Gotham Knights Game Save File and Config File Location

Gotham Knights Game Save File and Config File Location: Are you playing Gotham Knights and want to learn where to locate your game save file and config file? Look no further! This guide will walk you through the steps of locating both the game save file and config file for Gotham Knights. We’ll also explain what each file is used for, so you can make sure your game runs smoothly and efficiently. So, let’s get started!

What is Gotham Knights all about?

Gotham Knights is an action-adventure game set in the Batman universe. The player controls a team of four heroes – Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl – as they battle villains and solve puzzles. The game is split into two parts: the main story, which follows the heroes as they try to stop a plot by the Joker, and the side missions, which are optional quests that often involve helping out citizens of Gotham City.

Gotham Knights Save File and Config File locations

Gotham Knights is a video game that allows players to save their progress and configuration settings. The location of the save file and config file for Gotham Knights on PC can be found by following these steps:

  1. Go to File Explorer and open the C Drive.
  2. Open the Users folder and the folder that has your username.
  3. Open the Appdata folder. If you are unable to see this folder, click on the View button on top, and put a check on Hidden Items.
  4. After opening Appdata, select Local, and look for the Gotham Knights folder. The save file and config file should be located in this folder.
  5. Additionally, You can find the save/config game files for Gotham Knights game on PC by visiting the View Steam Cloud page in your web browser and sign in with your Steam account. Locate the game in the list—and click Show Files to see all the files for a game.

Also, the location of the save file path is C:Users [username]AppDataLocalWB GamesGotham KnightsSteamSavedSaveGames



We hope this article was helpful in providing you with the necessary information to find your Gotham Knights game save file and config file locations. Knowing where these files are stored can be especially important if you need to restore a corrupted game or reset your progress in the game. With this knowledge, you can start playing Gotham Knights like a pro!

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