How to connect a PS4 controller to an Android device (no root)

So are you trying to connect the ps4 controller to android? If yes then you are at the right place. Today in this guide we will show you the best and easiest way to Configure the ps4 controller to your android phone Without Root.

Everyone loves to play game, But the games become more interesting when you blend it with PS4 Controller. Android devices are small in size and that’s the main reason why many players don’t love to play games on small-sized devices.

Not all android phones are gaming phones and that’s the main reason why android phones are still not the favorite choice for most of the gamers.

Recent gaming android phones like Asus ROG Phone 3 comes with PS4 like controllers bundled with the device itself, But other android devices with good specifications lag when it comes to hardware gaming buttons.

The modern android devices come with good touch screen controls, But when it comes to gamers and their demands they love to play any game using the PS4 controller.

So in this guide, we will share the best and easiest way to Connect PS4 controller with the android phone.

Mostly you can connect Your PS4 controller with android using Bluetooth connectivity, But if you are facing a problem in establishing connection then you can follow our Detailed Guide given below.

Connect a PS4 Controller to Your Phone

  1. Put your PS4 controller in pairing mode by pressing PS and share buttons together. Once the pairing mode is on you will see White light flashing on your controller.
  2. Now turn on Bluetooth on your android by going to Settings> Bluetooth.
  3. Click Scan on your android device
  4. Click on Wireless controller to pair ps4 controller to the android phone.
Connect ps4 controller to android
Connect ps4 controller to android

Once the PS4 is connected to your android phone, You can use it to play games or do anything. As the Wireless controller is a different hardware device, So you have to reconnect it to your android device every time you wish to use it.

Connect PS4 Controller to Android Phone

The above-given method was the Method everyone use, But in method 2 we will show you a more easy and short method to connect your PS4 controller your phone without root.

usually, most of the Android games come with Bluetooth controller support. The most common games which are used to play using the PS4 controller are Racing, Fighting, and Running games.

In case if you are playing a game which doesn’t have Bluetooth controller support then you might see an error while playing the game. You can easily overcome that problem by clearing data of the game you are playing.

If your android Games support the External Bluetooth controller then you can follow the steps given below.

  • First of all Drag down the notification tray.
  • Now Click and hold on the Bluetooth shortcut icon for 3 seconds

  • Holding on the Bluetooth shortcut menu will open the Bluetooth settings page for you
  • Now tap on Scan for new Bluetooth devices.

  • Now click on Wireless controllers
  • Now tap on pair and pair your Bluetooth controller.

Thats all! this method will connect ps4 controller to the android device easily in 2 minutes.

Play Android Games Using Your PS4 Controller

Once the Controller is connected to the phone it is ready to control games. If you are using the Controller first time on your android phone then you should go through these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Open Any Game which you wish to play.
  • Now open the settings of game.
  • Now navigate to Controls in the game.
  • Now tap on Calibrate controls.
  • Now change or modify the controls according to your needs.

Fix PS4 Controller Lag on Android

If your PS4 controller is lagging on android then you should first understand that a PS4 controller is an external device which is connected to your android using Bluetooth, and if you are facing lag while playing the game using the controller then below are some of the reasons which might be the real culprit behind this problem.

Too many Devices connected to Bluetooth: While this might not be the same case with android Device, But most of the older android devices used to come with Bluetooth 4.0 which had a certain limit of connected devices.

So if you are also using OLD device then you can try by Disconnecting all other devices connected to your Phone’s Bluetooth.

Too many Android System resources are being used: You might also face lag on your PS4 controller and android if your phone has many apps or files running in the background. So you can Easily solve this issue by Force closing all the applications running in the background.


Can you connect a ps4 controller to an android?

Yes you can Easily connect a controller to your android device using the Bluetooth, In this Guide we have mentioned 2 different methods that you can use on your android phone.

How do I connect my ps4 controller to my phone?

You can connect Android phones to ps4 controller using Bluetooth connectivity feature on your phone. You have to manually select Wireless controller after scanning the Bluetooth devices.

Will an android charger work on a ps4 controller?

No, you cant charge PS4 controller using Android charger. You have to purchase a separate charger for your controller.

How do I connect my ps4 controller to my Android Remote Play?

This can be done easily by establishing a Bluetooth connection between your android phone and your PS4 controller.

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