How to Disable WhatsApp Revoke Feature

How to Disable Whatsapp Revoke Feature for Android and IOS

Disable whatsapp revoke feature , Stop whatsapp Recall Feature : WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most Popular Social Application for Smartphones. Are you not on WhatsApp? Seriously Dude? This is 2017. this will be the reaction of Everyone if you tell anyone that you don’t use WhatsApp.

Well, in case you don’t know a new WhatsApp feature is shown in the Latest WhatsApp beta Application. We are talking about the “WhatsApp Revoke” Feature. You don’t get? What is Revoke buddy? you might ask well, let’s find Out.


What’s WhatsApp Revoke Feature?

So many times it happens while you are chatting with your loved ones on WhatsApp. And if you chat with more than 2 peoples at a time, then you already know the Struggle. Which Struggle? Well, the Struggle we are talking about here is When you send a Wrong Message to Someone by mistake. this might seem like just a mistake and you be like that’s a mistake dude, chill. But the reality is sometimes these little mistakes creates a big trouble in our life.

So what WhatsApp latest Feature allows sent messages to be revoked a whole 5 minutes after it has been sent, which will help you to get some time to correct that wrong message or silly message you just send to someone. But this will also create some problem as the message will be revoked for 5 minutes which will result in the delay of some Important Messages that you wish to send instantly. So How to Disable this Revoke Feature? you might ask, Well, we got you covered.

Disable WhatsApp Revoke Feature in IOS and Android

So you don’t want your message to be revoked 5 minutes before it is actually sent. If yes, then simply follow the two methods mentioned below:-

Method 1- Don’t Update

Well as you might have got the title, the first method is by simply not updating your WhatsApp messenger and as a result, you’ll not get the WhatsApp Revoke Feature. In case you have already updated it, then simply search for old version of WhatsApp, download it and Install it over again.

Method 2- Turn Off Internet

The second method which you can use is to turn off your Internet after the message has been sent. You simply turn the Mobile Data or Wi-Fi off and the message will be sent instantly.

There are many other versions of the Whatsapp which by default allows you to stop the recalling of messages, but we at rootupate will recommend you to always use the Whatsapp official version downloaded from Playstore or app store. The unofficial versions of Whatsapp also have bugs and you might not like them using as a daily driver.

This trick also works fine in Whatsapp web so if you are using the web version of Whatsapp then you can also use this trick. It happens many times when we are working on our laptop or PC and suddenly someones send a text and then revert it back, So its very irritating but when you follow our guide you can also read the deleted messages on Web version.

even in May 2024, the method to block someone from recalling message is by turning off the internet, When you do this you simply disconnect yourself from the Whatsapp servers which will also prevent your Whatsapp messages from getting recalled. All you need to do is just turn off the internet from your android phone and if you are using the Whatsapp in PC than you can also disconnect wifi from going down in the right side below.

If you also know any way with which the sent messages can be blocked from getting recalled then please write down in the comments section below, if we find that the said method is working then we will surely add that in this guide.

So, guys, that’s all we have for How to┬áDisable WhatsApp Revoke Feature. if you have any queries, leave them in the comments below.

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