How to Root Any android Mobile Without PC

How to root Any Android Phone without Using Computer

Root Any android mobile Without PC So Do you want to root android Phone without using Pc? If yes then you are at right place Today we are here with Different ways to Root any android Mobile without Pc . There are several Different android apps that can root any mobile in just fraction of seconds and even a beginner can root their device without pc , But with a Computer you may need well experience and many different tools which may also brick the device . So in this guide we will tell Different ways with which anyone can easily root android mobile without laptop .
So in this guide we will use several different ways with which you will be able to easily root any android smartphone without Laptop or computer .

Root Any Android Smartphone Without Pc Easily .

Many users dont root android smartphone in fear of bricking their device or loosing warranty and at some point it is valid as well , But when you root your device without pc there are no or very less chances that your smartphone will brick because the apps to root android smartphone without pc only works if the smartphone is supported and if they dont support they simply stop , But in case of Computer the Smartphone gets rooted even if its not supported and we end up bricking our devices . So while rooting android mobile without pc we actually dont need to care about Bricking or any other problem because it is safe method .
Coming to the warranty so Yes after you root android mobile without pc or with pc your warranty will get void , However if you want to get it back you can simply get warranty back by unrooting your android device again . So users should not worry about loosing Warranty after root android mobile without pc .
Android Operating system is undoubtedly the most popular os and it is used in around 68.4% devices ( May vary ) . The best thing about android os is that you can do unlimited customization in the device and you can make it the way you want . After rooting android mobile you can do more customization’s because you get full authority of your android device . You can also install several custom roms on a rooted android phone . So after following the gide to root any android device without pc you will be able to flash roms and do customization’s in your smartphone .
Not only Customization but you can also increase performance of the android smartphone after rooting . There are certain apps which increase ram of android mobile after rooting , The apps create a swap file in the memory card which works as alternative ram and hence increase the performance of the smartphone . You can also increase battery backup of android phone by applying some tweaks . So after this guide to root Android mobile without pc you can also increase ram and battery backup and do lot more things .
So in this guide we will share Best ways to root android mobile without using pc and we recommend you to try each and every step carefully because sometimes it may happen that the app you tried dont have your smartphone support so you can move on to the second method and root android mobile easily without need of computer .
Before going to the main Below are some points and things you should know about rooting :-

Advantages After You root any android Phone Without PC

This is the most asked question by the users before they start rooting is What is benefit of rooting a android phone . So yes there are many Advantages and uses of rooting a smartphone and they are as follows :-
  • You can do seamless Customization’s
Yes , after Rooting your android device you can do as much as customization’s on your device , Like you can change the looks of your smartphone you can change the looks of UI . You can install Custom rom on your android phone , You can install custom widgets and in last you can make the android device look like you want it to .
  • You Can increase the Performance of Your android Phone by rooting .
Many users ask That how it is possible to increase performance after root android mobile , So yes it is possible because there are many apps present which can increase the ram of the smartphone by creating a swap file and using it as ram which increase the performance of the smartphone . We have also written a guide on How to Increase ram of android smartphone without root
Secondly you can also overclock the processor if your smartphone is rooted , The apps which Overclock the processor need rooted device and they increase the speed of the processor of your smartphone and as a result you get extra performance from your smartphone . So after following the guide to root any android mobile without pc you can also overlclock the processor and increase the speed of your android device . You can also Increase the Internal memory of your android , We have also written a Guide on How to Solve insufficient Storage problem in android Phone .
Third you can increase the battery backup of your smartphone by flashing and using some tweaks , The tweaks limit the background running process and increases battery backup of android phone . So after root without pc you will be able to increase battery backup of android device .
Sometimes it happens that our android device gets hot due to playing games or any other reason and after you root your device you can easily install a app named as Coolify which cool downs the device . We have also written a guide on How to Solve Heating problem in android Phone without root .
So above Shown are some advantages of rooting your android mobile phone

