How to Fix Mortal Kombat 1 Cutscene Stuttering On PC

Fix Mortal Kombat 1 Cutscene Stuttering On PC: Are you ready to step into the epic world of Mortal Kombat 1 on your PC? Picture yourself engrossed in heart-pounding battles and captivating cutscenes that bring the game to life. But wait…what’s this? Stuttering during those crucial cinematic moments, disrupting the flow of your gaming experience? Fear not, fellow gamer! We have come to your rescue with a comprehensive guide on how to fix Mortal Kombat 1 cutscene stuttering on your PC. Say goodbye to glitches and hello to seamless gameplay as we unveil a multitude of solutions that will have you back in the arena in no time. So grab your controller, tighten up those fatalities, and let’s dive right into it!

How to Fix Mortal Kombat 1 Cutscene Stuttering On PC

Fix Mortal Kombat 1 Cutscene Stuttering On PC
Fix Mortal Kombat 1 Cutscene Stuttering On PC

We’ve created a comprehensive list of practical solutions to assist you in dealing with the cutscene stuttering issue in Mortal Kombat 1 on PC.

Fix 1: Check System Requirements

When it comes to fixing the stuttering issue in Mortal Kombat 1 cutscenes on PC, the first step is to check your system requirements. This may seem like a basic fix, but it’s often overlooked and can have a big impact on performance.

Here are the system requirements for a computer running the specified operating system:

  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10/11
  • Processor: Intel Core™ i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600X
  • RAM: 8 GB minimum
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT, or Intel Arc™ A770
  • DirectX: Version 12 compatible
  • Storage: A minimum of 100 GB free space

These specifications are necessary to ensure optimal performance when running applications or games that require these hardware and software configurations.

Fix 2: Change GPU Settings

When it comes to fixing the dreaded cutscene stuttering in Mortal Kombat 1 on PC, tweaking your GPU settings can make a significant difference. The graphics processing unit (GPU) plays a crucial role in rendering and displaying the game’s visuals smoothly. Here are some steps you can take to optimize your GPU settings and potentially eliminate those annoying stutters.

For Nvidia and AMD users looking to optimize their gaming experience for Mortal Kombat 1, here are the recommended settings:

For Nvidia Users:

  1. Navigate to your desktop.
  2. Right-click and open the “Nvidia Control Panel.”
  3. Under “Manage 3D Settings,” look for “Program Settings.”
  4. Manually select and add ‘Mortal Kombat 1’ if it’s not already listed in the programs.
  5. Adjust the following settings:
    • Monitor Tech: Use G-Sync (if your monitor supports it).
    • Maximum Pre-rendered Frames: Set to 2.
    • Threaded Optimization: Enable.
    • Power Management: Set to “Prefer Maximum Performance.”
    • Texture Filtering – Quality: Choose “Performance.”

For AMD Users:

For AMD users, ensure that your settings match those mentioned above for Nvidia, but make adjustments based on the terminologies used in the AMD control panel.

These settings are intended to provide optimal performance and visual quality while playing Mortal Kombat 1 on your respective graphics card. Adjusting them as described can help enhance your gaming experience.

Fix 3: Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

One possible solution to fix the Mortal Kombat 1 cutscene stuttering issue on your PC is to disable fullscreen optimizations. This feature, introduced by Windows, aims to improve gaming performance by allowing applications to run in exclusive fullscreen mode. However, it can sometimes cause compatibility issues with older games like Mortal Kombat 1.

To manage compatibility and high DPI settings for Mortal Kombat 1, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Mortal Kombat 1’s Game Directory:
    • Locate the folder where Mortal Kombat 1 is installed on your computer.
  2. Right-click on Mortal Kombat 1.exe:
    • Find the executable file for Mortal Kombat 1 (usually named “Mortal Kombat 1.exe”).
    • Right-click on it and select “Properties.”
  3. Compatibility Tab:
    • In the “Properties” window, go to the “Compatibility” tab.
  4. Disable Full-Screen Optimizations:
    • Tick the checkbox labeled “Disable Full-Screen Optimizations.”
  5. Manage High DPI Settings:
    • Click on the “Change high DPI settings” button.
  6. Override High DPI Scaling Behavior:
    • Tick the checkbox labeled “Override high DPI scaling behavior.”
  7. Set to ‘Application’:
    • In the dropdown menu next to “Override high DPI scaling behavior,” select “Application.”

These settings adjustments can help improve the compatibility and display scaling for Mortal Kombat 1, ensuring a smoother and better experience on your system, especially if you’re using a high-DPI monitor.

