How To Check My Own Jio Sim Mobile Number Code

Code to Check My Jio Sim Mobile Number

Do you want to check your own jio mobile number ? and want to dial code to check own jio mobile number ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with the Guide to check jio sim number by dialing a code
Jio is undoubtedly one of the best mobile network providers in India and we all know the reason very well, within no time jio made a customer base of around 74.2 Million people in india . The best thing about jio is the rate of their internet packs and in addition you get unlimited free calling to any number anywhere in india . Jio uses Volte calling technology which means the calls will be made on Voice over LTE networks and thus the calls made from Volte are very clear compared to the calling made on 2G/3G network .
However with advantages there are some disadvantages as well like the users who are not using a 4G mobile will not be able to use Jio 4G sim card and incase if the handset is 4G and not Volte supported then also you will not be able to make calls directly and as an option you can download the Jio4g voice app and make calls . 
The second any probably the last big advantage of Jio 4G network is that it will only work where 4G network is present and if there is no 4G network you will get a No service notification which means your number will stop working let us tell you that in other networks there is a option to Switch between 2G/3G/4G network and the mobile automatically catches the signal and allows to make calls but as Jio is a only 4G network so their is no such option . So without wasting much time lets start the guide on How to Check own jio mobile number

How to Get My Own Jio Sim Card Mobile Number

It happens many time when we have to recharge our number or we have to give our own number to any one and we dont remember the number So in that case this guide comes handy as we can simply check jio number by dialing a code . Usually dialing a code is the simplest way with which you can easily check your own jio number but in addition we will provide two simple ways with which you will be able to Know your own jio number .
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So Before you go the guide on How to Know jio number below are some points you have to remember :- 
  • Make sure you have inserted the sim card in 1st sim slot as usually that is the only slot which supports 4G networks .
  • Make sure you are a in area which where 4G signal strength is strong . 
  • Make sure your device is connected to internet because in the Second method to Know your jio number you need a active internet connection .
So Starting with the 1st Method to Check Jio Mobile number :- 

# How to Check Your Own Jio Mobile number ?
  • You all Might be using the MyJio app ? 
  • If yes then you can Proceed further and if not then simply Download the app from Playstore .
  • Now open the MyJio App.
  • As Soon as you open the My Jio App .
  • You will See a Screen and At the Top of the screen you will see your jio number :- 

How to Know What is My Jio Number ?

So the Second way is very simple as what you have to do is just dial a code in the dialer app and your will know jio number . So starting with the guide :- 

# Code to Check Jio mobile number
  • First of all Go to the Dialer app .
  • Now in the Dialer app just dial *1# .
  • As soon as you dial this code you will see that your number is highlighted on the screen now you can copy or do what ever you want to do .
So thats all !!! By following the two above methods you will be able to Easily check jio mobile number for free , And the best thing about the this guide is that you dont need any additional things to follow this guide .

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So this was our guide on How to Check jio mobile number, I hope this guide helped you to know What is my Jio sim number .

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