Fix: Destiny 2 Cannot Get Weapon XP From Bonfire Bash

Fix: Destiny 2 Cannot Get Weapon XP From Bonfire Bash: Are you a Destiny 2 Guardian eager to partake in the fiery excitement of the Bonfire Bash event? Excited players assemble around roaring bonfires, ready to collect weapon XP and level up their armament. But wait…what is it? Is there a bug preventing you from obtaining any weapon XP during Bonfire Bash? Not to worry, Guardians! In this blog post, we’ll look into the problem, share players’ experiences, debate whether it’s a bug or an intentional design choice, investigate Bungie’s recognition of the issue, and give you with a remedy so you can reap those priceless rewards once more. So grab your gear and let’s get started on figuring out why Destiny 2 can’t receive weapon XP from Bonfire Bash!

Understanding the Issue

At first look, it appears perplexing that players in Destiny 2 are unable to receive weapon XP during the Bonfire Bash event. After all, events like these are supposed to provide opportunities for Guardians to advance and expand their armament. So, what is the situation?

No Weapon XP for completing Bonefire Bash
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According to multiple reports across various platforms and forums, players have expressed their dissatisfaction at not obtaining any weapon XP from partaking in the Bonfire Bash festivities. It appears that no matter how many adversaries they defeat or tasks they complete, their weapons’ experience remains stagnant.

This problem has left many puzzled as they try to figure out why a seemingly simple activity isn’t providing them those valuable XP increases. Is this a bug in the game’s code? Is it possible that Bungie made this choice on purpose?

As we go deeper into this issue, let’s look at gamers’ firsthand experiences with it to see if there are any common threads between their encounters with Destiny 2’s illusive weapon XP during Bonfire Bash.

Players’ Experiences

When it comes to Destiny 2, the Bonfire Bash event has been a long-awaited addition. Many players, however, have stated that they are unable to gain weapon XP from participating in this event. This situation has left them frustrated and wondering what is causing it.

Some players have expressed their dissatisfaction on various web forums, recounting their experiences grinding through the Bonfire Bash activities just to discover that their weapons were not gaining XP. They’ve spent many hours completing bounties, competing in matches, and even experimenting with alternative methods in the hopes of levelling up their cherished weaponry. However, no matter how hard they try or how much effort they put into the event, no progress appears to be made.

One player expressed excitement about taking advantage of this opportunity to level up some of their less-used weapons while enjoying the festive mood of the Bonfire Bash. Unfortunately, they discovered that none of their weapons were collecting experience points after several attempts and multiple matches during the event.

This issue clearly affects a large number of players across multiple platforms and locations. These loyal Guardians’ displeasure is understandable; after all, progression in Destiny 2 is highly reliant on gaining experience for weapon and equip upgrades.

We can see why players are having such negative emotions to not being able to gain weapon XP during Bonfire Bash events as we dig deeper into determining whether this is a glitch or an intentional design choice by Bungie.

Stay tuned as we investigate whether Bungie has addressed this complaint or plans to provide a solution for Destiny 2 players who are unable to obtain Weapon XP during Bonfire Bash events!

Bug or Intentional?

Let’s get to the bottom of this: is the inability to acquire weapon XP from Bonfire Bash a bug, or was it purposefully planned that way? Many players have scratched their brains and pondered this subject.

Some believe it is a bug because prior Destiny 2 events allowed players to acquire weapon XP. Bungie’s decision to delete this feature without explanation makes no sense. After all, gaining XP for your weapons is an important element of the game’s character advancement.

Some claim that Bungie purposefully restricted weapon XP gains during Bonfire Bash in order to balance gameplay. They contend that allowing players to swiftly level up their weapons during limited-time events may lead to an imbalance in PvP activity.

Whether it’s a bug or a purposeful design choice, one thing is clear: players are irritated and disappointed that they can’t advance their weaponry during this event. Bungie’s lack of communication simply fuels the fire, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Only time will tell if Bungie will solve this issue and clarify if it was a bug or a deliberate decision. Guardians will have no choice but to wait for updates and hope for a resolution until then.