Disadvantages After you root any android Mobile Without Pc

Just like advantages there are some disadvantages of rooting . So it is recommended that you read every disadvantage or Con of rooting a android smartphone :-
  • If The process goes wrong it may brick your device .
Sometimes it happens when we select wrong file and flash it on our android device and after flashing the device gets bricked .
  • Warranty Gets voided .
After rooting the device its warranty gets voided and unfortunately it is one of the biggest disadvantages of rooting a android mobile .
  • Your Smartphone will Not Get official OTA updates .
After rooting the Device your smartphone will not get official OTA updates from the company anymore and you have to Flash the updates manually .
Sometimes users try to root their devices and they dont follow given instructions properly or they flash wrong file and end up bricking their smartphone so below is the way to avoid bricking of android devices :-

How to Avoid Bricking of Android Mobile while rooting ? 

As we all know that rooting android mobile with pc needs some experience but the method to root android mobile without pc is easy , While rooing using computer sometimes user select a different file or perform wrong step which leads to Bricking of android device So below are some points with which you can avoid bricking of a android phone :-
  • Always select the Right package meat for your smartphone only .
  • Always make sure there is enough battery available in your smartphone .
  • Always use the Method to Root android mobile without pc to root your phone because in this method there are no to very less chances of bricking a android phone .

How to Get Warranty Back after You root Any Android mobile Without Pc

As we all know that after rooting the Device our warranty gets voided which means your smartphone will be no more covered under warranty . So if you have rooted your device and you want to get its warranty back then you can get it back by unrooting the device again .

Pre Requirements and Points to Remember before Rooting Android Mobile without Pc :- 

  • There must be more then 50% battery in your Smartphone .
  • USB Debugging should be enabled in your smartphone , Here is how to Enable USB debugging on android phone :-
First of all Go to About Phone > Now tap on Build Number for 5 Times , Now you will get a Notification saying you are 2 steps away from being a Developer
Now you will see a Option ” Developer Options ” Just enable that .


Now you have to Enable ” Unknown sources installation ” Option , Here is How to Enable that .
First of all Go to setting Now go to security settings , Now you will see Unknown Sources option , Just tap on that and Enable it :-

How to root Android without pc guide Supported Os

  • Gingerbread 2.3
  • Honeycomb 3.0
  • Ice cream sandwich (ICS) 4.0
  • Jellybean 4.1
  • Kitkat 4.4
  • Lollipop 5.0
  • Marshmallow 6.0
  • Nougat Support ( Coming Soon )
Smartphone Supported :- 
  • Samsung
  • Micromax
  • LG
  • Xiaomi
  • Lava
  • YU
  • Gionee
  • ZTE
  • Huawei
  • OPPO
  • Oneplus
  • Moto
  • HTC
  • Coolpad
  • Intex
  • LeEco 
  • Sony
  • Xolo

Easy Method to Root Android Mobile Phone without Computer .

Root android Mobile without pc by Using Framaroot App

Framaroot is the Best app to root android device without pc , The best thing about framaroot is that it is very much simple and also you dont need to worry because framaroot is one of those apps which in starting tells if your smartphone can be rooted by using the app or not , So here is How to root android mobile without Pc using Framaroot :-
  • First of all Download Framaroot from the Official Website .
  • Now Install The app .
  • Now open the app , after opening you will see 3 options .
  • Just Choose ” Install Super su ” .
  • After Choosing Install super su your smartphone will be rooted .
  • As soon as your smartphone is rooted you will get a notifications ” Mobile rooted successfully ” .
Thats all !! You have Successfully root android phone without computer .

Root android Without Computer by using IROOT

iroot is also a simple app and it is considered as one of the best to root phone without pc , All you need is just open the app and tap on root the smartphone and after that your phone will get root acess . Below is the Guide on How to root Mobile without pc using iroot :-
  • First of all Download iroot android rooting app from official webiste .
  • Now install The app as normal app .


  •  Now Open the app .
  • After opening you will see your Device name and the root status .
  • Now you have to tap on Root now Option :-
  • As soon as your tap on root now your device will turn off .
  • Now your Device will automatically turn on .
  • Now go to App Drawer and check if there is Superuser app installed in the smartphone or Not .
  • If it is installed it means you have successfully root Android without pc .

