Fix: Error 0xc00007b “The Application was unable to start correctly”

The application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b is the most common error when we try to open any file. In this guide, we will show you the best way to solve this error and use any file on your Windows PC.

Whenever A user tries to open any file they usually get the application was unable to start correctly, Usually, this occurs because of a corrupted file or a corrupted Shortcut which can’t launch any application properly.

There might be 100 of the reasons why the error 0xc00007b pop up on your screen, But most of the time it occurs on Windows 10 when you try to run a 32bit application on 64bit OS or vice versa.

This is an Incompatibility issue which may occur if you try to install or run Different bit application on different bit windows.

To get more deep knowledge about this issue we personally tried as tested to run different bit applications on different os and we also encountered the same “error 0xc00007b“.

In this guide, we will show you several different methods to solve this particular issue. You can try all methods and see which one works for you.

Below is the error 0xc00007b, This is the error you get whenever you try to open a file

Method 1. Repair Corrupt System Files

In the starting of the guide itself, we told you that this error mostly occurs because of the corrupted file or a different os bit. So in this method, we will show you how to repair corrupted files.

For a Quick solution please Note that there are many different versions of every app, Mostly Os are built on 32bit and 64 bit. So first of all go and check which Bit OS your windows is. To check that simply open the Control panel > System and Security > System. There you will see system type:

As you can see in the image above that my System type is 64Bit, So my PC is bound to install 64bit applications only, So you can also check the System type of your PC and then install the app of the correct bit.

Method 2. Run The Program As Administrator

There are many applications that require Administrator privilege to run If you have installed any such app which needs Administrator privileges then follow the methods given below to run the app smoothly.

Right-click on the application which is Showing The application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b error, Now Tap on “Run as Administrator” option.

If the app is running smoothly now, then it means that the app required Administrator privileges to run Smoothly. You can also set the app to run “Run as administrator” by default. When you set this command the app will always run with Administrator privileges.

Method 3. Reinstall the application

If an Application is not installed properly, Then also you will get the same the application was unable to start correctly Error. If the error you are facing is because of this problem then follow the Troubleshooting steps given below:

There are two methods to Reinstall an Application, First one is the Fresh download and install and the second one is by Using the same setup you Downloaded earlier but on a Different Path.

We recommend you Downloading a fresh new setup and then performing a fresh installation, for this, you can simply download the Application from Official website and begin the installation.

To uninstall the Older version, Simply Open control panel, and tap on programs, there find the application you want to Uninstall. Below is the Screenshot Explaining the Quickest way to Uninstall an Application.

Method 4. Update .NET Framework

This is the most common pop up Notification Most of the Windows 10 users get on their desktop screen, While this is not proved but this may also be one of the biggest reasons you are getting The application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b error again and Again on your PC.

To Reinstall or Update the .Net Framework error follow the steps given below. Also, make sure that the windows 10 version you are using is Latest.

First of all, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features Now click  Turn Windows features on or off.

Now a new window Will open named as “Windows features”. From their tap on .NET Framework 3.5 and press OK. After this the new version of Net Framework will be installed.

If the installation is successful then your Windows Pc will reboot. Now you will see that the Problem is successfully fixed.

Method 5. Update DLL

Updating DLL On your Windows 10 Pc can also solve the 0xc00007b error, This Error mostly comes in the file Like GTA 5 and games. This method requires a little bit of knowledge about PC as you need to replace a file from Disc C from Your Windows OS.

Sometimes a File known as xinput1_3.dll is corrupted or missing, the file plays an essential role to run any Application. Now Assume if the file is missing from Drive C then also you will face the application was unable to start correctly error. Follow the steps given below to Replace xinput1_3.dll file:

  • If the File is missing you have to Download dll xinput1_3.dll(Google it)
  • As the file is in .zip/rar Format then you have to Extract these files using Winrar.
  • Now Copy xinput1_3.dll file from the extracted folder
  • Now paste the file into C:\ Windows \ SysWOW64.

Thats all! this is how you can replace the file and solve the error, It is recommended to make a reboot of your PC to make the changes take effect.

Method 6. Update DirectX

DirectX file is mostly responsible to run games on your Windows PC, Updating the app is another great way to get rid of The application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b error. As the Application is responsible for Games so this solution is temporary and may only work with the Affected Games application.

To Update DirectX you can Visit the official Microsoft page of DirectX(here). First of all, Download the Setup and Run it. If the DirectX file is missing then you will get the Installation Successful message and if the File is outdated then you will get File updated successfully Notification.

Make sure that you reboot your Pc for the changes to Take Effect. Also, check if the file is successfully installed or not. If the File is yet not installed then you can replace it with the Smaller or bigger Bit version Compatible with your OS.

Method 7. Reinstall the affected application

In all of the above Methods, we have reinstalled the Affected or Suspected files and Applications. Even if the issue is not solved now then you can Try to Install the affected application which is showing the error again and again.

Feedbacks are always respected, So please share the method which worked for you in the Comments section below.

Usually, applications are installed correctly and this issue is also not connected with a Corrupted application, But many times the path where we have installed the application gets corrupted or needs clean installation. So follow the steps given below to Reinstall the affected applications.

Step 1.) Open Control Panel Programs Programs and Features Now tap on Uninstall A Program.

Step 2.) Now right click on the Affected application and tap on Uninstall.

Step 3.) The uninstall wizard will ask you several confirmations just tap on Uninstall.

Step 4.) Now the Application will be Uninstalled, However, sometimes some files of the app remain on your Pc. To Completely remove the application make a reboot of your device.

Step 5.) After the PC Boots up, Reinstall the app and check if the issue is solved or not.

If the issue was due to A corrupted application then Reinstalling it will Solve the issue Permanently.

