Fix: Message Box Disappears When Typing On IOS 17 [Fixed]

Message Box Disappears When Typing On IOS 17: Are you annoyed by your message box mysteriously disappearing when typing on iOS 17? You’re not by yourself! Many iPhone users have experienced this baffling situation, which has caused aggravation and hampered their connection. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this complete advice on how to cure the vanishing message box issue on iOS 17.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the probable causes of this malfunction and offer you efficient solutions to deal with it head on. Stay tuned for some useful troubleshooting techniques that will assist restore your piece of mind when using your iPhone running iOS 17. Let’s get started!

Overview of the issue

Overview of the issue
Overview of the issue

The removal of the message box while typing has been a source of frustration for iOS 17 users. Imagine you’re in the middle of writing an essential text message or email and the message box mysteriously disappears! It’s like a disappearance that leaves you bewildered and irritated.

There are several plausible causes for this vexing issue. One possible cause is a fault in the iOS upgrade itself. With each software update, there is a chance that new bugs will enter the system, generating unanticipated problems like this one.

Conflicts with third-party keyboard programmes could also be a reason. These apps can sometimes interfere with your device’s native messaging functionality, resulting in difficulties such as message boxes disappearing.

There could also be other keyboard-related issues at work here. It’s not uncommon for various keyboard-related issues to develop on various iOS 17 devices.

There are various solutions you might try to address this issue.

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Possible Causes for the Disappearing Message Box

Possible Causes for the Disappearing Message Box
Possible Causes for the Disappearing Message Box

When you’re in the middle of a chat and your message box mysteriously vanishes, it can be really frustrating. But what may be triggering this iOS 17 bug? Let’s look into some of the possible causes.

An iOS upgrade problem is one possible culprit. When Apple delivers a new software update, there may be unanticipated bugs that affect specific functions. One of these problems could be the disappearing message box.

Conflict with third-party keyboard apps is another possibility. If you have any keyboard apps on your iPhone, they may conflict with iOS 17 and cause the message box to disappear when typing.

Furthermore, there could be other keyboard-related issues at work here. It could be as easy as a misconfigured setting or a momentary software glitch that causes the notice box to disappear for a little while.

There are various possible causes for the iOS 17 disappearing message box issue. Whether it’s an update bug, a conflict with a third-party software, or another keyboard issue, it’s critical to experiment with numerous solutions until you discover one that works for you.

iOS update bug

iOS update bug
iOS update bug

An iOS update fault could be one of the causes of the disappearing message box issue on iOS 17. It is fairly uncommon for software upgrades to contain bugs and problems, which can sometimes disrupt numerous functions on our devices.

It’s probable that a recent iOS update included a bug that interfered with the keyboard function in the case of the disappearing message box. This problem may cause the message window to disappear while typing, making sending messages difficult, if not impossible.

While annoying, these types of errors are usually transient and can be fixed by future Apple updates. Meanwhile, there are numerous workarounds and solutions available to assist you in addressing this issue and continuing to use your device without interruption.

It’s crucial to note that if you suspect an iOS update bug is causing your message box to disappear when typing on iOS 17, you should report it to Apple as soon as possible so that they can investigate and provide a remedy. Furthermore, staying up to current on the latest news and developments about iOS upgrades helps keep you aware of any known issues or impending fixes relating to this situation.

Third-party keyboard apps conflict

Third-party keyboard apps for the iPhone can be a handy addition, allowing you to customise your typing experience. They can, however, occasionally cause conflicts, resulting in the message box disappearing when typing on iOS 17.

A conflict between the third-party keyboard app and the iOS upgrade could be one source of this problem. An update may not always be fully compatible with some keyboard programmes, resulting in unexpected issues such as the message box disappearing.

Compatibility concerns between various third-party keyboard apps installed on your device could also be a factor. If you have more than one of these apps installed, they may conflict with each other and interrupt your texting experience.

While these disagreements might be unpleasant, they are usually temporary and can frequently be overcome by following a few easy procedures. For example, you can investigate if deactivating or deleting any newly installed third-party keyboard programmes addresses the problem. Alternatively, you might revert to using the default iOS keyboard until a patch is ready.

To avoid future conflicts of this kind, it is recommended that you check for updates from both Apple and any third-party developers whose keyboards you use on a regular basis. Keeping all software up to date will help to ensure smoother overall functionality.

Remember that fixing these types of problems may necessitate some patience and experimentation before you find a solution that works uniquely for you.

Other related keyboard issues

Aside from the iOS update fault and conflicts with third-party keyboard apps, there are a number of other keyboard issues that might cause the message box to disappear while typing on iOS 17.

A mismatched keyboard configuration is a common problem. Certain options may be accidentally activated or disabled, resulting in unexpected message box behaviour. It is critical to verify your keyboard settings and ensure that they are properly setup.

Another possibility is a bug in the chat programme itself. Software issues inside the messaging app can occasionally interfere with the usual operation of the keyboard, causing it to disappear when typing. In some circumstances, upgrading or reinstalling the messaging app may be sufficient to resolve the issue.

Inadequate memory or storage space on your device can also affect how keyboards work. When your iPhone’s available memory or storage space is inadequate, it may struggle to keep up with user inputs and display errors in a variety of apps, including messaging.

Outdated firmware can cause compatibility difficulties between various software components on your device. Updating both iOS and any installed apps will help ensure seamless performance and avoid any potential keyboard-related issues.

