How to Remove Done Late from Google Classroom (Turned in Late Google Classroom)

Remove Done Late from Google Classroom: Are you fed up with seeing “Done Late” on your Google Classroom assignments? We understand how frustrating it can be to have a late assignment still sitting in your gradebook. But don’t fret – we have the perfect solution for eliminating those annoying labels once and for all! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to remove “Done Late” from Google Classroom so your grades remain perfect – let’s get started!

What is Done Late?

As a teacher, you’ve likely encountered students who submit their work late. Either they didn’t finish an assignment on time or forgot to submit it through Google Classroom – either way, this can be frustrating for both you and the student.

Google Classroom assigns “Done late” as a status to assignment submissions that were turned in after their due date. When students submit an assignment after this deadline, its status changes to “Done late”, helping teachers keep track of which assignments were turned in on time and which were submitted late.

Teachers can set specific late submission policies for each assignment by deducting points for late submissions or allowing a certain number without penalty; however some users have reported that Google Classroom does not send alerts to students who have missed work, creating an inconsistency within its functionality.

Once a student submits an assignment after its due date, it is marked as “Done late” in the system. The teacher is notified and can view when exactly this work was turned in; Google Classroom may also flag it as late and notify the teacher; in such cases, students may lose some marks for turning in work late.

Google Classroom makes managing late work easy by using the “To Review” feed to stay on top of late and missing assignments. Students may still submit work after the due date, but it will be marked as “Done late”. If a student struggles to meet an assignment deadline, they can reach out to their teacher for assistance.

How to Remove Done Late from Google Classroom

If you’re using Google Classroom and you want to remove the “Done late” tag from an assignment, there are a few steps you’ll need to take.

If you wish to remove the “Done Late” phase from an assignment in Google Classroom, unfortunately this is not possible. This feature of Google Classroom alerts students when their assignment has been turned in after its due date and cannot be removed or disabled by either the teacher or student.

If you want to prevent students from turning in assignments late in Google Classroom, there are various solutions. For instance, the Safe Doc extension can disable the “Turn in” and “Mark as done” buttons for late submissions and also prevent students from resubmitting empty assignments – helping enforce deadlines and avoid late submissions.

To delete a class in Google Classroom, you can follow these steps: tap the three lines at the top-left corner to access the menu; select Archived classes; locate and press the three dots next to your desired class; tap Delete again for confirmation; and repeat these steps once more if needed.

Resubmitting an assignment after its due date in Google Classroom is possible, though it will still be marked as late. While you are free to resubmit without issue and even unsubmit work for editing before submission, there will still be consequences when you resubmit again. Unfortunately, resubmitting an assignment after its original due date will still result in its being marked as incomplete.

Can You Remove Done Late from Google Classroom?

it is not possible to completely disable the “Done Late” option from Google Classroom assignments and grade reports, there are some workarounds and tips you can use to prevent late submissions and mitigate its effects.

Safe Doc is a Chrome extension that disables the “Turn In” button for students after their due date has passed, helping to prevent late submissions in the first place.

Additionally, while the “Done Late” status cannot be removed from assignments or grade reports, teachers can still view the exact time an assignment was submitted late. Submitting work late could potentially lead to consequences such as a decrease in marks.

Finally, if you no longer require a class in Google Classroom, you can archive it first and then delete it. However, this does not remove the “Done Late” status from previous assignments in that class.

Does Google Classroom Show Time of Late Submission?

Yes, Google Classroom displays the time of late submission. When a student submits an assignment after its due date, it is flagged as late and both they and their teacher can view this status on the platform.

Teachers can view when students submit an assignment, even if it was submitted late. Some teachers may set a time limit for submission of assignments and send notifications via email if someone submits something after that deadline.

However, there are ways to disable the “Turn in” and “Mark as done” buttons if a student misses the deadline using tools like Safe Doc. While late submission is allowed in Google Classroom, it will still be marked as late and visible to teachers.

Pros and Cons of Done Late

There are both advantages and drawbacks to taking action to remove “Done Late” from Google Classroom. On one hand, it could serve as a motivator for students to submit their work on time; however, some may feel punished if their work receives a designation of “Done Late.”

The primary advantage of taking action to remove “Done Late” from Google Classroom is that it encourages students to turn in their work on time. Students don’t want a “Done Late” designation on their work, which could lower their grades. Furthermore, eliminating this designation from Google Classroom helps guarantee all students an equal opportunity at success.

The primary disadvantage to taking action to remove “Done Late” from Google Classroom is that some students may feel as if they have been punished for receiving a designation of “Done Late.” Receiving such an adjudication can lower grades and make it more challenging for them to catch up on assignments. Furthermore, some may require extra time in order to finish tasks; therefore, taking action could make this more challenging for them.


Removing a late turn-in from Google Classroom is an easy process that only takes a few moments. With the correct steps in place, you can quickly and easily eliminate those pesky late submissions and keep your grade book clear. Whether you’re dealing with one or multiple submissions, we hope our guide has provided useful information and made the task simpler for you! Always double-check that each submission has been successfully removed before closing out of Google Classroom altogether.

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