How to View Kindle Books in Continuous Scroll Mode

View Kindle Books in Continuous Scroll Mode: Are you fed up with having to continually swipe or click through pages in order to read your Kindle books? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way of viewing them continuously in one continuous scroll? Look no further – in this blog post we will show you how to enable continuous scroll mode on any Kindle device or app so that interruptions can be replaced by smooth reading flow? Let’s get started!

What are Kindle Books?

What are Kindle Books?
What are Kindle Books?

Kindle Books are digital versions of books that can be read on Amazon’s Kindle ereader device or through the Kindle app on various devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

The Amazon Kindle Store offers an expansive selection of Kindle Books including bestsellers, new releases and titles in different genres like comics or graphic novels.

Users may purchase Kindle Books directly from the store using either their Amazon account or mobile apps.

Amazon provides various features for Kindle Books, such as Kindle Unlimited, Prime Reading and Kindle Book Deals.

Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription service providing access to over one million eBooks and audiobooks; Prime Reading gives Prime members free access to an ever-changing selection of books and magazines; Kindle Book Deals offer users discounted Kindle books; while Amazon Charts display the most sold and read titles on the Kindle Store.

The Kindle app is free to download and use, enabling users to read Kindle Books on various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices, PC, Mac and BlackBerry.

They can customize their reading experience by altering text size, font, layout margins and background color. Furthermore, Kindle Books can be searched for specific words or phrases and names so users don’t need to stop reading while looking up words.

How to view your Kindle book in continuous scroll mode

How to view your Kindle book in continuous scroll mode
How to view your Kindle book in continuous scroll mode

When reading a Kindle book, you have the option to view it in continuous scroll mode. This mode allows you to navigate through pages without having to turn each one individually.

To take advantage of this feature, follow these general steps:

  • To begin reading a Kindle app on your device, open the Kindle app and find your desired book.
  • Tap in the center of the screen to bring up a menu; then tap “Aa” for assistance.
  • From the dropdown menu that appears, select “Reading Settings.”
  • Switch on “Continuous Scrolling” for optimal reading experience.
  • Tap “Ok” to save your changes and continue scrolling.

Please be aware that continuous scrolling is not available for all Kindle books; only those which display “Enhanced Typesetting Enabled” in their Amazon description qualify for this feature.

How to Turn off continuous scroll mode In Kindle book

How to Turn off continuous scroll mode In Kindle book
How to Turn off continuous scroll mode In Kindle book

If you accidentally enabled continuous scrolling and wish to disable it, follow these steps:

  • If you are at the main Kindle screen, open the Books menu.
  • Select a book that is in continuous scroll mode and tap in the middle with one finger.
  • A menu will appear at the top; select “Aa” to proceed.
  • At the bottom, there is an option for “Continuous Scrolling”. To disable it, toggle off this feature.
  • Note that continuous scrolling is available only in Kindle Android and iOS apps; unfortunately, it cannot be accessed via the Kindle PC app.

Finally, continuous scrolling offers several advantages over traditional page flipping techniques; such as keeping the entire paragraph visible at all times and preventing accidental page turning. However, not everyone finds this method suitable; some prefer traditional page-flipping instead.

Pros and cons of continuous scroll mode

Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons

When reading ebooks, there are two primary scrolling modes: continuous scroll and pagination. In continuous scroll mode, text flows continuously from page to page – similar to how you would read a website.

Pagination on the other hand is more traditional; each page functions like turning a physical page in a book. So what are the advantages and drawbacks of each type of scrolling mode?

One benefit of continuous scroll mode is that it helps you read faster. No need to manually turn each page, which saves a few seconds per page. Furthermore, some people find they have better focus when reading in this mode as they’re not constantly interrupted by page turns.

Unfortunately, one downside of continuous scroll mode is the potential loss of place if you get distracted for even a moment; pagination on the other hand allows quick navigation back to where you were before since each page has a number assigned.

Another consideration is whether or not you prefer seeing all text on one screen at once (as with continuous scroll mode) or only a portion at a time (such as with pagination). This preference is mostly personal preference and shouldn’t significantly impact reading speed or comprehension.

Finally, some people experience motion sickness when reading in continuous scroll mode, particularly if they do a lot of rapid scrolling. Pagination does not have this issue since you can take your time turning each page.

In conclusion, both continuous scroll and pagination modes have their advantages and drawbacks depending on the reader’s individual preferences. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual which type of scrolling works best for them.

Other reading modes for Kindle books

There are various reading modes for Kindle books that can be helpful depending on the situation. Page flip mode allows you to quickly navigate pages without scrolling, making it ideal if you need to quickly locate a passage or section within the book.

Text view mode displays text in one column so readers can read along at their own pace like traditional books; this may be beneficial when wanting more text per page or wanting to read faster at faster pace. Lastly, night mode dims the brightness of the screen making reading easier in low lighting conditions by decreasing screen brightness.



We hope this article has been beneficial in teaching you how to view Kindle books in continuous scroll mode. This feature makes reading more enjoyable and immersive, allowing you to quickly skip chapters or pages while still taking in the beauty of printed page. Whether you’re searching for digital versions of classic literature or just need an easier way to stay updated on all your favorite authors’ latest releases, experimenting with continuous scroll mode on your Kindle is definitely worth exploring!

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