Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings

Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings: Introducing the latest update for Pixel Watch…1.4! But wait, before you get too excited about all the new features and improvements, there’s an unexpected twist. It seems that this update has a little glitch in its system – it resets app notification settings! Yes, you heard it right. So if you’re one of those who rely on specific notifications from your favorite apps, this might be a cause for concern. Let’s dive into what exactly is going on with Pixel Watch Update 1.4 and how it affects your app notification settings.

What is Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings Error?

What is Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings Error?
What is Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings Error?

Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings Error is an unexpected hiccup that users have encountered after installing the latest update for their Pixel Watches. This error causes all app notification settings to be reset, leaving users without their preferred notifications from various apps.

Imagine relying on your watch to keep you updated with important messages, reminders, or even fitness goals. Now picture waking up one morning to find out that all those carefully customized notification settings are gone! It can be frustrating and disruptive to your daily routine.

The cause of this error is still unclear, but it seems to be a bug within the update itself. Google has acknowledged the issue and is working diligently on a fix. However, until a solution is found, it’s recommended not to install Pixel Watch Update 1.4 if you heavily rely on specific app notifications.


  • User Concerns Post-Update:
    • One of the primary concerns raised by users after the update revolves around the resetting of app notification settings.
  • Initial Setup:
    • During the initial setup on a smartphone, users can specify which applications should send notifications to the Pixel Watch.
  • Post-Update Situation:
    • After the 1.4 update, users noticed that their carefully configured preferences were reset.
    • This resulted in notifications from previously deactivated apps, causing a surge in potentially unwanted alerts.

For some users, this may not be such a big deal as they can easily reconfigure their notification preferences manually. But for others who have numerous apps and intricate settings in place, it could take quite some time and effort to get everything back just the way they had it before.

In the meantime, if you haven’t updated your Pixel Watch yet or have already installed 1.4 and want to avoid any potential issues with app notifications being reset, it might be best to hold off on updating until Google releases a patch.

Stay tuned for updates from Google regarding this issue so you can stay informed about when the fix will become available. In the world of technology, hiccups like these are bound to happen occasionally – but rest assured that companies like Google are always quick to address them and provide solutions for their loyal customers.

What Causes the Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings

  • UI Glitch Explanation:
    • Going deeper into the issue, it becomes evident that the problem is primarily a user interface glitch.
    • Despite the toggle appearing as if it’s activated (on), it’s actually off in the system’s backend.
  • Reassurance:
    • Despite the visual anomaly, the desired settings are correctly configured in the system’s backend.
    • This ensures that users do not actually receive notifications from the apps they’ve deactivated.

Some Good Features of the Pixel Watch Update 1.4

  • Google Account Integration:
    • Users can seamlessly integrate their Google Accounts with the Pixel Watch application.
  • Account Linkage & Navigation:
    • The update allows users to directly associate the watch with a Google Account through the Watch application.
    • Additionally, there’s a dedicated “Use without an account” option for those who prefer not to link an account.
  • Device Management:
    • A new section dedicated to device management is now accessible via the top-left icon.
    • This facilitates smooth transitions between devices or the introduction of new ones.
  • Quality Improvements:
    • The update also brought a multitude of bug fixes, significantly enhancing the overall quality of the Watch application.



The Pixel Watch Update 1.4 that resets app notification settings has been a cause of frustration for many users. While updates are generally intended to improve functionality and enhance user experience, this particular glitch has had the opposite effect.

Despite this setback with Pixel Watch Update 1.4 resetting app notification settings, it’s important to remember that technology isn’t perfect and occasional glitches are bound to happen. By staying informed and proactive in troubleshooting these issues, we can ensure that our smartwatches continue to serve us well in our daily lives.

So stay patient and keep an eye out for future updates – hopefully ones that bring improvements rather than unexpected changes!

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