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If you are looking for the best mobile number tracker with google map then you are in the right place. Today in this guide we will show you how you can trace mobile number exact location on the map for free. The use of Mobile phones is growing rapidly, All thanks to telecom operators like jio for offering us Data packs at so a cheap rate.

Smartphone has become an integral part of everyone’s life and it is almost impossible to imagine a life without a smartphone, A phone has many advantages but with that, there are several disadvantages as well. It happens many times when we get spam calls from unwanted numbers and we just want to trace mobile number exact location on the map to know who is behind those calls or text messages. if that’s the same case with you then make sure you follow our Article till the end.

Technology is growing so much fastly that now you can even know the location of your family members using WhatsApp, If you are an IOS user then you can take advantage of Find my iPhone to track the location of people you know. Not only this but you can also track down the location and identity of unknown persons who are calling with the help of a mobile number tracker on google Maps free.

It doesn’t matter whats the motive behind the mobile number tracker is as long as you are using it responsibly but whenever you use these tools they come very handy to track people who are trying to spam your number or they are unwantedly disturbing you.

Mobile Number tracker on Google maps
Mobile Number Tracker on Google maps

It never matters which device is the person using you can always track phone number location online exactly, Not only this but you can also track many other pieces of information. But all the things can only be traced when your smartphone is connected to the internet, You can also consider this as a tip that whenever you feel you are being traced you can just disconnect your smartphone from the internet or simply activate airplane mode on your Smartphone.

Not only the current location but you can also know about their social media profiles, full name, profession, and their IP address. This tool is totally free and the only requirement is a valid number and internet.

Well if you want to trace mobile number locations online in India, you will love this free mobile number tracker lookup tool by rootupdate.

Mobile Number Tracker

Now just follow the simple steps given below to track the location of Indian mobile numbers on Google Maps for free:

    • First of all Open the Mobile number tracker by Rootupdate.
    • Now type the 10 Digit Mobile number you want to track.
    • Now Click on the Trace button and Wait for the tool to extract the exact location.
    • That’s all Now you can see the current location of the mobile number on Google Map.

Trace Mobile Number:


The above method can be used to track any phone number on Google maps for free, Alternatively, if you looking to track any phone number using IMEI tracker then you can also use IMEI tracker tool which is also free and you can track your stolen mobile phone using that.

What is Mobile Number Tracker?

We have personally developed this tool for everyone. This mobile number tracker tool is considered the best tool in India. Not only India but people from foreign countries also use our Tool. The best feature about this tool is that it can give you live location on google maps instantly. Once you get the location then you can tap on directions to directly reach there.

In the recent update, we have also added several features in the Phone number tracker tool, Now this can also get more important information such as Sim owner details, location of the device, Ip address, and career network of the person who is using the phone or Sim number.

Our Tool uses the best server and most accurate Algorithm which can solve and give back responses in milliseconds. This is the fastest and safest way to trace mobile number on google maps, Along with the results your data is also kept safe. Once your phone number is traced by our intelligent tool you will be redirected to google maps. After that, you have to tap on Directions and you will be taken to the target’s location.

As we already told you earlier we have made this tool by keeping privacy in mind. So if you are a parent who is worried about where their kid is then you can also count on this tool as the will help you to keep yourself updated with your child’s live location real-time. Also, make sure that your children’s phone number is always connected to the internet so that you can get the live location of where your child is going.

This is the Anonymous mobile number tracker tool that keeps it secret from everyone, Which means if you are tracking your children’s phone number then they won’t know about tracking as you are using a tool that is 100% hidden. Not only parents but children can also use this tool to track their parent’s location to see if they are at a safe place or not.

Surprisingly many companies are also using relying on this mobile number tracker software to keep records of their employee’s real-time location, So be aware from now onwards your boss might be tracking you as well. It is a great way of keeping checks on your safety especially if you are a female worker. The only thing you should keep in your mind is that your location services must be turned on and the internet should be connected.

Also The more good your internet is the more speed you will get while you track, So make sure that you use a stable internet connection

Final Verdict:

In case if the smartphone gets disconnected from the internet then don’t worry, Once it reconnects Mobile number tracker tool by rootupdate will start searching for the device again and you will get directions of the target device in 1-2 minutes. Good GPS is icing on the cake as it improves the accuracy of the target device.

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