Fix 4: Update Mortal Kombat 1

If you’re experiencing cutscene stuttering issues in Mortal Kombat 1 on your PC, one of the possible solutions is to update the game. Game developers often release updates and patches to address performance issues and bugs that players encounter. By keeping your game up-to-date, you can ensure that you have the latest fixes and improvements.

For users of different gaming platforms, here are the steps to update and tailor game settings for Mortal Kombat 1:

For Steam Users:

  1. Within your Steam library, locate and select “Mortal Kombat 1.”
  2. The system will scan for available updates. Install any pending updates.
  3. After updating, consider rebooting your computer to ensure the changes take effect.

For Epic Launcher Users:

  1. Navigate to your library in the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Find and select “Mortal Kombat 1.”
  3. Click on the three-dot icon (usually located near the game title).
  4. Ensure that the auto-update feature is activated to install new updates automatically

Fix 5: Adjust Game Settings

When it comes to fixing the Mortal Kombat 1 cutscene stuttering issue on your PC, adjusting the game settings can make a significant difference. By tweaking certain options within the game, you may be able to alleviate or even eliminate the stuttering problem altogether.

Tailor Game Settings: To potentially alleviate stuttering or improve performance, adjust these in-game settings:

  • Shadows: Opt for Medium or Low settings.
  • Anti Aliasing: Reduce from 4x to 2x or a lower setting.
  • Dynamic Reflections, Ambient Occlusion, Volumetric Lighting, and Motion Blur: Adjust or disable these settings based on your preference and system performance.
  • Render Scaling: Opt for a value below 100% if needed, depending on your preference and system capabilities.

These adjustments can help optimize the game’s performance on your system and reduce stuttering issues while playing Mortal Kombat 1.

Fix 6: Downgrade Resolution

If you’re experiencing stuttering cutscenes in Mortal Kombat 1 on your PC, one possible solution is to downgrade the resolution. Lowering the resolution can help reduce the strain on your system and improve overall performance.

To do this, open up the game’s settings menu and look for an option to adjust the resolution. It may be listed as “Screen Resolution” or something similar. Experiment with lowering it to see if it helps alleviate the stuttering issue.

Keep in mind that reducing the resolution will result in a less sharp and detailed image, but it might be worth sacrificing some visual fidelity for smoother gameplay. Plus, in a fast-paced fighting game like Mortal Kombat, smoothness is key!

If downgrading the resolution doesn’t completely solve the problem, you can also try combining this fix with other solutions mentioned earlier. Sometimes multiple tweaks are needed to achieve optimal performance.

Remember to save your changes before exiting the settings menu and give it a go! Hopefully, this adjustment will make your cutscenes play without any annoying hiccups so you can fully enjoy all of Mortal Kombat 1’s epic battles!

Fix 7: Verify Game Files

One of the common causes of cutscene stuttering in Mortal Kombat 1 on PC is corrupted game files. When these files become damaged or incomplete, it can lead to performance issues and disrupt the smooth playback of cutscenes. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution – verifying your game files.

or Steam users who want to ensure the integrity of the game files for Mortal Kombat 1, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Steam client on your computer.
  2. Navigate to your Steam Library, where you’ll see a list of your installed games.
  3. Find “Mortal Kombat 1” in your library.
  4. Right-click on “Mortal Kombat 1” to open a context menu.
  5. From the context menu, select “Properties.”
  6. In the “Properties” window, go to the “Local Files” tab.
  7. Within the “Local Files” tab, click on the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” button.

Steam will then scan the game files for Mortal Kombat 1 and ensure that there is no corruption or missing files. If any issues are found, Steam will attempt to repair or replace the problematic files. This process can help resolve various game-related issues and ensure the game runs smoothly.

By verifying your game files regularly, you can maintain optimal performance in Mortal Kombat 1 and enjoy uninterrupted cutscenes without annoying stutters or lags.

Fix 8: Check Internet Connectivity/Connection

A stable and reliable internet connection is crucial for a seamless gaming experience, especially when it comes to online games like Mortal Kombat 1. If you’re experiencing cutscene stuttering, it might be worth checking your internet connectivity.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi signal strength is strong enough. Weak signals can lead to inconsistent data transfer, resulting in the stuttering issue. Try moving closer to the router or consider using an Ethernet cable for a direct connection.

Furthermore, take some time to check if there are any background applications or downloads consuming your bandwidth. These can hog resources and cause lag during gameplay.

