Fix: Bing Image Creator ‘Against Content Policy’ Error

Fix: Bing Image Creator ‘Against Content Policy’ Error: Are you weary of getting the annoying ‘Against Content Policy’ error when you use Bing Image Creator? You’re certainly not alone! This annoying problem has been generating a lot of problems for consumers recently. But don’t worry! In this blog post, we will go over the Bing Image Creator ‘Against Content Policy’ problem and present you with some simple remedies to get rid of it for good. So, let’s get straight to work and put an end to this annoyance!

What is Bing Image Creator?

Bing Image Creator?
Bing Image Creator?

What exactly is Bing Image Creator? It’s a nice Microsoft tool that allows users to create personalised photos with text overlays. Bing Image Creator can help you create eye-catching social media posts or add captions to your favourite photos.

You can use this handy tool to select from a variety of great background images or upload your own. Then, to personalise your masterpiece, just add text in a variety of fonts and styles. It’s a fun and creative method to improve your visual material and make it stand out.

The user-friendly interface of Bing Image Creator is one of its best qualities. Even if you’re not a computer whiz, you’ll find it simple to navigate and customise your photographs. It’s also available on mobile browsers as well as desktop browsers for added convenience.

So, whether you’re a social media enthusiast looking for eye-catching graphics or a writer looking for appealing pictures for your articles, Bing Image Creator is definitely worth investigating! Because of its versatility and ease of use, it is a good solution for all types of content providers.

Understanding the Bing Image Creator ‘Against Content Policy’ Error

Understanding the Bing Image Creator 'Against Content Policy' Error
Understanding the Bing Image Creator ‘Against Content Policy’ Error

Bing Image Creator is a popular tool for creating bespoke images with text and graphics. It’s a useful tool for bloggers, marketers, and social media aficionados who want to make their content more visually appealing.

However, customers have recently reported receiving an error message claiming that their image creation is “against content policy.” For those who rely on the Bing Image Creator for their creative needs, this can be infuriating.

Microsoft has taken certain stringent measures to address this issue. While these safeguards are intended to keep inappropriate or harmful content from being created, they appear to be causing false positives in recent times. This means that even benign and legal photos can cause the ‘against content policy’ error.

There is a simple fix if you see this error when using the Bing Image Creator on your mobile browser. You can use the programme on your PC or convert your browser view to Desktop Mode. By launching the tool in Chrome and selecting “Desktop Site,” you may use it just like you would on your computer. This should resolve any inaccurate error prompts and allow you to continue generating photographs without interruption.

While the Bing Image Creator is a useful tool for image personalization, it’s critical to recognise and handle any mistakes or limitations that may occur. By changing browsers or visiting it from your PC, you can easily avoid false positive “against content policy” alerts and continue creating visually beautiful content!

Update From Microsoft 0n This Matter

Update From Microsoft 0n This Matter
Update From Microsoft 0n This Matter

Microsoft has put in place some restrictive steps to address the ‘Against Content Policy’ issue in Bing Image Creator. These procedures are intended to guarantee that users follow Bing’s content policy standards. However, in recent years, these tests have resulted in a large number of false positives.

The goal behind these limits is admirable, since it aids in the preservation of a safe and acceptable environment for all users. Microsoft’s goal in reporting potentially hazardous or improper content is to improve user experience and safeguard individuals from seeing offending material.

The disadvantage of this approach is that some valid photographs are incorrectly tagged as infringing the content restriction. This might be aggravating for customers who legitimately want to use Bing Image Creator to generate or search for photographs but are continuously faced with error notifications.

Despite these false positives, it’s crucial to note that Microsoft is constantly attempting to improve its algorithms and systems in order to reduce such errors. Given the massive amount of data they analyse on a daily basis, it’s a difficult task.

While there may be occasional hitches with false positives in the Bing Image Creator tool due to its restricted restrictions, patience is required as Microsoft attempts to improve accuracy and ensure a delightful user experience for all.

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How to Fix: Bing Image Creator ‘Against Content Policy’ Error

How to Fix: Bing Image Creator 'Against Content Policy' Error
How to Fix: Bing Image Creator ‘Against Content Policy’ Error

If you’ve received the vexing ‘Against Content Policy’ message when using Bing Image Creator, don’t despair – there is a workaround! Microsoft has put in place various safeguards to prevent incorrect content from being generated, however this has resulted in false positives. Fortunately, there are measures you can do to resolve this issue.

As of currently, the issue appears to be affecting Bing Image Creator’s mobile browser version. One option is to switch to Desktop Mode in your browser or utilise the tool on your PC. Simply launch the tool in Chrome and tap on the overflow symbol (the three dots). Select “Desktop Site” and you’re done! The tool will now appear as it would on your computer.

Following these instructions should result in no more inaccurate error prompts while using Bing Image Creator. So go ahead and let your creativity run wild without any impediments!

To activate Desktop Mode in Chrome, open the tool and touch on the overflow icon (typically represented by three dots) in the top-right corner of your screen. Simply pick “Desktop Site” and you’re done! The utility will now be shown in the same manner as it appears on your PC.

Following these instructions should result in no more inaccurate error prompts while using Bing Image Creator. So go ahead and enjoy uninterrupted image creation without interruptions!

Remember that remaining knowledgeable about such solutions can save us a significant amount of time and irritation in our digital endeavours. Continue to investigate new ideas and devise novel solutions!



The Bing Image Creator tool has become a useful resource for many content creators and marketers in today’s digital world. It is, however, not without problems. The ‘Against Content Policy’ error message is one such issue that users have reported.

Microsoft took steps to ensure that no improper or harmful content made its way into the tool. Unfortunately, these precautions have resulted in false positives, frustrating users who are attempting to use the Bing Image Creator responsibly.

There are a couple of basic remedies available to resolve this problem. If you’re using a mobile browser and encountering this problem, try switching to Desktop Mode or visiting the service from your PC. You may view and utilise the tool just like you would on your PC by opening it in Chrome and selecting “Desktop Site” from the overflow icon menu.

While encountering barriers like this when using essential tools like Bing Image Creator can be irritating, Microsoft is constantly trying to improve user experience and address issues as they arise.

Don’t let this tiny setback prevent you from using Bing Image Creator for all of your artistic endeavours! You’ll be able to successfully utilise its potential while avoiding any unneeded blunders with a little workaround and patience.

Remember that technology isn’t flawless, but with continual developments by developers such as Microsoft, we can expect smoother experiences in the future. Continue to look for new ways to improve your content creation process with cutting-edge tools like Bing Image Creator!

Have fun crafting!


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