Delete Sent Whatsapp Message Recall Unread Whatsapp message

How to Delete Sent Unread Message in Whatsapp Android/ iphone

Recall Sent whatsapp message, Delete unread message in whatsapp: Do you want to know how to Delete Sent whatsapp message in IOS and Android ? If yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with the Guide to Recall Sent whatsapp message.
Whatsapp is one of the most popular social messaging platform and in October 2014 facebook acquired whatsapp and since then the app is getting new feature with almost every update . The two most awaited features in whatsapp every one waiting is the Revoke whatsapp sent message and the Hide message feature . So today in this guide we will show you How to Delete Sent whatsapp message. 

How to Recall Unread Whatsapp Messages

Soon or later whatsapp will undoubtedly make this feature official but till then there are several ways with which you can Undo Sent messages in whatsapp. So before you start the guide below are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow before you proceed to the guide :-
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of whatsapp.
  • Make sure you device has enough battery.
  • Make sure you are using android Gingerbread or Upper android version.
  • Make sure you are using ios 8 or above. ( Minimum Requirement is IOS 8)

How to Officially Enable Revoke Message Feature in Whatsapp for Android Phone

  • First of all you have to do is Go to Playstore from your android phone.
  • Now search for whatsapp Messenger in playstore.
  • Now Install the App.
  • Now scroll down below.
  • Now you will see Become a beta tester option
  • Now tap on I’M IN
  • Now you will be Asked to Confirm the Beta tester joining program
  • Now tap on Join
  • Now you will Beta Signup in Progress…
  • Just wait for some time.
  • After the Process completes you will get Whatsapp update to download.
  • Just Download the New Update .
  • Now open the whatsapp app and you will see a Revoke option if the message is delivered but not red.
How to Delete Sent Message in Whatsapp for Apple iphoneSo as we all know that usually whatsapp gets late update in IOS compared to the android devices and for example like The Video chat feature was first announced in Whatsapp for android and later on it was pushed to Whatsapp for iphone . So it is pretty much obvious that Iphone users will get Official revoke feature for iphone after android only . However for Iphone users we have a secret way with which you can Stop Message from delivering .

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How to Recall Sent Messages in Whatsapp for Apple IOS

  • So to Undo Sent Unread message in iphone whatsapp you have to follow below given guide.
  • So first of all you have to make sure that the message is yet not delivered, Because until the official rollout it is impossible to revoke or recall delivered whatsapp message.
  • So after confirming go to the settings .
  • Now you will see Privacy options .
  • Now You will see blocked contacts option.
  • Now just add the Contact you sent the whatsapp message that you want to Undo.
  • Now let the contact be in your block list for 30 days.
  • Usually whatsapp stores messages in its database for 30 days .
  • So after 30days the whatsapp message will automatically delete.
  • Thats all!! this was how you can Recall sent whatsapp message from iphone.
How to Recall Delivered Whatsapp Message in Android/Iphone
As mentioned earlier that it is impossible to Revoke delivered whatsapp message from iphone and android, However still there is a trick which worked several times. So you can also try that trick to recall Delivered whatsapp message in android and iphone.
How to Revoke Delivered Whatsapp message in android and iphone:
  • So first of all Make sure the Receiver hasn’t read the message or check if the message has two blue ticks or not and if not you can proceed further.
  • Now All you need to Do is just Deactivate your whatsapp account to revoke whatsapp Delivered message.
  • To Deactivate whatsapp account Just go to settings.
  • Account Settings> Delete My account .
  • Now you have to keep your account Deactivated for 1 day.
  • Thats All !!! Hope this trick to Get back delivered whatsapp message .
So this was our guide on How to Delete Sent Whatsapp Message and recall whatsapp message from android and iphone, I hope this guide helped you . If you have any type of doubt or working trick you can comment down below.

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