How To Change Wireless Charging Sound On Android

Change Wireless Charging Sound On Android: Are you sick of hearing the same old ding every time you put in your Android handset to charge wirelessly? If that’s the case, you’re not alone! Many Android users dislike the default charging sound and are looking for methods to customize it. Fortunately, altering the wireless charging sound on your Android device is less difficult than you might think. In this blog post, we’ll look at why your phone emits that familiar ding when you plug it in and examine several ways to make the charging sound more thrilling. Let’s get started and give your wireless charging experience a much-needed facelift!

Understanding the Default Charging Sound on Android

Understanding the Default Charging Sound on Android
Understanding the Default Charging Sound on Android

You may hear a familiar sound when you plug in your Android device to charge. That small “ding” or “beep” indicates that the charging process has begun. But have you ever thought about why your phone makes this noise?

On Android, the default charging sound is really a notification sound called “Charging Started.” When a power source is recognized and charging begins, this sound is programmed into the operating system and plays.

So, why is your phone making this noise? It basically serves as an aural assurance that the charging process has begun. It’s especially helpful if you’re not looking at your screen or if your smartphone is set to silent mode. The sound keeps you informed of how far your battery life has progressed.

Depending on the manufacturer and model of your device, the default charging sound on Android may differ slightly. Most devices, however, employ a simple chime or tone to notify when charging begins.

Understanding why this default sound exists can help explain why some individuals might desire to modify it. If you find the present charging sound unpleasant or would want something more personalized, there are options available to change it.

Why Does My Phone Ding When I Plug It In?

Have you ever wondered why your phone makes that distinctive “ding” sound when you plug it in to charge? Well, the answer lies in the settings of your Android device. When you connect your phone to a power source, it sends a signal to the operating system, which triggers an audio notification.

But why is this necessary? The primary purpose of this charging sound is to provide user feedback and acknowledge that your device has successfully started charging. It serves as a confirmation that the connection between your phone and charger is established and functioning correctly.

The charging sound can also be helpful in situations where you may have accidentally unplugged the charger or if there are any issues with the power source. By alerting you audibly, it ensures that you are aware of any disruptions to your charging process.

However, not everyone finds this default charging sound appealing or convenient. Some people may prefer a different tone or even silence when they plug in their devices. If you fall into this category, don’t worry! There are methods available for changing the wireless charging sound on Android devices.

Understanding why your phone dings when plugged in can help you appreciate its functionality better. And if you’re not fond of the default sound, remember that there are options available for customization. So go ahead and personalize your wireless charging experience according to your preferences!

Before You Begin: Preparing Your Setup

Before we begin the customization process, there are a few requirements you must meet:

Enable Developer Options: You must enable Developer Options on your Android device in order to use ADB. Go to “Settings,” then “About Phone,” and then repeatedly touch on the “Build Number” until you receive a message indicating that Developer Options are enabled.

Enable USB Debugging: In the Developer Options, look for “USB Debugging” and turn it on. This enables your device to communicate with your computer via ADB.

Install ADB Drivers: Make sure you have the necessary ADB drivers installed on your computer. These drivers are available on the official Android developer website.

USB Cable: Make sure you have a compatible USB cable on hand to connect your Android device to the computer.

With these steps completed, you are now ready to begin customizing the wireless charging sound.

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How To Change Wireless Charging Sound On Android

Change Wireless Charging Sound On Android
Change Wireless Charging Sound On Android

Don’t worry if you’re weary of hearing the same old ding every time you put in your Android handset for wireless charging – there are ways to modify it! Here are a few ideas for customizing and personalizing your charging sound.

Step 1: Get ADB Tools.

To begin, save the ADB tools package to your PC. The official ADB tools are available via the Android Developer website and other trusted online sources. Download the version that is compatible with your operating system.

Step 2: Unzip ADB Tools

When the download is finished, unzip the ADB tools package to a folder on your computer. Remember the location of the folder since you will need it later.

Step 3: Connect Your Android Device

Connect your Android handset to the PC using the USB cord. Ensure that your device has USB Debugging enabled; otherwise, ADB will not recognize it.

Step 4: Launch Command Prompt for Windows or Terminal for Mac/Linux.

Now, on Windows, open the Command Prompt, and on Mac/Linux, launch Terminal. Navigate to the location where the ADB tools were extracted.

Step 5: Verify the ADB connection

Type the following command to ensure that ADB recognizes your connected Android device:

adb devices

This will display a list of ADB-connected devices. You’re good to go if your device’s serial number appears on the list.

Step 6: Change the Sound of Wireless Charging

After you’ve configured ADB and recognized your device, it’s time to customize the wireless charging sound. To alter the charging sound, use the following command:

adb shell service call audio 29 i32 3 i32 0 i32 1

This command disables the charging sound by default. If you wish to replace it with a custom sound, do the following:

Prepare your custom sound file in MP3 or WAV format and save it to the internal storage or SD card of your device.
Determine the device’s file path for your custom sound.

Set the custom sound with the following command:

adb shell settings put system wireless_charging_started_sound [file_path]

Replace [file_path] with the actual path to your custom sound file on the device.

Step 7: Test the Customized Sound

After modifying the charging sound with the command, detach your device from the computer and place it on a wireless charger to test the new sound. If everything was done correctly, the personalized sound should be heard during the charging process.


Congratulations! Using a hidden ADB trick, you effectively changed the wireless charging sound on your Android device. You can now enjoy a customised charging experience based on your preferences. Keep in mind that this personalization may not last through system updates, so you may need to repeat the step after big Android OS changes.


1. Can I change the wireless charging sound on any Android device?
Yes, you can change the wireless charging sound on most Android devices. However, the method may vary depending on your phone’s manufacturer and operating system version.

2. Will changing the wireless charging sound void my warranty?
No, changing the wireless charging sound should not void your warranty. It is a software customization that does not affect your phone’s hardware or functionality.

3. Are there any apps available to change the wireless charging sound?
Yes, there are several apps available on the Google Play Store that allow you to customize various sounds on your Android device, including the wireless charging notification sound.

4. Can I use my own audio file as a custom charging sound?
In some cases, yes. Some Android devices allow you to choose an audio file from your device’s storage as a custom charging sound. However, this feature may not be available on all phones.

5. Why can’t I find an option to customize my wireless charging sound?
If you cannot find an option to customize your wireless charging sound in your phone’s settings or through third-party apps, it is possible that this feature is not supported by your device’s manufacturer or operating system version.

Remember to always check for software updates and consult user manuals or official support channels for specific instructions related to your particular device model.

By following these methods and exploring different options available for customization, you can personalize every aspect of using your Android device – even something as simple as the notification sounds when it comes to wirelessly powering up!

So go ahead and give it a try! Change up those mundane default sounds with something more exciting or soothing – whatever suits your style and preferences best!

Happy customizing!

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