Acknowledgment of the Issue

Players in Destiny 2 have been enthusiastically engaging in the Bonfire Bash event in the hopes of levelling up their weapons and unlocking new perks. However, several Guardians have reported an irritating problem: they are not gaining any weapon XP from this event. Players have been perplexed and dissatisfied by the lack of progress.

Numerous discussions on forums and other media platforms illustrate the common experiences of Destiny 2 players who are experiencing this issue. Players from all walks of life have expressed their dissatisfaction with the inability to earn weapon XP during the Bonfire Bash event. It is apparent that this problem affects a large number of dedicated Guardians.

The question is if this is an intentional adjustment made by Bungie or merely a bug that needs to be fixed. Some say that it was done on purpose to encourage players to participate in other activities in order to level up their weaponry. Others feel it is simply a bug that slipped through testing.

Fortunately, Bungie has acknowledged the problem and promised players that it is being thoroughly investigated. They recently stated their commitment to addressing bugs as soon as possible and giving solutions for player delight. This acknowledgement provides comfort to individuals who were unable to acquire weapon XP during the Bonfire Bash event.

We are aware of an issue preventing crafted weapon XP from being earned from the Bonfire Bash activity. We are investigating a fix for this issue for an upcoming update.
by u/Jawshoeadan in DestinyTheGame

While we wait for an official patch from Bungie, there are still methods for players to proceed in their weapon levelling outside of the Bonfire Bash event. Other activities, such as Strikes, Crucible matches, or even planet exploration, can still provide substantial weapon XP gains.

Fix Destiny 2 Cannot Get Weapon XP from Bonfire Bash

Fix: Destiny 2 Cannot Get Weapon XP From Bonfire Bash
Fix: Destiny 2 Cannot Get Weapon XP From Bonfire Bash
  • Contact Eva Lavante to Begin the Event: Begin the Bonfire Bash activity by engaging with Eva Lavante.
  • Complete a Non-Event Task for Silver Leaves: Before attending the Bonfire Bash, complete any non-event task to receive Silver Leaves.
  • Participate in the Bonfire Bash: Proceed to the Bonfire Bash activity.
  • Contact Eva Lavante. Return to Eva Lavante and engage in chat with her after completing the Bonfire Bash.
  • Complete the task: If you followed these procedures correctly, you should now be able to complete the Bonfire Bash task, which may help you gain weapon XP and progress in the game.

Remember that this is not an official fix from the game’s creator, Bungie. Some gamers claim to have had success with a user-provided solution. The problem could be due to a game bug that Bungie needs to resolve with an official update or patch.

If the problem persists or the workaround does not work for you, it is recommended that you keep up to speed with official Bungie announcements and patch notes for potential patches or solutions. You can also keep an eye on community forums and social media channels for additional updates and conversations about the issue.



In this article, we looked at the problem that Destiny 2 players were having where they couldn’t get weapon XP during the Bonfire Bash event. We looked into the feedback from players and debated whether this was a bug or on purpose.

According to player feedback, several guardians are having difficulty gaining weapon XP during the Bonfire Bash. This has had an effect on their ability to level up their weapons and improve their entire gaming experience.

While Bungie has not publicly addressed this specific issue, it is critical that they do so as soon as feasible. The inability to acquire weapon XP from such an event reduces the enjoyment of taking part in events and progressing in the game.

To address this issue, Bungie should investigate what is causing the disparity in weapon XP increases during Bonfire Bash. They should then publish a patch or update to remedy this issue as soon as possible so that gamers can fully enjoy all features of the game.

Destiny 2 is a beloved game with a devoted community, and its developers have always demonstrated a dedication to improving user experience. Bungie will maintain a healthy relationship with its community if issues like this are addressed quickly.

As gamers impatiently await a solution to their inability to obtain weapon XP from Bonfire Bash, let us hope that Bungie is aware of this issue and is working actively to resolve it. In doing so, they will ensure that guardians may take full advantage of every event in Destiny 2.

So keep an eye out for updates on this topic! Until then, Guardians, have fun gaming!


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