LeEco LeTv Le1S Honest Review .

LeTv LeEco Le 1s Review.

Budget smartphones are the real deal now. A phone that fits your budget without making you compromise on any feature is the phone that everyone wants. But can we truly expect a phone with a normal price tag to stand up to our abilities. LeTv recently changed their name to LeEco, is a very famous Chinese entertainment company. They are famous for their video distributions. It has many products like Letv Music, Letv Sports, Smart TV and Letv Cloud Computing. It recently launched LeTv LeEco Le1s as the budget smartphone which will be available for purchase online. We are going to review the phone to determine if it’s really smarter than genius. Let’s further have a look at the LeTv Le 1s phone.
LeEco Le 1s

LeTv LeEco Le 1s Design and Display

LeTv Le 1s display
The LeTv Le 1s comes with a full metal body having the dimension 74.2×151.1x 7.6 mm. It will weight around 169g. The full metal body gives the LeTv Le 1s a good feel and very elegant looks. Now let’s talk about the display in LeTv Le 1s. The phone features a 5.5inch IPS display which is known for its crystal clear picture. The per pixel density or ppi is 403. The LeTv Le 1s also has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to safeguard phone from the accidental drops. The screen has a full HD 1920×1080 pixels display. So if you look at everything, you have the crisp display with the full HD screen with an optimal screen of 5.5 inch, seems like a good deal. Although some might argue about the quality of the interface. It upto you if you think that 403ppi can do you justice or not.

LeTv Le 1s System Review

LeTv Le 1s interface
 What is most important task that we need the phone to show optimal efficiency in? CPU performance. Even thought the phone is in budget, it shouldn’t lack in this section because this determines on how well does your phone performs. To stand upto your expectations the LeEco Le 1s has an Octacore Helio X10 Turbo processor. Now the name may seem too big but the real thing that we need to notice is that its a 64bit architecture processor which means that when the phone upgrades to higher versions of android it would be able to perform smoothly because the device has a 3GB RAM.To make sure you store all your important stuff here, the LeTV Le 1s has 32GB inbuilt memory. Not only that, if you are using the phone for even heavy gaming purpose, the PowerVR G6200 GPU of the device gives you a good support for the endless gaming hours on the LeEco Le 1S. So the GPU+CPU should make your phone run perfectly. The phone has a rather old lollipop supported EUIOS but we should expect for an update soon with the 64 bit architecture.

LeTv LeEco Le 1s Battery & Camera

While the CPU and GPU are good to go, if you phone doesn’t have enough battery, i am afraid its of no use. To help us out, LeEco provided us with 3000 mAh battery. The battery size is decent and it should last you through roughly one long day but we recommend carrying a power bank for the heavy users. What really stands out is the Type-C 24 watt charger which guarantees to give you fast charging. Since they felt leave out a bit in the battery size, the LeTv Le 1s is making that up in the fast charging option.
LeTv Le 1s charging
LeTv Le 1s Camera

Let’s move on to the camera. Now we live in a world, where everything you do in put online. From a scar to your graduation moments, it online and out there. So the social media exists inside our phones. Now the phone needs to capture such moments hence we need a good camera. The LeTv Le 1S has a 13MP back camera. The aperture of the camera is 2.0 which is fair considering the amount of light in which you are taking the picture. The camera interestingly has a SAMSUNG ISOcell Infra Red filter. The IR filter in any camera provides the CPU a filtered image which helps in auto adjusting the colour levels so you get the absolute best image captured in your device. This is the same filter that is used in top end android phones and iOS devices too. The phone can take upto 4K videos with HD quality. The flash on the LeTV Le 1s is rather disappointing as its only single LED flash but with the IR filter, the results are similar. The front camera is 5MP which is fairly large to capture your selfies.

The LeTV Le 1s also features an fingerprint scanner on the back, which unlocks the device in seconds and can be used for other security features. The phone has DOLBY sound quality and surprisingly it is dual sim for our smarter demands.


Now budget smartphone, as we said, are the real deal. LeTV Le 1S in our opinion is the jack of all trades. From camera to battery, it has it all plus the fingerprint scanner makes it a sweet deal. But the phone is for 10,000 only. While other competitors are giving away such phones for a higher range, the LeTv Le 1S is giving it to us for free. The COO of the company informed us the more than 3,00,000 phones have already been registers online on flipkart. Go ahead and grab yours too.
LeTv Le 1s review

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