What is Android Auto Coolwalk, and How to get it?

What is Android Auto Coolwalk, and How to get it?: Are you tired of the same old interface on your car’s infotainment system, looking for something modern and stylish to interact with your apps while driving? Look no further than Android Auto Coolwalk! With an attractive, user-friendly user interface packed with exciting features that enhance driving, Android Auto Coolwalk can transform the way we interact with apps while driving!

In this blog post we’ll dive deeper into this experience: what it is exactly, how to get it, its benefits as well as all that this feature offers us drivers! So buckle up, we are in for an amazing journey ahead! So let’s dive in together and let’s discover!

Coolwalk UI
Coolwalk UI

What is Android Auto Coolwalk?

What is Android Auto Coolwalk?
What is Android Auto Coolwalk?

Android Auto Coolwalk, developed by Google, features an updated user interface and animations, providing drivers who use Android Auto in their vehicles with a more user-friendly experience overall. It aims to give drivers new looks while improving functionality overall. Google first unveiled Coolwalk at CES 2024.

With changes including an improved dashboard that keeps important details such as phone signal strength, battery status and notifications readily visible on display screens – Google made their debut appearance at this annual consumer electronics showcase with this redesign of Coolwalk.

Additionally, this update introduces a dual-page widget for music apps like Spotify that offers more convenient ways of accessing them while using other applications running on screen. Note that Coolwalk does not correspond with one specific Android Auto version and may vary based on user location and version used.

Overall, though, Android Auto Coolwalk represents an essential upgrade that improves user experience while making apps accessible while driving.

What is the new Coolwalk UI for Android Auto?

What is the new Coolwalk UI for Android Auto?
What is the new Coolwalk UI for Android Auto?

Coolwalk UI for Android Auto was first unveiled at Google I/O 2024 and released to the general public in January 2024. Designed to dynamically adjust to various screen sizes for easier interaction while driving, drivers can view vital info such as phone signal strength, battery status and notifications with Assistant always present on-screen as part of this innovative interface.

Coolwalk’s user interface (UI) has undergone major layout improvements, and Android Auto calls now allow a reject option that sends a text message back to callers who try calling back. Furthermore, screen mirroring via “Cast” app has also been implemented.

Waze, WhatsApp and Google Messages all support the new Coolwalk interface and users can download Android Auto 8.8 APK with Coolwalk support to take full advantage of it.

Users looking to activate the Coolwalk UI should navigate to Settings, Apps and All Applications before choosing Google Play Service from the drop-down list, followed by Storage and Cache > Manage Space > Clear All Data on Storage and Cache tab.

What are the features of the Coolwalk UI?

What are the features of the Coolwalk UI?
What are the features of the Coolwalk UI?

The Coolwalk UI provides several new features and modifications, making multitasking simpler by making key information easily visible at a glance. Some features of this new interface are:

Coolwalk’s enhanced user interface (UI) enables drivers to quickly view key data such as phone signal strength, battery status and notifications on their display screens.

One of the stand-out features of Coolwalk UI is its capability of simultaneously engaging multiple windows at once – such as music and maps. This unique ability makes switching applications simpler than ever!

Google Assistant will become a permanent part of Coolwalk UI:

Coolwalk’s user interface uses Material You design for its phone application, providing a fresh appearance and feel.

Dark Theme: For an enhanced user experience, activate Night Mode on Android device to access Coolwalk UI Dark Theme.

Overall, the Coolwalk UI seeks to facilitate drivers interacting with applications while still keeping an eye on the road. It was made available to everyone beginning January 5, 2024.

How to get Android Auto Coolwalk?

How to get Android Auto Coolwalk?
How to get Android Auto Coolwalk?

