How to Fix Call Ended Error in Jio (100% Working)

Fix Call End Error in Jio while Dialing Call

Jio call end error while dialing a call is one of the most irritation errors and today we are here with the working solution for that error.Back in 2016, Reliance launched the highly popular Jio Mobile network here in India which provided a lot for very less. While it gained a lot of popularity in India, it is certainly not the best network and that is because of slow internet speeds, poor signal reception and many other problems that Jio users face in their daily lives like the Call End when trying to dial a call

Fix Call Ended Problem of Jio In Volte Mobiles

Just like all the problems that Jio users are facing, the Call Ended Error in the Jio network is also there and a major one which as the name tells ends your phone calls for no reason if you are using Jio network in your mobile. And so today we are going to show you how you can Solve Call Ended problem in Jio Network. Jio is Also planning to Launch Jio 3G Sim Card soon because majority of Indian mobile users are still using 3G mobile handsets

Since this problem can be caused due to several different things in different handsets there is not anyone universal solution for this problem, rather what we will do is that we will provide you with several different possible solutions to this problem in this guide. All the solutions will be listed below, in brief, so make sure to go through them one by one to fix Call Ended problem in Jio. Users who are facing many problems using jio network can also Port Jio sim to Another network of their choice

Steps to Fix Call Ended Error in Jio

  • Reboot your Device: Rebooting your device can actually solve lots of problems with any smartphone or anything related to it, and the reason for that is very simple because when you reboot your device, the whole operating system is started again and if there was any bug or glitch, that will also get fixed right away and therefore to fix Call Ended Error in Jio, it makes a lot of sense to reboot your device and then see whether you still get an error or not.
  • Switch SIM Slots: Jio recommends that you use their network while the SIM Card is inserted in the slot 1 which means that if you have put your Jio SIM Card in the second slot, switch to the slot 1 as this solution can also Fix Call Ended Error in Jio Network. In case that does not help in fixing the error, try removing the second SIM Card from your device for a while and inserting it back in later once the Jio Call Ended Error gets fixed.
  • Install Jio 4G Voice App: Many bugs and problems related to Jio Network can be and have been fixed by simply downloading and installing the Jio 4G Voice app that starts placing the phone calls over the internet instead of using Volte which might fix Call Ended Error in Jio Networks.


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Another Solution for the Jio Call End Error issues is Deactivating Call forwarding. So to Deactivate Call forwarding all you have to do is dial *402 from your jio number and thats all.

Many Users were facing this error while they were trying to make calls to another numbers from Another providers and now they are not facing any such issue while making Calls. We hope you were able to Solve this error by following our guide.

Many users are also facing this issue in 2020, So you can now also use this guide in 2020 Jio so just make sure that you follow this Guide carefully.

We hope that this guide helped you out in successfully fixing the Call Ended Error in Jio Network and also let us know which Method worked for you in successfully fixing the Call Ended Error in Jio Network down in the comments section. If you liked this post then share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content.

There are some particular areas where you may face jio calls not working issue, So it is always advised to change the location from where you are making calls and if the problem still persists then you can See our FAQ section.


How do I fix Jio call problem?

Jio call problem is the most annoying problem faced by users, The easiest way you can solve this problem is by Making a Call through the Official JIOVOICE app, After installing the app simply dial the number you wish to call.

Why did Jio call end?

JIO Call end problem is one of the most faced problems by Xiaomi and iPhone users. Whenever a user tries to make a call the number automatically disconnects.

What to do when outgoing calls are stopped in Jio?

First of all, check if you have an eligible data plan to make calls through your JIO Number. Now make a reboot of your Android mobile and check if the problem is solved or not.

Why call is not going from my Jio SIM?

This may be because your Active internet connection pack has expired, But if you are sure that the Internet pack is not expired then you can try turning on the airplane mode on and then off.

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