Download Android 10.0 Q Gapps Package [Google Apps]

Download Gapps 10.0 for Lineage OS 17

Download GApps for Lineage OS 17 Rom GAPPS for LineageOS 17 : So, you have downloaded Lineage OS 17 and flashed in your device? Well, the first thing you might notice here is you do have Google Play Store or any Google applications of that matter. This is not a bug or something like that … Read more

Download Lineage OS 17 { Lineageos 17 ROM }

Download Lineageos 17

LineageOS 17 Download for All Supported Smartphones Download Lineage OS 17 : Android is one of the most customizable operating system ever made. Android is highly customization from the icons on the home screen to the deepest core setting of the operating system. Like iOS or any other operating system for that matter, Android is … Read more

LineageOS 17 Supported Devices { Lineage OS 17 Update Eligible Names }

Lineage OS 17 Supported Devices For All Android Smartphones Lineage OS 17 for Supported Devices is one of the best after-market custom ROMs available for Android devices. With the release of Android 10, a lof of your eyes falls on Lineage OS version based on Android 10. Lineage OS 17 which is the Lineage OS … Read more