Root android phone easily without Pc using Kingroot app

Kingroot is a well known root app , It is one of the most trusted and most used app which is Also popular for rooting any kind of smartphone . Now with Kingroot app you can easily root android phone and the best thing is that this is Without computer rooting method , So below is the guide on How to root android phone by kingroot android app :-
  • First of all Download the app from kingroot’s official website .
  • Now install it .
  • After installing open it .
  • Once you open it the App will start verifying root access on your device :-
  • After verifying root acess you will see option to root your Device .
  • Just tap on ” Start Root ” .
  • After sometime your Mobile will be rooted .
  • Thats all !! You have successfully root android phone .

Root android phone without pc using Towelroot app

Towelroot is the smallest and lightest app present to root most of the smartphones easily , This app was basically created to root samsung devices but still it works on many android mobile to root them . So here is the guide for rooting android phone by towelroot :-
  • First of all Download the Towelroot app from its official website .
  • Now install the app
  • After Installing open the app .
  • Now you will See ” Make it rain ” Option .
  • Just tap on that , as soon as you tap on it your smartphone will start rooting .
Thats all !! You have successfully root android phone without pc easily .

How to get root access on android phone without root

Kingroot and kingoroot apps look identical but they both are different , The best thing about the Kingoroot app is that there is a Desktop version also present of the Kingoroot app which has high success rate of rooting android phone So if the user fails to root by this app can use the desktop app as well , So lets start the guide on How to root Android phone without computer using Kingoroot app :-
  • First of all Download the Kingoroot app from its official website .
  • Now install the app .
  • Now you will see a option to Root Device .
  • Just tap on that :-
  • Now your Device will start rooting .
  • After sometime you will see that the progress bar is completed to 100% and the smartphone will automatically reboot .
  • Thats All !! You have successfully root android phone without using laptop .

How to root any android device using Z4 root app

Z4 root is the last app in our list , But this app is also unique from other apps and the thing which makes it different and unique from other apps is that with this app you can also temporary root your android device . You will get two options and it is upon you if you want to Permanent root your device or Temporary root your device . if you select temporary root your device will get unroot after you reboot it , So lets start the guide on How to root android smartphone using the Z4 root :-
  • First of all Download the Z4root app
  • Now install the app
  • After installing open the app .
  • After opening you will get 2 options .
  • Temporary root and permanent root .
  • Now its upon you what you want to do with your device .
  • Select the Appropriate option .
  • Now your device will reboot .
  • Thats all !! You have successfully rooted your android phone .
So above were the apps with which you can easily root your android device , there is one more option with which you can root your device :-

Alternate way to root any android mobile without the use of Computer :- 

So basically this method also roots phone without pc but you should have CWM or TWRP recovery installed on your device , so if you have any custom recovery installed on your device you can proceed further :-
  • First of all Get Supersu to Root Your Device
  • Now paste the fle in the internal memory .
  • Now rename the file to .
  • Now turn off your android smartphone .
  • Now you have to boot your smartphone in Recovery mode .
  • To boot in recovery mode you have to Press Volume up + Power button together or Volume Up + Power + Home button , basically it is different for every phone .
  • Dont release the keys until the smartphone boots in recovery mode .
  • Now you will see many options :-
  • First of all Tap on Wipe .
  • Now choose Wipe Cache
  • Now tap on Install .
  • Now choose file .
  • Now your smartphone will start rooting .
  • Thats All !!! You have successfully rooted android mobile .

How to Unroot android Phone without Using PC ? 

So it happens many times when a user want to officially update his phone but because the phone is rooted he/She can update so in that case we have to unroot our smartphone to get official updates and Warranty back . So Below is the method to Unroot Android phone :-
  • First of all Download The Framaroot app ( Method 1 )
  • If you have downloaded in first method you are good to go and if not then Download .
  • Now open the app .
  • No you will see ” Unroot” Option .
  • Tap on Unroot option .
  • Now your Device will be unrooted .
So this was our guide on How to Root android phone without using Pc , I guess this guide to root android mobile helped you .

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