How to Fix Oppo F3 Not Charging Issue

Oppo F3 Battery Not Charging

Oppo F3 Not charging Fix is Here: So do you want to Know the Best way to Solve Oppo F3 Charging not supported issue? If yes then you are at right place. Just imagine that you are somewhere out and suddenly Your smartphone starts showing Battery Low Warning and you just figure out that your smartphone is not Detecting Charger, In that case the best thing you can do is just follow Our guide on Oppo F3 not Detecting charger issue.

So in this guide we will show you Several Different ways to Fix Oppo F3 Not charging Issue. But apart from that we will also tell you Possible reasons why your Oppo F3 is not Detecting Charger. But before we head towards that Guide lets have a Quick look at the Specifications of the smartphone.

The Oppo F3 comes with a 5.5 inch Display, having resolution of 1080X1920 Pixels and a Pixel density of 401PPI, under the hood of the smartphone there is Mediatek MT6750 28NM processor coupled with 4GB of ram. Coming to the other features of the Phone Such As Camera and Battery So the Oppo F3 comes with 13Mp  primary camera unit whereas a 16Mp + 8Mp Dual camera unit is placed at the front Side. Under the hood of the smartphone there is 3200 mah Non-Removable battery.

Oppo F3 Not Detecting Charger

So As you are at this part of Guide there are possible chances that your Oppo F3 is not Detecting charger, Now You want to Fix your smartphone at home. You can easily do that but before that you have to See what are the Possible reasons of Oppo F3 not Charging .

Why My Oppo F3 is Not Charging?

To be very specific there is no specific reason why Your Oppo f3 is not charging, And in this Section of Guide we will discuss several Reasons why this problem is coming again and again on your Oppo F3.

Oppo F3 Loose Charging Jack

If Charging Jack on your Oppo F3 is loose you will get this problem again and again, Now what happens is when we use our Smartphones for long time there Charging jack gets loose and they Starts problems like this. So the best solution for this is Either you can Use new USB cable which is not used or you have to Visit Any oppo F3 service center to get your Oppo F3 repaired.

Water in Oppo F3 Charging Port

So water in Charging Port is also one of the primary reason why Users get Charging not supported issue on their smartphone, Many time it happens that your Smartphone might come in contact with Water and it starts Malfunctioning. So the best solution to Dry out water from Oppo F3 Charging Port is Available in our Detailed post on Fix Moisture detected on Android Phone, After following the Guide you Will be able to Solve the issue without Any Problem.

Oppo F3 Charging Very Slowly

Well If your Oppo F3 is charging Slowly then it might be the issue of Charger because not all charger are meant for fast charging. So The fix for their problem is very easy and one can Solve this issue by simply changing their Charger and buying a new charger for your Oppo F3.

So these above are the possible reasons why your Oppo F3 Might not be charging, Now As we told earlier that we will show you the Ways to Fix The Oppo F3 not accepting Charging.

Fix Oppo F3 Not charging issue

So below are some of the methods you can Apply on your Oppo F3 and Solve the Phone not charging issue, These are some of the tested methods and works like charm on almost every android smartphone. Still if any of the method doesn’t works for you then make sure you read the last point of the post.

Make sure the Power Point is Giving Sufficient Supply

While reading this you might think What Kind of Solution is this, But Trust me that It happened with me many times that there was no Power supply in the Socket i was using. So to Avoid this and Fix your Problem you can Always try plugging your Charger in any other Point. Also It happens many times that the Plug you are using is Not working properly or it is Giving Very Less or Little Supply.

Oppo F3 Original Charger

This is one of the biggest mistake every android user do, There are plenty of Times when i tried to charge my android Phone using any Other charger and as an result my phone didn’t recognized the charger and it suddenly stopped working. So by this Real experience i will always suggest you to Use original or any good brand charger which can Give proper and Sufficient Output.

Don’t Use Any Oppo F3 Fast Charging Apps

Most of you Might Think that Fast charging can be done by using Apps or any software, But Let me just tell you that Fast charging is a part of hardware and it cant be done by using Any of the apps. So by chance if you are using any app just make sure that you Delete all of them as they might be causing trouble while charging your phone.

Also to check if app is the real culprit you can always try Booting Up your android phone in safe mode, When your smartphone is booting in safe mode it will Boot up without any third party apps. So it will tell you if the app you were using were the real culprit behind that or not.

Cross Check if the problem is After Software update or not

Sometimes just for safety reasons Companies Push out Software updates that come with limitations, Now when you use Fast charger or any charger which  is out of the limit will Cause not charging issue. So just check the Whats New section in recent updates and if there is anything related to charging just roll back to the previous version.

Charging Port Error

So as we told you earlier that sometimes the error is in charging port and if charging port is not working properly your Oppo F3 will not detect charging and as an result your Smartphone will end up with Low battery. So to Solve this issue you can Try Using New USB cable and rebooting your android Phone.

If the issue even persists you have to Seek advice from a Professional because you cant repair Charging Jack at home, So better you Go and Take Advice from Any of the official Oppo F3 service center.

Battery Not Taking Full Charge

If you keep Playing Games like PUBG on your Android Phone or you Often Charge your Device then there are chances that The battery on your Oppo F3 might be not powerful as much as it was earlier and as a result you are Facing Oppo F3 not charging issue.

So to solve this error you can Simply go to service center and get your Android Phone battery checked, If your Oppo F3 comes under warranty then the Service center professionals will change the battery free of cost.

Try Installing Stock Oppo F3 Firmware Again

This Might sound very complicated but this is also one of the most working method for many Android users, When we keep using our Android phones for a long time we install many apps on our phone, Now what happens is when we Install Apps they keep on Draining battery and as a result they damage battery.

Now when you Reinstall the firmware on your device, What you Do is you Just revert your smartphone to factory condition. Not only this but sometimes there are Battery logs created by the Android system and they limit charging of android phones. So to Solve this error you can Simply Try by Installing Oppo F3 stock firmware.

Oppo F3 New Battery

Replace Oppo F3 battery to solve Not charging issue? yes it is right, battery is one of the most important Component of our android Phone and by time we use it the cells in the battery gets weak. So as a result we face many errors like Oppo F3 not charging or Oppo F3 not detecting Charger. So to solve this error you can simply use new battery for Oppo F3.

Some Points About Oppo F3

Samsung Galaxy Oppo F3 Was Launched in November 2016

Oppo F3 Was one of The Very First Device from Oppo to Come Up With Moon Light Selfie Camera.

Oppo F3 Comes with 5.5 inch Display Having 1080X1920 Display

Oppo F3 Was launched in May 2017.

Oppo F3 Comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Which protects the smartphone from Deep Scratches.

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So this was our Guide to Solve Oppo F3 battery not charging issue, We hope you were able to Solve the Oppo F3 Not charging issue. Incase if you have any Doubt feel free to Write Down in the comments section below.

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