How to Increase Ram Of Android Phone Without Root

How To Increase Ram Of Android Phone Without Root

Do You Want To Increase ram In Your Android Smartphone without Root ? Yes OF Course Every Body Wants To Have More Ram Because More ram means More Multitasking and Much faster Device , There are Many ways to increase Ram Of your android Phone after Rooting Your Device . But For Non Rooted users there are Almost Nil Number Of Increasing ram without root Guide .
Doesnt matter which Phone you are Using By Following our Guide you can Increase Ram of Micromax , Samsung , Xiaomi , lava , karbonn or any other Android Device Without Root Privileges And Most Important Even The OS You Ar On Also Doesnot Matter You Can increase ram in Gingerbread , jellybean , Kitkat Or Froyo …. In any Devcie And You Need No root For that .
Speed And Performance Of Any Device Depends Upon two Things First One is The Amount Of ram And Second is The speed Of Processor it Is Clocked On , As This Guide is For Non rooted Users So we Will Talk only About Increasing ram , we will Not talk about Processor Because  increasing processor Speed which is Known As Processor overclocking need Root privileges , so lets only talk About How To increase Ram Of Android Phone without root .

Increase ram In your Android Smartphone Without Root

Before going to The guide On increasing ram Of your android Phone Let us tell you about What is Ram ?
Ram is Random Acess memory , It is Temporary  Memory Which Userst us eto transfer . As I mentioned above More the Ram More the Multitasking . Some percent Of Ram Is Reserved For The Os To run , Usually the ratio Is 25% .

How To increase ram in your android without Root ?

After Having a Little Bit Idea of What is ram and for What it is used in Android Phone We will Head Over To the Guide To increase Ram For Non Rooted Users .
We will Start With the Basics And Then Essentials .
Limit the Number Of widgets and Disable live Wallpapers To increase Ram No Root .
There are Thousands Numbers Of widgets available For Android , Many Android users Use Widgets just to make Their android Screen Good Looking ,But despite their Good looks They Have A Big Drawback they Use a large Amount Of Ram . So if you want More free ram in your android Then uninstall Those all Widgets you have installed On Your Android Screen .
Wallpapers Are one of the first thing which Gives A Good Impression On viewers But Live wallpapers Are not Actually Wallpapers They are Apps Which act Like Wallpapers But uses A Large amount of ram . So instead Of using Live wallpapers use Dark wallpapers and still Wallpapers .
Disable Screen Animations
Screen animation are those animations which appear when You Use Your android Phone but you Dont notice them , Everyone thinks it a Normal Feature Of Android Phone . But in reality it is One Of those Stock feature which consumes 30% of Mobile battery and also Consumes Ram .
For Disabling Animations Goto Your Settings > About Phone And Then Goto Developer Option , If you Dont Find any developer options You have to manually enable it .
For Enabling Developers option Goto About Phone And Now Find For A Option Called Build Number .
Tap Seven Times On Build Number and Then You Will Get a Pop Up Saying ” Congratulations You are Successfully A Developer “
After Becoming A Developer , you Will Se Developer Options in Your Settings Menu .
Goto Developer options And Find “Drawing “
Tap and Drawing And Choose Animation Scale OFF .
Now The Most essential And Important part whch Will Make More Free Ram in your Android Without root .
Disable Unwanted apps to Increase Ram in android Without Root . 
This Method is used by Me in all androids Which i use , Whether it is having 2gb ram Or it is Having 256 mb Ram  i implement  this method To increase Ram in My persoanl android Phones without Root .
As the subtittle is enough to describe that we are going to disable Some Apps to increase Ram space in Android Without root .
First of all Let me Tell you The amount of ram consumed By those apps
Google Playstore – 25 Mb
Google service – 12 Mb
Google services Frameworks – 40 Mb
Google Search – 22 Mb
Google Maps – 25 Mb
Gmail – 20 Mb
Google + – 20 Mb
Google weather – 21 mb
Google newsstand – 25 Mb
Google Play Movies – 12 mb
Hangouts – 30 Mb
So According to Me a Large Amount of ram is wasted By Google Services , So If you really want to increase ram without Root Disable all Those above apps and surely you will get a Large amount Of free ram .
Now one Question That surely will come in Everybody’s Mind is If we will Disable Google playstore then From Where will We Download apps .
Okay so if you have Disabled google playstore to increase ram in your android smartphone without Root , Then For Downloading android apps You can use Third Party applicatons .
I will Recommend you To use Mobogenie As it only consumes a little amount of ram only 12-18 Mb . So it would Be not A Bad Step To Disable all Those apps For Mobogenie  . 18mb/500 Mb approx .
So if you followed all the above steps Surely You will get a Large amount of Free ram .
Hope Our Guide On How To increase ram on Android smartphone without Root Helped you in Increasing ram of your android without root .


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