Download iPhone 13 (Pro Max) Wallpapers [QHD+ Resolution] – Updated

Last week Apple released the new version of Their iPhone in the market. New iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro max comes with stunning wallpapers. All these 4 devices were one of the most highly anticipated devices of May 2024.

Almost everyone was waiting for these smartphones to launch and Apple finally took curtains off from this smartphone on September 14, May 2024, Along with the new iPhone, the Company also launched many new products such as the iPad mini and New apple watch.

Talking About the iPhone 13 Pro Max Wallpapers so you will Surely love them because they are whole new wallpapers and are totally different from wallpapers present in the market.

All the Wallpapers are in FHD+ resolution and are available to apply on your device. We have extracted the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max wallpapers from the IOS 15 update So if you are looking for Wallpapers of High Quality you are at the right place.

The iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max Were launched in California event on 14th September, Pre-bookings for all the May 2024 lineup started on 17th September, and Deliveries of new iPhones started on 24th September.

In the initial phases, the delivery was on time but after some hours the delivery dates were pushed to the Last week of October, According to some reports, only the 13 pro and 13 pro max were in heavy demand.

Apple also stated that they are facing production issues due to a semiconductor chip shortage and that’s why delivery dates are pushed to the end of October. With this being said that the Production of the iPhone 13 and 13 mini doesn’t get affected and they are also available to purchase directly from offline stores or apple’s own Online marketplace.

Just like every year, Apple released a new color Sierra blue, This color is the most popular color in the May 2024 Lineup. This makes the iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max Siera blue so popular that if you prebook it today then you will have to wait around 4-8 weeks to get your hands on the new device.

Talking about the details so the iPhone 13 is loaded with many new features such as a promotion display which makes it the first-ever iPhone lineup to feature a 120hz display, All new A15 bionic chips under the hood are the most powerful and efficient chips in this world. One feature which is expected to come in the future with software updates is the AOD (always on display) feature which works only on OLED displays. All the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max Lineup come with an OLED display making it more efficient and enabling an Awesome user experience.

Oled Displays on The iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max make it the first-ever iPhone to feature OLED panels on the NON-pro variants as well. Oled Panels are famous for delivering More vibrant and vivid colors. Not only this but you can also expect a Much longer battery backup and Good SOT.

Apple iPhone 13 – Details

Apple iPhone 13 is the only Smartphone in the May 2024 lineup which is different in terms of looks from its predecessors. Camera bumps are the Same in size but they are inverted to make it look different from the iPhone 12 of last year.

Talking About the specifications of the smartphone is the iPhone 13 comes with a 6.1-inch display having 1170X2532 resolution and 460 PPI density. For the protection of the display of the smartphone, there is Scratch-resistant ceramic glass, an oleophobic coating that keeps it safe from unwanted scratches and Falls.

Under the hood of the Smartphone, there is an Apple A15 Bionic (5 nm) chipset coupled with 4GB of ram. There are 2 Storage options available in the iPhone 13 and one can choose according to their needs. The Basic One is 4Gb ram + 128gb storage Whereas the upper 2 variants are 256Gb and 512GB Variants.

New Camera Setups are also installed in the iPhone 13 making it a good choice for persons who are much into Photography and videography.

Download iPhone 13 Wallpapers – Stock

Apple iPhone 13 Stock Wallpapers are Here and all the users who are looking to install them on their device can directly Download and apply on their Smartphone or whatever device they are looking for. Below is a Preview of the iPhone 13 Stock wallpapers.

iPhone 13 Stock Wallpapers Preview
iPhone 13 Stock Wallpapers Preview

So above is a Look at How the iPhone 13 stock wallpapers look, Don’t get confused by the image above as they are only for preview purposes so you might find them of low quality. As they are in HD format so you can easily install them on any device you want. The wallpapers provided by us are cross-platform. So if you want you can Download iPhone 13 Stock wallpapers from Below :

Apple iPhone 136MB10Here

Apple iPhone 13 Mini – Details

iPhone 13 mini is the smallest Smartphone in the May 2024 lineup of apple iphone’s. Practically I felt the mini is the most comfortable and handy smartphone for your hands. However, if you are into Camera then you might not like the mini because of the famous features like Cinematic mode and much longer battery life.

Talking about the specifications of the smartphone so the device comes with a Small display compared to other Lineups in the May 2024 iPhone 13 Model.  The iPhone 13 Mini comes with a 5.4-inch display having a Small notch on the top of the phone which hosts several components like the front camera, Face id scanner, and some other important parts, The Amazing iPhone 13 wallpapers look more good on the Oled display of the device.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini comes with the Same A15 bionic 5nm chipset coupled with 4Gb ram and three different storage options (128Gb, 256gb, 512GB). Talking about the camera in the smartphone so there is a Dual 12mp camera at the rear which can record videos at 4k.

Download iPhone 13 Mini Wallpapers – Stock

Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini come with the Same wallpaper, In Addition they both come with an Oled Display so you want to see much difference in the quality of Both the wallpapers.

