Increase Image Size in KB Online Free 2022

Do you want to Increase Image size in KB without changing pixels? If yes then you are in the right place. Today in this guide we will show you the best and easiest ways.

Root update has exclusively developed an Online tool that can increase image size in Kb without changing pixels of the image. The tool is absolutely free and anyone can use it on their PC or mobile.

It happens many times when we are filling a Form online or we need to upload a document online, But for uploading, there are many conditions like your image size need to be a minimum 10Kb and the image you are having is just 5 kb. Then this is the time where our Image size increase tool comes in handy.

You might find many tools on the internet which do the same job and you might also think about what is so different in our tool? So the answer is pretty simple that we don’t use any automated code to increase image size in kb instead we manually edit every image which makes your image look more professional and you will notice that the pixels are also the same.

Now Moving towards other image size increase tools so they also do the same task but with very low quality, They can do what you want but they decrease the quality and pixels of your image, and if pixels are decreased then there are chances that your Online form may get rejected.

How does the tool Increase Image Size in KB Works?

The concept behind developing this tool was very simple and straight, This tool is basically a boon for students who are studying and want to fill the online form.

Even one day I was Filling a form and the image I was having was very less in size, The minimum size required was 10 Kb and the image was just 7 Kb so at that time I didn’t get any tool that could actually increase the size of an image in kb online, However, there were some tools available but all of them were paid and not working.

So we at root update developed a very simple way which works manually and you have to just send us your image in jpeg format and our Staff will manually increase image size in kb without changing pixels size for free.

Image size increase Tool working time

The tool works 24X7 and the best thing is that when we are available we manually increase image size in kb but when we are not available our automated tools can work for you.

The Photo size increase in kb tool works 24X7 which means you can anytime use the tool and get your work done by us for free.

This is a very handy tool as you just need an image and a working internet connection to upload your image which you want to increase size in kb. Also always make sure that you are uploading images because the tool doesn’t support GIF or video formats as of now.

Photo Size Increase in KB Online

Below is our Photo size increase in kb tool you have to just send the image along with the email address you want to receive your image.

Increase image size in Kb online

Let us know how to get back to you.

Just enter the image URL here?

All you Need to do is Just upload image and send us the URL

How to Increase image size in Kb online?

  • First of all Visit and Search for the Image size increase tool
  • Now open the Tool and enter all necessary details like your name, Email address.
  • Now upload your image to any Cloud storage like google drive or Dropbox
  • After uploading just share the Url in the Tool field.
  • Now, wait for an Increased size image in kb format.

That’s all !! This is how you can easily increase the size of any image in just 3 seconds by using our tool. Once the process is completed you can simply delete the photo or file from your cloud storage.

As of now we Only Support the Below given formats, So if your image is in any other format then you can first change it using an online tool and after that, you can use our tool.

Image increase tool supported formats

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • IMG

Now many users also said that they are unable to use this tool because of some reason and they want to find a method with which can increase image size in kb online without using any tool. So below we have also explained how one can increase image size in KB online free by using OurĀ  Tool.

We will Mention several different ways which will surely help you to know image size increase best ways, the best thing about this method is that while using this tool the image quality remains the same and it doesn’t get changed which means if it is a 4K image then the image will remain same.

This means you won’t Compromise in Quality even when you are using the photo size increase tool properly, this happens many times with users that while they are using a tool they have to compromise the quality and image clarity after you increase the size of the image.

This website is totally free for users and all you need to do is just review our tool once the task is done you can enjoy uploading your image to the desired place you want.

Here in this guide, we will show you several methods which primarily include Increasing size online and offline. There are some users who don’t want to upload their image because of privacy concerns so they can also take the help of our guide and increase image size in kb online and offline both.

Increase Image size in Kb Offline

The below method takes the help of your own pc and you don’t need to download any software or any third-party app, You can follow the simple steps given below and take advantage of your own Windows pc itself.

  • First of all, right-click the image
  • Go to Properties.
  • Now uncheck the Read Only button.
  • Now tap on Details.
  • Now tap on Comments, clicking on it will make it turn blue, now write a few letters on it.
  • Click OK, Done! this will increase Image size in kb.

This is how you can easily increase the image size of any image in KB size by using your pc only.

Method 2:

This method involves scrolling through the settings of your image, The below-given steps can easily increase the size of any image in 15 seconds if done properly.

For Jpeg images, Make sure that the image quality is set to maximum.

Now you have to Set image mode 16 Bits/Channel.

For PNG files you have to set compression none and include Interlace to increase the size of your image.

Changing the format from jpeg to png or png to jpeg might also help you in increase the photo size.

Image Size increase Using A Software on your PC

This is so far one of the most favorite methods of all time as only a few clicks will help you to get your work done.

The software here we will use is a batch picture resizer tool that can accept up to 12 pictures per task, this tool can both increase and decrease the size of the image according to your needs.

Increase image size by using Software
Increase image size by using Software

Using software makes your work pretty easy as all you need to do is just upload your desired image in the software you installed on your pc and within a few seconds your task gets done.

Below are some given steps which can easily Increase image size in kb by using your pc.

  1. First of all, Click on the Add File or Add Folder button. You can also add by dragging the file directly.
  2. Now select the size you want for your image.
  3. You will get several options, such as predefines height, aspect ratio, smart cropping.
  4. Select the output format to increase image size in Kb, The software supports many formats such as JPG, JPEG, TGA, PNG, PCX, PSD, GIF, and many more.
Photo Size increase in kb
Photo Size increase in kb

5. Now Select the desired exporting folder.

6. Now click on the Start button to Resize your image

That’s it. this is how you can easily increase image size in Kb online using this tool.

increase image size using photoshop

image size increasing using photoshop
image size increasing using photoshop

Everyone uses Photoshop to edit images these days, While photoshop is easier for many but still there are many users who don’t know how to use Photoshop to image increase size, Below we are mentioning 3 steps that can easily process your image size.

  1. First of all Open Photoshop.
  2. Now Follow these steps Photoshop> Image > Image Size > Resolution.
  3. Now Increase the image size as much you like.
  4. Doing this can increase your image size by 20-30 Kb

So these were one of the best and most useful methods you can use to increase image size in kb online and offline both. in this guide we have mentioned several methods you will find useful to get your work done.

More working methods are added in this post, The new methods we have used are very fast and process your request in just 2-3 seconds. Also if you feel the image is not up to the mark you can again use our service.

We hope this guide helped you to increase image size in kb online for free.

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