Android Auto Coolwalk is a user interface revamp that promises an improved experience by modernizing its design and adding innovative features. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to implement Android Auto Coolwalk:

  • Verify whether or not your device is compatible with Android Auto Coolwalk. Reports indicate it should support versions 6.0 and later of Android Auto, so check device compatibility to be certain you have installed the most up-to-date version on your phone.
  • Update your Android Auto app to the newest version – Google has officially unveiled an upgrade for all car head units of their latest APK through either Google Play Store or directly at its official Android Auto website.
  • Clear the Android Auto cache and data. Navigating to Settings, Apps > All Apps, Google Play Service. Afterward, navigate to Storage and Cache then Manage Space > Clear All Data in Storage and Cache Manager – this may remove previous configurations as well as data; make sure a backup exists prior to taking this step!
  • Force close Android Auto app after clearing cache and data. Navigating back into recent apps list and swipe away Android Auto to ensure any remaining data/configures have been deleted from it. This should ensure any remaining configurations or data is erased from Android Auto app.
  • Launch Android Auto app and enable Coolwalk UI. After taking these steps, launch Android Auto app and go into its Settings, looking out for Weather option (if it exists, that means Coolwalk is unavailable to you); otherwise if it does not, that indicates successful activation. Please keep in mind not all users have access to Coolwalk yet!

All done! These steps should enable the Coolwalk UI on Android Auto. Please remember that configurations may differ based on car and screen size; also note that apps like Waze will need updating with this new user interface in order to function optimally with it.

How to force enable the Coolwalk UI in Android Auto

According to XDA developers’ website, Coolwalk UI in Android Auto can be force enabled via force mode. As reported on by Coolwalk creator Google for testing purposes on Android Auto platforms; it features media player functionality as well as notification overlay, thus decreasing need to leave Maps screen when in navigation mode.

To enable Coolwalk UI, the user needs to first install and then update a previous version of Android Auto to its most up-to-date version, following instructions listed on Reddit as described by CoolwalkUI’s creators.

Easy Methode forcing coolwalk UI
by u/Privatdutlinux in AndroidAuto

However, keep in mind this method may not work for all devices or data types and could pose potential harm or security threats for those involved in its implementation.

Note that Coolwalk UI updates are server-side rather than software updates; therefore it may not always be possible for a user to force enable the update by following this method.

Another Reddit user also Claimed:

I might find a way to enable CoolWalk
by u/yoanndp in AndroidAuto

Reddit thread where user yoanndp claims they have discovered an effective and safe solution for activating “CoolWalk,” an alternative user interface (UI) in Android Auto. They recommend performing a data wipe on Google Play Services before trying this approach – though its effectiveness remains uncertain.

Conclusion: In general, Reddit thread provides an effective means of forcefully activating Coolwalk UI in Android Auto; however it should be understood that this solution may not work for everyone and could pose potential danger to user’s devices or data. Also note that since Coolwalk UI updates come directly from server servers rather than via user action alone – making force activation even with mentioned method impossible in some instances.

What are the benefits of Android Auto Coolwalk?

What are the benefits of Android Auto Coolwalk?
What are the benefits of Android Auto Coolwalk?

Android Auto Coolwalk is an updated version of Android Auto that introduces a unique dashboard design with dynamic split-screen UI, providing users with access to multiple windows at the same time such as maps and music – plus its taskbar makes accessing recent apps simpler! Android Auto Coolwalk’s main benefits are:

  1. Improved Dashboard Design: Android Auto Coolwalk now offers an improved dashboard design which keeps important elements front-and-center and performs far superior to its previous design.
  2. Multiple App Support on One Screen: Android Auto Coolwalk offers support for running multiple applications simultaneously on a single screen – making this feature its main attraction.
  3. Coolwalk has designed Android Auto with a dynamic split-screen user interface (UI), to provide optimal compatibility across different screen sizes.
  4. Easier App Management: Android Auto Coolwalk makes app management significantly simpler with Coolwalk’s convenient management features such as navigation apps. Drivers will find this tool even more beneficial.
  5. Enhance Media Card: Android Auto Coolwalk has introduced an enhanced media card, featuring music and podcasts from apps like YouTube Music with a swipeable interface to allow for further options like recommendations from Google Assistant.

Android Auto Coolwalk boasts multiple advantages over its predecessor version of Android Auto, such as a modern dashboard design and support for multiple apps simultaneously running side by side on one page, dynamic split-screen UI support for dynamic split-screen viewing, easier app management and an enhanced media card.

How to use Android Auto Coolwalk?

How to use Android Auto Coolwalk?
How to use Android Auto Coolwalk?

Interested in Android Auto Coolwalk? Below are several methods:

Clear all Data of Google Play Services – Navigating to Settings > Apps > All Apps, then Google Play Services, then Storage and Cache and selecting Manage Space > Clear All Data may help. After doing that, please verify if the new UI meets with your approval or not.

