Fix: Cannot Download PDF Files On Firefox Android

Fix: Cannot Download PDF Files On Firefox Android: Are you having trouble downloading PDF files on Firefox Android? Are you getting error messages or other obstacles in your way of accessing important documents? Worry not – we have an easy solution! In this blog post, we’ll examine various methods to fix the issue of being unable to download PDFs using Firefox Android. So sit back, relax, and get ready to get those long-awaited files!

Some users have reported an issue with the Firefox Android PDF viewer in which part of the toolbar (including ‘Save’ and ‘Print’ icons) is missing. Unfortunately, it remains uncertain if there is a known fix for this particular problem.

PDF Viewer missing toolbar
by u/_Inxiv4t3_ in firefox

On a related note, Firefox has released version 106.0 with the ability to edit PDFs, including writing text, drawing shapes and adding signatures. Furthermore, setting Firefox as your default browser now also makes it your default PDF application on Windows systems.

Many Firefox for Android users are experiencing difficulties downloading PDF files. Fortunately, the developers of the popular web browser are aware of the issue and actively working towards resolving it. Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has confirmed they are actively investigating and taking measures to resolve the problem.

While the exact cause is still unknown, users can rest assured knowing developers are working hard to provide a resolution as quickly as possible.

Mozilla suggests that affected users try downloading PDF files using another browser or desktop device if possible. They also urge people to keep their Firefox app up-to-date in order to receive all the latest bug fixes and security patches. With a team dedicated to improving browser performance, it is likely that this issue will be resolved promptly.

Fix: Cannot Download PDF Files On Firefox Android

Cannot Download PDF Files On Firefox Android
Cannot Download PDF Files On Firefox Android

If you are having trouble downloading PDF files on Firefox for Android, there are a few solutions to try. According to Firefox support, one solution is using the “Share” option and selecting “Save as PDF.” Another way is to long-press on the PDF link and select “Download link.”

If none of the solutions above work, you could try uninstalling updates from Chrome on your Android device; this has reportedly helped some users download PDF files using Firefox. Furthermore, you may check to see if Document Cloud online accounts allow PDF downloading.

It’s worth noting that some Firefox Android app users have reported difficulty finding the download option for PDF files. If this applies to you, copying and pasting the link into another browser should allow for downloading of your PDF document.

Finally, you can try using the Android PDF.js extension for viewing PDF files directly in your browser without taking up space in your “Downloads” directory.

If none of these solutions work for you, consider reaching out to Firefox support for further assistance.



In conclusion, developers have acknowledged the issue of not being able to download PDF files on Firefox Android and are working towards a resolution. Unfortunately, no specific timeline has been given for resolution; nonetheless, it is expected that they will provide an adequate fix as soon as possible so Firefox Android users can download their desired PDFs without needing to switch browsers.

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