Method 8. Reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Windows Os brings many errors along with it, But the bad thing about this Notorious The application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b error is that you can’t predict or know what actually brings this error.

Now another great way to Fix 0xc00007b error is by Reinstalling C++ Redistributable on your Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7 os.

Though there is no clear evidence of Microsoft Visual C++ bringing this issue, however, it is responsible to bring Many other errors. So if the issue is not yet resolved for you then you can try Reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ again and then checking if the issue is solved or not.

Step 1.) Open Control Panel Programs Programs and Features and Tap on Uninstall A program.

Step 2.) Now Navigate to Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

For 32 Bit you Have to Tap on Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable – x86

For 64 Bit Os you have to Tap on Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable – x64

Choose the Correct os version and Tap on Uninstall.

Step 3.) The uninstall Wizard will open, Manually install all the Redistributable’s

Step4.) Perform a Reboot of your Pc to wipe out all the Redistributable’s

Step 5.) Now you have to manually install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable again. You can take the help of installers to Install the C++. For X86 use this(here) and For X64 use this (here)

Step 6.) Just Sit and Relax, Installer will take care of the rest of the process.

Once The redistributables are properly installed make a reboot of your Windows PC. Doing this will solve all the issues which you got.

Method 9. Run CHKDSK to scan your computer’s Hard Drive

One of the biggest reasons behind error 0xc00007b  is faulty hard drive If the hard drive on your Windows os is corrupted and the specific program or application is installed on that partition then chances are very strong that you might be facing this issue because of a malfunctioned hard drive.

CHKDSK Scan will scan the whole hard drive. Below is the Easiest way to Scan a hard drive and get the solution of this problem.

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Now open Command Prompt window by searching “Cmd”
  • Now Right Click on Command prompt app and tap run as administrator.
  • Now you have to Give the following Command to Run CHKDSK
chkdsk /f /r
  • Now you will be asked to Schedule the process again or not. If you want to Schedule you can Type (y for yes) and (n for No)
  • Now restart the computer
  • Now with every Start, the CHKDSK will start scanning hard drive for possible faults.
  • Once the process is completed the Windows will boot as normal
  • Now you can check if the problem is solved or not.

It is recommended to regularly scan your hard drive and check the health of your Hard drive. We hope the above-given method solved your problem.

In case if you are still getting The application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b error then you can check our last method.

Method 10. Update Windows

This is the last proven method that can work for you Before you start this method it is recommended that you take a proper backup of all the files. This method involves installing windows. So there are chances that you might lose all the old data during the installation process.

Windows Updates are rolled out with fixed bugs, and Issues. So if there is some issue from Microsoft’s end then installing a Windows Update can solve this issue.

Step 1.) To launch windows Settings you have to press Windows Button () + I button together.

Step 2.) Now open settings and tap on “Update and Security”, Now select “Windows Update” From the left panel.

Step 3.) Now tap on Check for Updates, If an update is available then tap on Download Windows Update.

Step 4.) Once the update is Downloaded, You can Install it.

You should always check the latest update of windows if available or not, Latest Updates come with new features and bug fixes.

These above are the most proven ways to fix The application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b, Still, if the issue isn’t solved then you can try Additional methods given below.

Running in Compatibility Mode

This is the additional method, According to the feedback given by users, Running OS in Compatibility mode also solved 0xc00007b issue for many people.

Sometimes the windows go in incompatibility mode, and that’s the reason many apps start getting 0xc00007b error. You can solve the issue by following the below-given steps one by one:

  1. Open the location path of the application, Now right click on the main executable.
  2. Now tap on “Properties” and after that open the “Compatibility” tab.
  3. After opening the compatibility tab, Tap on “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode For
  4. Now select “Windows Vista” for Vista Users, “Windows 7” For 7 users, “Windows 8” for 8 users, and “Windows 10” for windows 10 users.
  5. After Selecting Tap on “Apply” and then “OK
  6. Now make a reboot of your Windows PC
  7. Now check if the issue is solved or not.

Installing “.dll” file

If the Issue is only for the VLC player then this method will work, There are only some specific apps that show this error and VLC is one of them. If your VLC shows the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b then make sure that it has .dll file correctly installed.

This issue doesn’t arise for every user as most of the users have .dll file installed on their System 32 folder, But if you see that the .dll file is missing then you need to take proper precaution as the system 32 folder is a system folder and if you delete any important file then your windows may face booting issues.

So always follow this step very carefully, Below is the proper method to install or Replace the corrupted .dll file from the system 32 folders.

Always make sure that you pass the .dll file through Virus total scanner, Most of the time the .dll file downloaded from the internet is infected so always scan it and then only paste it in the System 32 folder.

  1. First of all Download the fresh .dll file from the official site(here)
  2. Now open the folder where the file is downloaded, Now Right-click on the file and tap on copy. (Alternatively, you can Also Type CTRL+C)
  3. Now open the System 32 folder, Present at the following location
  4. C:\Windows\System32
  5. Now you have to press CTRL+V to paste the file inside the folder.
  6. Now make a reboot of your device, Thats all
  7. The issue will be solved.

Update all the Drivers

Drivers are the most essential part to run any software or application, Sometimes the drivers get outdated and because of that we face the application was unable to start correctly error. So the best thing you can do to solve this issue is by Updating all the drivers installed on your Pc.

There are plenty of Softwares available which will help you to Automatically update drivers on your PC. Incase if the app you are using is outdated then make sure that you update the app as well.

To solve issues Developers stop the support of Outdated application and this might be the reason that the app you are trying to open is showing your errors.

Thats all !! these are some of the methods we use to solve the 0xc00007b error, Incase if you also know any other way then make sure that you write that in the comments section below. We will update the Guide with that working guide when possible.

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