Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones With Mic Review

There is no denying the fact that everyone Loves listening to Music and also Music can heal almost every Problem. And when it comes to Music Listening gadgets like Earphones, not many people like to compromise on it. Literally, like Who likes listening Music with Non-Pleasant Earphones? Do You?

Well, no one likes to do so. but if you go out in the Market to search for a Good Wireless Bluetooth Earphone, then chances are you’ll end up losing your Mind as there are a lot of choices on the shelf, but not all those Earphones are Good, Right? Then What’s the Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for 2500?

We are Glad you ask us, to solve this Problem for you Guys, here we are with Our Review of the Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. So without any further, we do, let us begin with our Review.


Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Design Review

After taking the First look and using the Earphones for some time, we can say that the Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones has an ergonomic design. The Earphones weighs only around 14 grams which is quite light, it’s ergonomic design makes them comfortable to wear for a longer period of Time, we didn’t face any kind of issue or harm after using this Earphone for a longer period of time.

The Earphones comes with 3 different sizes of earbuds, so you need not worry about the fit of the Earphones in your Ear as chances are one of the Earbuds will fit in your Ears perfectly and comfortably. The Earphones would be good if you are someone who goes to Gym or Does Excercise while listening to Music too.

Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Sounquality Review

When it comes to the Sound Quality of these Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, the Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones leaves many of its Competitors behind due to the fact that it has the best Sound output when keeping in mind that it is a sub 2,500 Indian Rupees Wireless Earphones. This Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones has a frequency of 20Hz-20Khz along with the sensitivity of 101 dB which makes the sound output very pleasant. Coming to Impedance, the Earphones has an  Impendence of 32 Ohms which is a cherry to the Top.

The Earphone gives a Pleasant Sound Output, even the bass is on point, Leaf undoubtedly has created a Real Game here when it comes to Sound Quality.

Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Battery Review

Yes! We know how important it is and it is one of those factors in which most of the Earphones get their way out of the list of Best Earphones. But it isn’t really the case with these Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones as, during our Testing, the Earphones were able to provide the battery backup of whopping 150 hours.

Don’t you think it’s Enough? Well, now you might think it should take more time to Charge as well, but this isn’t really True, Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones get fully charged from 0 to 100% in around 1.5 hours which is quite impressive. This is due to a 75 mAh battery it comes with which is huge for a Wireless Earphone. The Earphones can be charged via USB Cable that comes in the box.

Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Connectivity Review

As the Name Suggests, Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones has Bluetooth 4.1 Connectivity. The Connection Process is fairly simple, just turn these Earphones on and go to Bluetooth Devices on your Smartphone and Connect these. The Range of the Earphones are also good, you can forget your Smartphone in One Room and may move to some other Room without getting any sort of distortions in the Music Playback.

Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review : Final Verdict

To Conclude, we can say that the Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are a Perfect Option for anyone looking for an affordable pair of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones under 2.500 Indian Rupees.

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In case you have any queries related to the Leaf Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, then let us know in the Comments Section down below.

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  1. Hi Harsh, thanks for providing us a simple and clear review of Leaf wireless Bluetooth Earphones. The earphones look really good in pics. The design is also stunning and the price is under hood. One can apply coupons and promocodes on this to get discount. Thank You

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