Install Whatsapp On Ipad Without Jailbreak .

How to Run Whatsapp In Ipad Without Jailbreak .

 Do you want to Install whatsapp on your apple ipad ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with a guide in which we tell you a trick to use Whatsapp Messenger in Ipad
There is no Official Whatsapp For ipad but that doesnt mean we cant use it . Today we are here with two methods in which we will tell you about whatsapp for Ipad
Whatsapp is the largest social messaging app in the world with more then 1 billion messages sent and received per day . Whatsapp lets you send and recive text messages for free . Not only Messages but you can also share songs and videos for free . whatsapp is available for almost everyone . users can download whatsapp from Their app stores and install it one their device but sadly there is no option to Download official whatsapp for Ipad . So today we are here with two methods to use Whatsapp on Ipad . First one is to Use Whatsapp web on Ipad and second one to use whatsapp on ipad without iphone .

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Download whatsapp on Apple Ipad .

So starting with the first method  .

In the first method we will use whatsapp web on Ipad

So to Do this Follow the below steps :- 

  • First of All Go to the official Whatsapp web Site 
  • Open the Whatsapp web in your Ipad’s Browser .
  • Now you will see a Qr code on your Browser’s Screen.
  • Now Open whatsapp in your Iphone .
  • Choose Whatsapp Web .
  • It will Ask you to scan the qr Code .
  • Scan the Qr code .
  • And Thats all You have successfully Installed Whatsapp on your Apple ipad .
Now Moving to the second method :- 

How to Use whatsapp on Ipad without using Iphone .

  • Connect your Ipad with computer .
  • Now Go to Itunes .
  • Download Whatsapp in Intunes .
  • Now Find Whatsapp.ipa File .
  • You can find the whatsapp.ipa file by going in to Home > Itunes > Itunes Media > Mobile Applications > Whatsapp.ipa
  • Now copy the whatsapp To Homescreen .
  • Now Open Ifunbox .
  • Choose Install App.
  • As soon as You select Install App , You will se whatsapp.ipa already present there .
  • Choose Whatsapp.ipa .
  • This will install Whatsapp on Your Ipad .
  • Now go to your Iphone .
  • Download New whatsapp , If already installed uninstall it .
  • After Installing , Do the normal procedure of verification by entering your mobile number .
  • When Completed , Go back to your mac or Windows pc .
  • Connect your iphone to Mac / windows .
  • After connecting go to User applications > Whatsapp and Copy the Library and Documents file to the desktop homescreen .
  • Now Disconnect the Iphone .
  • Connect Ipad again .
  • After connecting go to User applications > Whatsapp and delete the Library and documents present there .
  • After deleting copy the Library and documents of iphone from Desktop homescreen .
  • And  disconnect your Ipad from pc .
And thats all we have successfully installed whatsapp on Ipad without jailbreaking and without using iphone .
So this was our guide on How to use Whatsapp on Ipad without jailbreak , I hope the methods given above helped you in running whatsapp on ipad .

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