As Already Said the iPhone 13 Mini comes with a smaller 5.4-inch display which is very handy, And the other iPhone 13 comes with a 6.1-inch display which is also okay. That being said our all wallpapers can support Every display so we have provided Wallpapers in 4K quality making it Accessible for everyone. In case if you want to see how iPhone 13 mini wallpapers look like so you can have a preview below:

iPhone 13 Mini Wallpapers Preview

iPhone 13 Mini wallpapers
iPhone 13 Mini wallpapers

Above given is a Preview of the iPhone 13 Mini Lineup Wallpapers, Again these are just for Preview and if you want to Download iPhone 13 Mini wallpapers you can get them from the Drive link Below:

Apple iPhone 13 Mini5 MB10Here

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Details

Apple iPhone 13 pro is one of the best smartphones to date. The smartphone comes in a whole new color known as siera blue. As of now, siera blue is only present in the Pro lineup, and one who wants to own the all-new color has to wait for a much longer due to Production shortage.

Talking about the specifications of the smartphone so the device comes with a 6.1 display having 1170X2532 resolution and 460 PPI density. The display of the new iPhone 13 pro now supports a 120hz refresh rate making it smoother and pleasant to the eyes. For the protection of the display, there is Scratch-resistant ceramic glass, oleophobic coating which protects it from scratches and cracks, Also the Amazing iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers make this display look more cool and vibrant. Special thanks to its OLED display!

The biggest upgrade in this year’s iPhone 13 Pro is the Cinematic mode, The cinematic mode can automatically Detect which object to focus and it smoothly blurs the side objects. Not only this but it also comes with Pro-res technology which can record videos at 4K.

Download iPhone 13 Pro Wallpapers – Stock

iPhone 13 Pro comes with some amazing wallpapers which are not present in the Simple 13 and 13 mini lineups, The new wallpapers are of 4k resolution and can be used on any device like android or your Tab.

The pro series of iPhone comes up with a bigger display and smaller notch, This time they have provided OLED display thus the wallpapers are more vibrant and colorful. Below is a quick preview of How the wallpapers actually look like.

iPhone 13 Pro Stock Wallpapers – Preview

iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers
iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers

The pro Lineup Wallpapers are bigger in size but can be cropped if you are planning to Use on a small-sized display, These wallpapers are the best fit for People who want to Use them in Their tab. If you want to Download Apple iPhone 13 pro Wallpapers you can get them from below:

Apple iPhone 13 Pro15 MB8Here

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Details

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro max is my favorite Apple product to date, And I Personally Own one. The best thing about this iPhone is the Massive battery upgrade. With Just One single charge I am able to Get Around 12 hours of battery backup with around 8 hours of SOT.

For those who want to Download iPhone 13 Pro max Wallpapers, I have personally extracted them for my Visitors. The New model comes with around 32 wallpapers including the Still, the Live, and Simple wallpapers.

Talking about the specifications of the smartphone so the iPhone 13 pro max comes with a 6.7Inch big display having 1284X2778 resolution and Scratch-resistant ceramic glass, oleophobic coating on the top to protect it from daily life scratches.

The smartphone comes with an Apple A15 Bionic chip which works on 5nm technology, The Apple iPhone 13 pro max comes with 6GB of ram, and first time in history the apple iPhone Supports up to 1Tb of storage.

The smartphone comes with 3 Big camera setups at the back 12Mp+12Mp+12Mp which has around 3X optical zoom, As we already told you about the cinematic mode feature so now you can also record cinematic video from the iPhone 13pro max.

That’s All For the Details now let’s move towards iPhone 13 Pro max wallpapers.

Download iPhone 13 Pro Max Wallpapers – Stock

My personal favorite is the pro max wallpapers, The live wallpapers Look so amazing in Dark mode. H0wever if you want to Apply Live wallpapers on your device you have to compromise on the battery life of your smartphone because Live wallpapers always consume much more battery compared to that of a simple Static or dynamic wallpaper.

iPhone 13 Pro max wallpapers are Slightly bigger in size because of the 4k resolution we have extracted them in the most Higher and Most Quality format. If you want to Look at how they actually look you can have a Preview below.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Stock Wallpapers – Preview

Above given Wallpapers are the preview of How the Pro max Lineup wallpapers actually look like, These images are in Low quality but worry not we have extracted them in HD format which you can download from Below.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max25 MB8Here

iPhone 13 Wallpapers & iPhone 13 Pro Wallpapers

Just like every other year this Year also Apple has decided to give a bunch of Amazing iPhone 13 wallpapers for you. This time the new wallpapers are very vibrant and colorful. Also, the wallpaper supports both Day and Night mode or you can say the Light and Dark theme.

Some parts which are white in iPhone 13 Wallpapers get Black at night, This type of wallpaper range is called the dynamic wallpaper making it the perfect choice for most Apple users.

As we already told you that this time Apple has provided an OLED display even with the basic Apple iPhone 13 mini Also so you can Expect amazing Looks of the new iPhone 13 Wallpapers lineup.

Talking about how many wallpapers are there in the iPhone 13 so you get around 10 Wallpapers which includes Live wallpaper, Dynamic wallpaper, and Stills.

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There is a difference between the simple and Pro model wallpapers, Where the simple iPhone 13 comes with Minimal looking wallpapers, the Pro lineup comes with some amazing Live and abstract wallpapers. The format of these wallpaper is FHD, QHD, and 4k So you can download according to your need and the screen size of your device.

The New Lineup also comes with a Live wallpaper which is Shown below :

So this was all about How to download iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro max wallpapers, We hope this guide helped you to get the latest wallpapers on your android phone tablet or more.

Also, We will keep updating these wallpapers so that you can enjoy the latest iPhone 13 wallpapers on your android Phone. This was all for today we hope this guide helped you.

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