How To Install Jio Tv On Android TV? (Easiest Guide)

Install Jio Tv On Android TV: Tired of losing out on your favorite TV shows and movies while on the go? So, don’t be concerned! With JioTV, you can now watch live TV channels, catch-up shows, and exclusive content on your Android TV. JioTV has you covered for sports, news, entertainment, and regional networks.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of installing JioTV on your Android TV so you never miss another episode again. So take a cup of coffee and let’s explore the beautiful world of JioTV on Android TV!

Benefits of Installing JioTV on Android TV

Benefits of Installing JioTV on Android TV
Benefits of Installing JioTV on Android TV

1. Access to a Variety of Channels: One of the primary advantages of installing JioTV on your Android TV is that you have access to a variety of channels, including prominent ones such as Star Plus, Colors, Sony, Zee TV, and others. Whether you like movies, sports, or the news, JioTV has you covered.

2. High-Quality Streaming: JioTV on your Android TV allows you to experience high-quality streaming without buffering. For an immersive viewing experience, the app provides a seamless streaming experience with HD quality material.

3. Catch-Up Feature: Did you miss an episode of your favorite show? Don’t be concerned! JioTV lets you to watch programmes from the previous seven days, ensuring that you never miss out on any enjoyment. This function is useful when life becomes hectic and you need to catch up on your favorite shows at your leisure.

4. linguistic Support: Another significant benefit of JioTV is its linguistic support. The app provides material in a variety of regional languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and others, to a varied audience across India.

5. customised suggestions: JioTV gives customised suggestions based on your viewing habits and preferences using powerful algorithms and machine learning technologies. This guarantees that you find new shows and information that are relevant to your interests.

6. Casting Options: Do you want to transmit material from your smartphone to the large screen? Not a problem! JioTV includes casting options, allowing you to mirror the app onto your Android TV for a more immersive experience.

Methods to Install JioTV on Android TV

Install JioTV on Android TV
Install JioTV on Android TV

As more people want access to various TV applications, the combination of Android OS with Google TV has grown in popularity. JioTV is one app that stands out for offering a varied variety of Indian and foreign channels. We will walk you through the process of installing JioTV on your Android smart TV, allowing you to watch over 800 Indian TV channels, including 100 HD channels, on the big screen.

Step 1: Obtain the Latest Jio TV APK

Obtain the Latest Jio TV APK
Obtain the Latest Jio TV APK

To begin, you must download the most recent JioTV APK in order to install the program on your Android TV. A reliable APKExtractor Application can be used to extract the APK from your smartphone. Download the APKExtractor app from the Google Play Store, launch it, and choose JioTV from the list of installed programs on your smartphone. The APKExtractor will make a copy of the JioTV APK for you to utilize in the next steps.

Step 2: Copy the APK Files to a Pen Drive

Copy the APK Files to a Pen Drive
Copy the APK Files to a Pen Drive

Following the successful extraction of the JioTV APK, the next step is to copy it to a USB Pen drive. Connect the pen drive to your smartphone through an OTG cable, or to your computer directly if you used the APKExtractor on your PC. Copy the JioTV APK file to the pen drive and keep it somewhere visible for quick access during the installation procedure on your Android TV.

Step 3: Installing JioTV on Your Android Smart TV

Installing JioTV on Your Android Smart TV
Installing JioTV on Your Android Smart TV

The challenging task now begins: installing JioTV on your Android TV. Make sure that your Android TV is powered on and connected to the internet. Connect the pen drive storing the JioTV APK to one of your TV’s USB ports. Navigate to the file explorer or app installation section of your Android TV using the remote. Locate and pick the JioTV APK file on the pen drive for installation. To finish the installation, follow the on-screen directions.

Step 4: Enjoy Unlimited Entertainment

After successfully installing JioTV on your Android smart TV, you are ready to enjoy hours of pleasure. Discover over 800 Indian TV stations with a diverse range of genres, languages, and shows. JioTV has something for everyone, from news and sports to movies and TV shows. You may also immerse yourself in spectacular images and crystal-clear audio with access to 100 HD channels.

Recommended Internet Connection for Buffer-Free Streaming

A high-speed internet connection, such as JioFiber, is highly recommended for the greatest experience while using JioTV on your Android TV. A reliable and fast internet connection will ensure smooth streaming with no buffering, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and live events without interruption.

Compatibility and Convenience

The method for installing JioTV on Android TV may be used on a variety of branded Android TVs, making it available to a large range of users. Follow these steps whether you own a Samsung, LG, Sony, or any other Android smart TV to enjoy infinite entertainment via JioTV.



Installing JioTV on your Android TV gives you access to a world of entertainment at your fingertips. With its numerous channels and services, you may watch your favorite shows, movies, sporting events, and other events whenever you want.

In this article, we looked at different ways to install JioTV on Android TV. There are several methods for installing the JioTV Mod APK on your smartphone, including sideloading it through USB or getting it directly from the Google Play Store. JioTV can also be installed on Smart TVs via platforms such as Kodi.

Before attempting any installation procedure, keep in mind the technical specifications of both your Android TV and the JioTV software. This will assure a trouble-free experience with no compatibility difficulties.

So, why not give it a shot? JioTV can turn any Android TV into an entertainment powerhouse. Enjoy seamless streaming of live TV stations across genres, as well as a variety of other features that make watching television fun.

Stay tuned for more developments as Jio expands its offers for Android TV consumers. Have fun streaming!

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