Remember that troubleshooting these extra issues will take some time as you travel through numerous settings and upgrades.

Solution 1: Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Resetting the keyboard dictionary could be one solution to the problem of the message box disappearing when typing on iOS 17. This can aid in the resolution of any system faults or conflicts that may be causing this issue.

To reset the keyboard dictionary, navigate to your iPhone’s settings. Navigate to General > Reset and then choose “Reset Keyboard Dictionary.”

Resetting the keyboard dictionary effectively deletes all custom words and phrases that have been added over time. This will restore your device’s keyboard’s factory settings and configurations.

After you’ve completed this reset, try typing in different apps or messaging platforms to see if the problem has been repaired. If not, you can try another method described in this post.

Remember to always keep your software up to date and to be on the lookout for any bugs or difficulties that may develop with new upgrades. Let’s look into some more potential solutions to this vexing dilemma!

Solution 2: Delete All Keyboard and Re-add

If resetting the keyboard dictionary does not resolve the problem, you can try uninstalling and re-adding all of your keyboards. This will refresh your keyboard settings and may resolve any conflicts or issues that are causing the message box to disappear while typing on iOS 17.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard to erase your keyboards. You’ll see a list of installed keyboards here. Swipe left on each one to uncover the “Delete” button, then tap it to delete them one at a time.

Restart your smartphone after you’ve erased all of the keyboards. Return to Settings > General > Keyboard and select “Add New Keyboard.” Choose the desired keyboard from the list.

By re-adding your keyboards, you’re effectively beginning over. This should resolve any potential software issues that were causing the message box to disappear.

Remember to try typing in different apps after completing this step to check that the problem has been repaired before moving on to additional alternatives.

Solution 3: Force Close Message and Re-open

If you’re having trouble with your message box disappearing while typing on iOS 17, one simple remedy is to force close and restart the messaging app. This may appear to be a simple procedure, but even minor bugs can be cured by restarting the app.

To open the multitasking screen on your iPhone, simply double-click the home button (or swipe up from the bottom if you have an iPhone X or newer model). Then, swipe left or right until you reach the messaging app preview, then swipe up or off the screen to completely close it.

Wait a few seconds after force shutting the messaging app before reopening it. This permits any background processes to complete before restarting. When you reopen the programme, try typing a new message and see if your message box remains visible.

By forcing shutting and re-opening the messaging app, you are effectively giving it a fast refresh, which can often cure small software faults that cause issues such as message boxes disappearing while typing.

Try this solution first before going on to more advanced options. It’s always worth starting with minor fixes!

Solution 4: Hard Reset Your iPhone

If you’re frustrated by your message box disappearing while typing on iOS 17, one possible remedy is to hard reset your iPhone. This can aid in the resolution of any software flaws or conflicts that may be causing the issue.

Follow these procedures to perform a hard reset:

1. Press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time.
2. Continue to hold them until the Apple logo appears on your screen.
3. Press and hold the buttons until your smartphone restarts.

A hard reset requires your iPhone to restart from the beginning, which can often resolve small issues like the disappearing message box. It is crucial to note, however, that completing a hard reset will not erase any of your data or settings.

Check to see whether the problem persists when typing in messages after you’ve completed the hard reset. Don’t be concerned if it does! Additional alternatives, which we’ll discuss later in this article, may assist resolve this vexing problem once and for all.

Keep an eye out for further potential fixes!

Final Fix: Use Stable IOS 17 Beta

The final solution to the disappearance of the message box when typing on iOS 17 is to utilise a stable iOS 17 beta. Although this method may appear apparent, it can be extremely successful in resolving the problem.

You are essentially gaining access to a version of the operating system that has been thoroughly tested and considered reliable by Apple by using a stable iOS 17 beta. This implies that any issues or malfunctions present in previous versions have most likely been addressed and fixed.

One of the benefits of utilising a stable iOS 17 beta is that you may take use of all of the new features and improvements included in this release without encountering any serious problems. It ensures that your iPhone performs and functions smoothly when you type texts.

Enrol in Apple’s Beta Software Programme to install a stable iOS 17 beta. This programme provides consumers with early access to planned software upgrades and allows them to send direct input to Apple, so helping to enhance future releases.

If you’re having trouble with your message box disappearing while typing on iOS 17, consider using a stable iOS 17 beta as a final solution. It provides an optimized experience with increased reliability and additional features while not interfering with your chatting capabilities.



Dealing with a disappearing message box while typing on iOS 17 might be aggravating, but there are a few methods available to help. Resetting the keyboard dictionary, deleting and re-adding keyboards, or forcing closing and reopening messages can often solve the problem.

In rare circumstances, a hard reset of your iPhone may be sufficient. This will not only refresh your device, but will also remove any transient issues that may have caused the message box to disappear.

If everything else fails, you might use Tenorshare Reiboot, a robust programme that allows you to repair different iOS issues without losing any data. You may quickly restore your message box with a few clicks.

If you want a more consistent experience on iOS 17 and wish to avoid this issue entirely, consider utilising the stable iOS 17 beta version. This version is rigorously vetted by Apple before release and has fewer issues than previous generations.

Remember that troubleshooting technological issues takes time and persistence. You should be able to solve the disappearing message box problem on iOS 17 by following these techniques step by step—and maybe combining multiple methods.

So, don’t allow this annoying problem ruin your chatting experience any longer—take action now and enjoy uninterrupted typing!

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