How Much Does Whatsapp Voice Calling Cost – Detailed Study

Is Whatsapp Calling Free – Does Whatsapp Cost Money To Call ?

Are you one of them Who Are Having Doubt whether the calling feature in Whatsapp Free Of Cost or Not , Then You Are at Right Place Because Today We Will Clear your Doubt On The Most trending news now A Days Which is the Whatsapp Calling Feature .
Just to remind you Whatsapp Calling is a New Feature released By The Social Messaging Giant , which Allows you to Make Free Calls To Any Where In The World without Being Charged A Single paisa , but Many of My readers Still Have a Doubt That How Much Does A Whatsapp Call Really Cost or Is Whatsapp Calling Anywhere in The World free or not . So just to Clear This doubt We Thought To Make A guide on This So that you Can easily Call Anyone without Worrying About Running out of Balance .

Do Calling Through Whatsapp Call Will Deduct my Account Balance ?

So The Answer is actually Yes !!! Yes , But in A Different Manner or You Can Say You Will Be Charged Partially , I Am Sure You All might Be Worried After knowing the fact That Whatsapp Calling Is Not free And Results In Balance Deduction . You want to Know Why We Are Saying So ????
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Okay Lets Get Deep into This .

We Used Idea 3g network to Make Calls Through whats app Calling feature So Here We Will Tell You The Charges that Idea Telecom Charged Us For Calling , So What I Mean to Say Is Charges and parameters May Differ Because of Different Companies and different Data pack rates .


Do Calling Through Whatsapp Call in Another State Or country  Deduct my Balance ?

Okay So Without Wasting much time Lets Head over To our Article .
As i told Earlier i Used idea 3g network to Call By Using The Whatsapp Calling Feature . So Here Is What We Found .
  • Was on Call For 20 Minutes Without Internet Data Recharge .
First We Used A Sim That Was Not Data enabled , Which means we will be Charged The regular Charges Which Are 4 Paisa per 10 kb . So Calling For 20 Minutes Resulted in 15 Mb of Data Usage , Which means We Will Be Charged Around 75 Rupees For Calling Through Whatsapp Call For 20 minutes .
However the Above charges Are The Data regular Charges That people usually Dont pay instead they Prefer To Subscribe a Data Plan Which Cost a Small Amount And carries huge Data Usage limit .
  • Was on Call For 20 minutes With The Internet Data recharge
As i am Using idea 3G network So 1 Gb Of data Usage Will Cost me Around 250 Rupees a Month, Okay So As The Above Calling For 20 Minutes Through Whatsapp Call Will Consume 15 mb  Of Data Which Means We will Be Charged only 3 or 4 Rupees For A 20 minutes Whatsapp Call Because We Are Charged less Then 25 Paisa For 1mb of Data usage .
And For the Users Who Are using 2g networks , The Whatsapp Call Will Cost You Less Then 1 rupees .
And The Best part Is That In whatsapp Calling Country Doesn’t Matter Which Means You Will Be Charged With the Same amount For A call Made in next Street Or A Call Made Overseas in Australia USA UK anywhere in The World .
  • On Regular Data Charges ( Without Internet Pack ) 15 Mb or 20 minutes of Call Will cost you 75 Rupees .
  • On Data plan ( internet Plan Activated ) 15 mb or 20 minutes Of Call Will Cost you Less Then 4 Rupees .
  • 2G – Will Cost you Less then 1 Rupees .
There are many other Companies Like Viber , Line And other But The Biggest Drawback is they need 3G network to Call And , Whatsapp Allows Even 2G users to Call Without Disruption So In Words The Whatsapp Calling feature is A Game changer .
So it Is Upon you Whether You Feel Comfortable With Whatsapp Call Or Not , But if asked me i will say Whatsapp Call Actually Costs Very much less When Compared To The Call Charges Deducted By Local networks .
So This Was our guide on How Much Does Whatsapp Cost To Make Call , Helped You In Clearing The Doubt – How Much Does A Whatsapp Voice Calling Cost .

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  1. Originator as well as receiver will use data and if both on 3G connectivity will consume data on plan equivalent to Rs. 4 for 20 minutes call. i.e. Total cost Rs. 8/- That makes call charges Ps. 40 per minute which is almost the same as M2M call rate within India for a typical Postpaid plan.
    However makes international call cost extremely attractive!


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