Adjust the DPI of Android Auto – To gain more space for widgets, adjust Android Auto’s DPI accordingly. DPI stands for density of pixels on screen; when decreased it allows widget sizes to grow larger while providing extra screen real estate.

Set The Steering Wheel Side On Android Auto App – If you prefer your big pane nearer you, simply swapping out vertical bar positions will put vertical navigation bar in its proper place; similarly if using horizontal nav bar buttons will become mirror images so they mirror Assistant and menu/overview button appearance.

Check if Coolwalk Is Available – To determine whether Coolwalk is available to you, enter “Android Auto” in a search engine, click on Go to Android Auto settings and examine whether the Weather option appears – this indicates Coolwalk may not yet be accessible; since its new interface does not present weather-related info if the Weather option exists already, however.

Waze Beta can Help: Coolwalk Available in Beta If you are looking to utilize Coolwalk, Waze’s beta version offers this option – making the Waze beta an attractive solution.

When will the stable version of Coolwalk UI be available for Android Auto?

Coolwalk UI, powered by Android Auto version 8.6 or later, is now live for eligible car head units. Users may download Android Auto 8.6 on their phone and connect it with a car head unit in order to enable its Coolwalk interface.

However, users should keep in mind that Google enables this change via server-controlled switch; some may not yet receive their update but there have been reported methods of activating Coolwalk such as clearing data for Google Play Services; although other may experience difficulties updating to it via Android Auto app itself.

Notably, Android Auto version 8.8 does not reveal any changes to Coolwalk UI. Overall it seems stable version of Coolwalk UI is now available to eligible car head units; however some users may experience delays receiving or issues updating.



Android Auto Coolwalk offers an effortless driving experience by providing accessible features. Thanks to its sleek design and improved functionality, many are eagerly awaiting this latest upgrade from Google.

Setting up Android Auto Coolwalk update is straightforward, taking only a few steps to achieve success. Simply follow Google’s instructions or check with your car manufacturer about any available updates to easily gain access this new feature.

Android Auto Coolwalk can make driving simpler with easier navigation, faster response times and an overall enhanced driving experience. No matter if it is for daily commuting or long road trip; Android Auto Coolwalk makes your experience much more pleasant!

As mentioned previously in this article, no specific release date for Coolwalk UI’s stable version has yet been specified; however, we anticipate its arrival shortly enough.

Android Auto Coolwalk can enhance your driving experience and ensure safe navigation by offering drivers an updated interface tailored specifically for them. Make your list and add Android Auto Coolwalk now!


Q: What is Android Auto Coolwalk?
A: Android Auto Coolwalk is a redesign of the Android Auto user interface, which allows users to run multiple apps side-by-side regardless of the screen size. This fresh look was inspired by Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard.

Q: How can I get Android Auto Coolwalk?
A: To get Android Auto Coolwalk, you need to update your Android Auto app to version 8.9.6306 or higher. The update should be available for all Android Auto users on Google Play Store.

Q: Is Android Auto Coolwalk free?
A: Yes, Android Auto Coolwalk is free to use once you download and install the latest version of the Android Auto app.

Q: What are the features of Android Auto Coolwalk?
A: The main feature of Android Auto Coolwalk is the ability to run multiple apps at the same time using split-screen mode. Users can also customize the layout to their preferences and access frequently used apps directly from the home screen.

Q: Can I use Android Auto Coolwalk in any car?
A: Android Auto Coolwalk is compatible with cars that support Android Auto. You will need to connect your Android smartphone to your car’s infotainment system to use Android Auto Coolwalk.

Q: How do I activate Coolwalk in Android Auto?
A: To activate Coolwalk in Android Auto, you first need to update the Android Auto app to the latest version. Once the app is updated, launch it on your smartphone, go to Settings, tap on About, and then tap on the version number seven times. A hidden developer menu will appear, where you can enable Coolwalk.

Q: Can I switch between the old and new Android Auto interface?
A: Yes, you can switch between the old and new Android Auto interface by going to Settings in the Android Auto app on your smartphone and selecting the preferred interface. However, it’s important to note that once you switch to Coolwalk, you won’t be able to go back to the old interface.

Q: What is the release date of Android Auto Coolwalk?
A: The long-awaited Android Auto Coolwalk was released on January 5, 2024. All Android Auto users can now download and install the latest version of the app to enjoy the new features.

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