Best Chess Royale Deck for Clash Royale

Best Chess Royale Deck for Clash Royale: Welcome Clash Royale players! Are you ready to conquer the Chess Royale challenge with your strategic skills? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you – the best Chess Royale deck that will give you an edge over your opponents. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this deck is designed to help you dominate the battlefield and claim victory in every match. So without further ado, let’s dive into the top Chess Royale decks and find out which one suits your playstyle best! Get ready to checkmate your way to success in Clash Royale!

In the ever-evolving universe of Clash Royale, Season 51 introduced an exhilarating blend of strategy and action with the Chess challenge. This intriguing crossover with lends an additional layer of depth to the already dynamic gameplay. With myriad cards and deck combinations available, it’s imperative to select the optimal Chess Royale Deck for a triumphant experience. Allow us to guide you through our top deck recommendations.

The integration of chess elements has augmented the strategic depth of Clash Royale. As the battlefield mimics a chessboard, Recruits form the frontline, akin to pawns, shielding the pivotal towers at the center. The continual Prince onslaught on both flanks ensures a gripping gameplay experience, demanding meticulous planning and prompt action.

Top Chess Royale Challenge Decks

Top Chess Royale Challenge Decks
Top Chess Royale Challenge Decks

Are you ready to discover the top Chess Royale challenge decks that will help you conquer your opponents? Look no further, as we’ve curated a list of formidable decks that are sure to give you the upper hand in every match.

Giant Skeleton Deck: An Impenetrable Fortress

Giant Skeleton Deck
Giant Skeleton Deck

The Giant Skeleton Deck is a strong choice because it uses the Giant Skeleton’s strength as its main defense. This giant not only defends against attacks from enemy towers and units on the ground, but it also clears the way for attacks from the front.

  • Giant Skeleton: The cornerstone of the deck, this unit acts as a damage-absorbing behemoth.
  • Baby Dragon & Flying Machine: These aerial assets target and neutralize enemy units, ensuring the Giant Skeleton’s seamless advance.
  • Lumberjack & Skeleton Army: Their ground defense is paramount, especially when deflecting the relentless Prince assaults.
  • Fireball: Reserved for swarm attacks, this spell decimates multiple units in a singular strike, thanks to its splash damage.
  • Clone: An asset that can mirror your assault forces, bolstering the offensive pressure to swiftly dismantle enemy towers.

Elixir Average: 3.8 Elixir.

Electro Prince Deck: A Balanced Symphony of Attack & Defense

Electro Prince Deck: A Balanced Symphony of Attack & Defense
Electro Prince Deck: A Balanced Symphony of Attack & Defense

The Electro Prince Deck is a great example of how flexible you can be because it strikes a good balance between attack and defense. It is made for players who fight back aggressively and gives them a lot of power over how the battlefield works.

  • Prince & Electro Dragon: The offensive spearheads, they bring forth devastating attacks.
  • Tombstone & Goblin Hut: By erecting these defensive structures, you safeguard your towers, allowing a concentrated elixir allocation for launching counterattacks.
  • Minions & Skeleton Army: Deploys rapidly to drown and dismantle the enemy’s defenses.
  • Poison: A lethal weapon against swarm attacks and charging Princes.
  • Rage: A secret weapon to supercharge your assault units, ensuring swift and decisive tower demolitions.

Elixir Average: 4.4 Elixir.



Finding the best Chess Royale deck for Clash Royale can be a challenging task. However, after careful consideration and analysis, we have narrowed down two top-performing decks that have proven to be successful in the Chess Royale Challenge.

The first deck is the Giant Skeleton deck. This powerful combination of cards allows players to create strong defenses while also delivering devastating attacks. The Giant Skeleton provides a solid tanking option, while the supporting troops such as Musketeer and Baby Dragon offer excellent firepower. With this deck, you can strategically control your opponent’s movements and dominate the battlefield.

Another great option is the Electro Prince deck. This electrifying combination focuses on high damage output with its main card – Electro Prince. Paired with other versatile troops like Mega Minion and Goblin Gang, this deck can quickly dismantle opposing defenses and push for victory.

Remember that personal playstyle also plays a crucial role in determining which Chess Royale deck suits you best. It’s essential to experiment with different strategies and adapt them according to your strengths as a player.

Whether you prefer overwhelming force or precise strikes, both the Giant Skeleton Deck and Electro Prince Deck are formidable choices for conquering the Chess Royale Challenge in Clash Royale. So gather your cards, hone your skills, and prepare yourself for epic battles on the chessboard! Good luck!

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