How To Extend And Improve Battery Life On Snapdragon Devices

Extend And Improve Battery Life On Snapdragon Devices: Are you fed up with constantly having to charge your Snapdragon device? Are you hoping there’s a way to extend and enhance its battery life? Look no further, because in this blog post we’ll provide some tips and tricks on optimizing its power efficiency. From changing settings to taking advantage of special features, these easy solutions can ensure your phone or tablet stays charged throughout the day. So let’s dive in and start taking advantage of that valuable battery power!

What is a Snapdragon Device?

Snapdragon devices are mobile devices that use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon system on a chip (SoC) semiconductor products. These processors can be found in smartphones, tablets, smartbooks, laptops and other smart devices for their powerful performance, long battery life and high-quality graphic rendering. The Snapdragon lineup consists of various generations such as the Snapdragon 7 series which belongs to the upper midrange range and Snapdragon 600 which was considered high-end at one time.

Snapdragon devices come equipped with an array of features and technologies. Snapdragon Elite Gaming, for instance, delivers cinema-quality graphics, powerful audio, and ultrasmooth gameplay. Snapdragon Sound is another technology designed to deliver the best audio experience – whether gaming, streaming music or making voice calls. Meanwhile, Snapdragon XR2 Platform caters specifically to immersive experiences like virtual and augmented reality.

Different CPU GPU Profiles for Snapdragon

Snapdragon devices offer various CPU and GPU profiles that can help extend battery life. The “normal” profile is optimized for optimal performance and power consumption; however, there are also “high-performance” and “low-power” profiles which may help boost efficiency even further.

The high-performance profile is ideal for gaming and other demanding tasks, while the low-power profile caters to low intensity tasks like web browsing or email. While this reduces power consumption, it may also compromise performance.

You can select which profile to use depending on your needs. For instance, if you plan on playing a lot of games, then using the high-performance profile may be ideal for optimal performance. On the other hand, if all you need to do is check email and browse online, then using a low-power profile may save battery life and enhance efficiency.

How to extend and improve battery life on Snapdragon Devices

Snapdragon devices are popular among Android users, but their battery life can be an issue for some. Here are some tips on extending and improving battery life on Snapdragon devices:

  • Disable Unused Apps: Unused apps can consume battery power, so it’s essential to disable them if you aren’t using them. To do this, go to Settings > Apps and uninstall any applications that you no longer require.
  • Battery Saver Mode: Utilizing Battery Saver mode can help extend your device’s battery life by decreasing performance and limiting background activity. To enable it, turn on Battery Saver mode in Settings > Battery.
  • Use Adaptive Battery: This feature enables your phone to learn about your charging habits and optimize battery usage. To enable Adaptive Battery, go to Battery settings > More battery settings.
  • Reduce Screen Brightness: Lowering the screen brightness can significantly extend battery life. You can adjust this setting in Settings > Display.
  • Turn Off Location Services: Disabling location services and revoking location permission for apps that don’t require it all the time can save battery life.
  • Turn off Unused Features: Make sure all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS are turned off when not in use. You can use a widget like Power Control to quickly on and off these services with ease.
  • Maintain your device between 40% and 80%: Maintaining your device’s charge between 40% and 80% can help extend its battery life.
  • Restart Your Device Regularly: Restarting your device at least once a week can help extend battery life and extend its performance.
  • Use 5G only when Absolutely Necessary: Switching to 5G mode can drastically reduce battery life. Therefore, only utilize 5G when absolutely necessary.

Following these tips can help you extend and optimize battery life on Snapdragon devices.

How to Improve Battery Life on Any Android Phone

If you want to extend the battery life of your Android phone, there are a few steps you can take to optimize its settings and reduce power consumption. Here are some helpful hints.

Adjust Enhanced Processing: Some Samsung devices offer the option of enhanced processing, which lets you choose between faster data processing or longer battery life. To adjust this setting, go to Battery in your device’s settings menu.

Reduce Screen Brightness: Lowering your screen brightness and setting it to turn off sooner can save a lot of battery life. You also have the option of setting it to change automatically according to ambient light levels, plus turning off keyboard sound and vibration will further help conserve power.

Optimize App Usage: Check the Battery Usage section in your device’s settings menu to identify which apps are using up the most power, and consider limiting their usage or uninstalling them if not essential. Moreover, individual app battery optimization settings can be enabled for each one to reduce power consumption when not in use.

Disable Unused Features: Turning off features such as Bluetooth, location services and Wi-Fi when not in use can help conserve battery life. You may also revoke location permissions for apps that don’t need them all the time to save even more power.

Use battery-saving modes: Many Android devices come with built-in battery saving modes that can help extend your phone’s battery life. These typically disable non-essential features and reduce performance to conserve power. Check the settings menu of your device to see if there are options like Power Saving Mode or Battery Saver Mode available.

Check Battery Health: Over time, the battery health of your Android phone may degrade, decreasing its overall capacity and lifespan. You can check its condition using diagnostic codes like ##4636## to assess its condition and determine if a replacement is necessary.

By following these tips and optimizing your phone’s settings, you can help extend the battery life of your Android device and prevent frequent charging.



Extending and optimizing battery life on your Snapdragon device doesn’t have to be a chore. By following our tips, you can ensure the most out of your device’s battery so it lasts longer than ever before. From reducing screen brightness to activating power-saving mode, there are plenty of ways to maximize its capacity. With proper care, you can keep taking advantage of all its features without worrying about draining its energy quickly.

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