Fix: Hogwarts Legacy Field Guides Stuck At 33/34

Hogwarts Legacy Field Guides Stuck At 33/34: Are you an eager Harry Potter fan eagerly awaiting the release of Hogwarts Legacy? If so, we understand your frustration if you’ve encountered a roadblock while trying to complete field guides. But don’t fret – in this post we’ll offer some helpful tips and tricks that will help fix this frustrating issue and allow you to return to enjoying all that Hogwarts has to offer! So grab your wand – let’s do this!

Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming action role-playing video game set in the Harry Potter universe. It offers a variety of collectible Field Guide Pages which offer additional background lore and reward experience points to players. Here is an extensive overview of all Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages:

Hogwarts Legacy offers a total of 186 Field Guide Pages to collect. These are spread out among three main areas: Hogwarts Castle (150 pages), Hogsmeade (55 pages) and The Highlands (31 pages). Based on how they are collected, each Field Guide Page can be divided into different types.

Hogwarts Castle boasts six wings that contain Field Guide Pages: the Astronomy Wing (23 pages), Bell Tower Wing (34 pages), Grand Staircase (26 pages), Great Hall (24 pages) and Library Annex (20 pages). Each area provides multiple ways to find these pages using spells such as Revelio or Accio for easy locating.

Reason for Hogwarts Legacy Field Guides stuck at 33/34

If you’re one of the many people who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Hogwarts Legacy Field Guides, you may be wondering why they seem to be stuck at 33/34. Here’s what we know so far.

Some players of Hogwarts Legacy are reporting an issue where their Field Guide collection gets stuck at 33/34. It appears that some Field Guides may not spawn or appear in certain zones.

The game developers have acknowledged this issue and are working towards a resolution. Some players have reported missing one of the non-Revelo pages, such as the Levisso statue page in Egypt’s room behind history classroom; others are uncertain which Field Guide page they are missing.

Some players have speculated that this issue may be a visual bug, since they have earned the Collectors Edition trophy and completed all in-game collections. Although it remains uncertain when a fix for this problem will be released, players can continue reporting any bugs or issues they experience while playing the game.

Update: Fix Hogwarts Legacy Field Guides stuck at 33/34

Some players of “Hogwarts Legacy” are facing an issue where they’re stuck at 33/34 Field Guides and unable to complete their collection.

One potential solution may be checking near South Hogsmeade across the river on top of a cliff; some players have reported finding missing Field Guides there. However, if that does not solve the problem, restarting the game and loading from last checkpoint should refresh all environmental instances; however, please be aware that restarting may result in loss of progress.

It is worth noting that some players have reported bugs or issues in the game, such as being stuck in an infinite loop while falling through the map, or being unable to move or fast travel. For these problems, some have reported success by waiting until they stop falling and then using their broom; others suggested verifying the game files through Steam.

Overall, if the aforementioned solution does not resolve the Field Guides bug, it might be worth trying some of the other solutions mentioned or reaching out to the game developer for further assistance.


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We hope this guide has been of some assistance in unlocking all 34 Hogwarts Legacy Field Guides. While the error can be frustrating, it’s not impossible! With just a few simple steps and patience, all 34 field guides should be unlocked and ready for exploration – so go forth with courage and enjoy exploring what lies within the magical world of Harry Potter!

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