expected speeds for 5G Networks are 1-3 Gigabit per seconds which is a lot for a smartphone!

Airtel 5G Data Plans and Tariff Rates

Finally, coming to the Airtel 5G Data Plans and Tariff Rates, we expect them to be very similar to that of 4G Networks at the time of launch. This means that 1 GB internet will cost you around 30-40 INR depending on your internet pack. If you are using Airtel you can see our guide on Check own Airtel balance And as for the call rates, the prices for those will not be different at all as there is no important in phone calls in terms of phone calls. Overall 5G Network will completely change the internet usability on smartphones in the coming days which is a great thing for all!

As jio is also Planning to launch 5g Services soon in india Airtel is also planning to Launch Airtel 5G in india very soon, Airtel also launched Volte services which enabled users to Talk over LTE network. Airtel customer care executive direct call trick May 2024 told that 5G will be in services very soon and it will be capable of giving speeds 2 times more then Airtel 4g.

We hope that you are liking the new Airtel 5G Network. Also, let us know what is your favorite feature of the newly announced 5G Network. If you liked this post share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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