If you have multiple devices connected to the same network, they could also be impacting your gaming performance. Consider disconnecting unnecessary devices while playing Mortal Kombat 1 to ensure optimal internet speeds.

Try running a speed test on your internet connection. This will give you an idea of whether your ISP is providing the promised speeds or if there are any issues with your network setup.

By ensuring a stable and fast internet connection, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of experiencing cutscene stuttering in Mortal Kombat 1 and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay!

Fix 9: Disable Background Applications and Hardware

When it comes to fixing the stuttering issue in Mortal Kombat 1 on PC, one often overlooked solution is disabling background applications and hardware. You see, many of us have numerous programs running in the background without even realizing it. These apps consume precious system resources, causing unnecessary strain on your PC.

To tackle this problem head-on, start by closing any unnecessary applications that are running in the background. This includes things like antivirus software or file-sharing programs that may be hogging up your CPU power.

Additionally, consider disconnecting any external devices that aren’t essential for gameplay. USB peripherals such as printers or webcams can sometimes interfere with game performance if they’re not properly optimized.

By freeing up system resources and minimizing interference from external hardware, you’ll give Mortal Kombat 1 a better chance at delivering smooth cutscenes without any annoying stutters.

Remember, every little adjustment you make can contribute to an overall improvement in performance. So don’t underestimate the impact of disabling these background applications and hardware – it might just be the key to unlocking flawless gameplay!

Fix 10: Give Administrator Access to the Game

One possible solution to fix Mortal Kombat 1 cutscene stuttering on your PC is by giving administrator access to the game. This can help ensure that the game has all the necessary permissions and resources it needs to run smoothly.

To Run the Game as Administrator:

  1. Locate the shortcut or executable file for the game.
  2. Right-click on the game’s shortcut or executable file.
  3. From the context menu, select “Run as administrator.”

This will run the game with elevated privileges, allowing it to access system resources more efficiently.

To Permanently Set the Game to Run as Administrator:

  1. Right-click on the game’s shortcut or executable file.
  2. Select “Properties” from the context menu.
  3. In the “Properties” window, go to the “Compatibility” tab.
  4. Under the “Settings” section, check the box that says “Run this program as an administrator.”
  5. Click the “Apply” button to save the changes, and then click “OK” to close the properties window.

With this setting enabled, the game will always run with administrator privileges when you launch it, potentially improving its performance and ensuring it has the necessary access to system resources.

By giving administrator access to Mortal Kombat 1, you might just be able to eliminate those annoying stutters during cutscenes and fully immerse yourself in all its glory!

Fix 11: Clear System Cache

One potential fix for the Mortal Kombat 1 cutscene stuttering issue on PC is to clear your system cache. The system cache is a temporary storage area where files and data are stored to help improve performance. Over time, this cache can become cluttered with unnecessary or corrupted data, which can impact the smooth running of games like Mortal Kombat 1.

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.
  2. In the Run dialog box, type “%localappdata%” (without the quotes) and press Enter. This will open a File Explorer window.
  3. Inside the File Explorer window, you’ll see various folders. Be cautious and ensure you’re not deleting any essential system files. Focus on deleting cache and temporary files related to applications and games.
  4. You can select and delete files and folders that are not critical for your system. These files typically include temporary data that can be safely removed.

Please exercise caution when deleting files, and if you’re unsure about a specific file or folder, it’s best to leave it untouched to avoid any potential issues with your system. Clearing unnecessary cache files can help free up storage space and potentially improve game performance.



By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to fix the cutscene stuttering issue in Mortal Kombat 1 on your PC. Remember to check your system requirements, adjust GPU settings, disable fullscreen optimizations, and update the game to its latest version.

Additionally, adjusting game settings such as disabling V-sync or lowering graphics options can also help improve performance. If necessary, you may need to downgrade the resolution or verify game files for any missing or corrupted data.

It’s important to ensure a stable internet connection when playing online modes and consider disabling background applications and hardware that may be causing conflicts with the game.

Granting administrator access to the game and clearing system cache can provide further optimization.

With these fixes implemented, you should now be able to enjoy smooth gameplay experiences without any frustrating cutscene stutters in Mortal Kombat 1 on your PC. Get ready to immerse yourself in epic battles and unleash your inner fighter!

Remember, every system is unique and there might be other factors contributing to stuttering issues specific to your setup. If none of these solutions work for you or if you encounter any other technical difficulties while playing Mortal Kombat 1 on PC, it might be helpful to seek assistance from official support channels or dedicated gaming communities.

Now go ahead and reclaim victory in Mortal Kombat!

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