Fix Google Maps ‘Arrive By’ Feature Not Showing ‘Leave By’ Time

Fix Google Maps ‘Arrive By’ Feature Not Showing ‘Leave By’ Time: Are you tired of relying on Google Maps to guide you to your location only to be disappointed when it fails to give important information? If this is the case, you are not alone. Many users have reported problems with Google Maps’ ‘Arrive By’ option, notably the lack of a ‘Leave By’ time. This missing piece of information can make travel planning and punctuality a genuine pain. In this blog article, we’ll look into this issue and look at various remedies to the Google Maps ‘Arrive By’ function not showing the ‘Leave By’ time. So buckle up and let’s work through this problem together!

The Issue with Google Maps ‘Arrive By’ Feature

Google Maps 'Arrive By' Feature
Google Maps ‘Arrive By’ Feature

The ‘Arrive By’ feature of Google Maps is intended to assist users in better planning their journeys by offering an anticipated arrival time based on traffic conditions. One essential piece of information, however, appears to be missing: the ‘Leave By’ time. Individuals who rely on accurate scheduling may be greatly inconvenienced by this lack.

Without knowing the ‘Leave By’ time, it is difficult to plan ahead and account for factors such as traffic congestion, preferred routes, and anticipated delays. Due to a lack of information, users are left guessing when they should begin their journey in order to be at their destination on time.

What makes this problem even more annoying is the lack of an official response from Google. Users have expressed their worries and sought explanations, but have been treated with silence. It’s frustrating when a widely used tool, such as Google Maps, fails to resolve a basic fault in its functionality.

Users want navigation programmes like Google Maps to be accurate and dependable, especially when it comes to features designed for ease and efficiency. The lack of a ‘Leave By’ deadline not only complicates planning but also degrades the overall user experience.

In today’s fast-paced world, where every minute counts, having correct travel times is critical. Whether you’re on your way to an important meeting or attempting to catch a flight, timing is everything. Many people are upset and let down because they lack the crucial information offered by Google Maps’ ‘Arrive By’ option.

So, how can we address this problem? Is an other solution available? In the following sections, we’ll dig into alternative solutions and programmes that potentially give a better user experience than what Google Maps currently provides.

Lack of Official Response

The absence of an official answer from Google is one of the most annoying aspects of dealing with the Google Maps ‘Arrive By’ function not showing ‘Leave By’ time issue. Users have expressed their objections and worries on numerous forums and social media platforms, asking for assistance or a solution from the corporation.

However, it appears that Google has kept mute on the subject, leaving people perplexed and concerned. The lack of formal communication about this issue just adds to the irritation of individuals who rely on Google Maps for their daily commute or vacation plans.

Users are forced to wonder about why this problem persists and whether it will ever be remedied because there is no clear explanation or schedule for a repair. Some suggest that it could be a technological fault that has to be fixed, while others wonder if Google simply disregarded the importance of this service to its user base.

Whatever the reason, Google’s lack of transparency is frustrating. Users are left feeling disregarded and unsupported in their efforts to fix this annoyance. And as more time goes with no formal acknowledgement or action from Google, frustrations increase.

In such cases, consumers are forced to investigate alternate solutions and apps that provide comparable functionality but lack the same level of dependability and accuracy as Google Maps. This emphasises the importance of corporations like Google prioritising prompt communication with their user base when concerns develop.

Users will continue to feel let down and disappointed by this seemingly ignored issue until Google issues an official reaction about the ‘Arrive By’ function not showing ‘Leave By’ time bug in their maps programme.

User Frustration and Complaints

User Frustration and Complaints
User Frustration and Complaints

Users of Google Maps have expressed their dissatisfaction with the ‘Arrive by’ function not displaying the ‘Leave by’ timing. Many people who rely extensively on Google Maps to organise their daily commutes or other travel arrangements have been inconvenienced by this missing functionality.

Many users have expressed their concerns about this issue on internet forums, social media platforms, and review sites. They emphasise the importance of knowing both the projected arrival and departure times when arranging their journeys. It becomes difficult for them to efficiently manage their schedules and make required adjustments without this knowledge.

What happened to the “Leave around x time” feature on Google maps? On my s9+ I had it, but now on my s23+ it’s gone.
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Many consumers believe they are being left in the dark because Google has not provided an official response to this subject. The company’s lack of communication adds to their frustration, leaving customers wondering why such a simple function is missing from an otherwise really valuable navigation tool.

Some people have even proposed alternatives, such as Waze or Apple Maps, that offer similar capabilities. While these solutions may provide a temporary cure, it is evident that devoted Google Maps customers would prefer a direct resolution from Google.

It is unknown why this problem exists and when it will be rectified. However, customer feedback is critical in persuading corporations like Google to address issues as soon as possible. Let’s hope that as more people become aware of this issue, Google will take note and prioritise correcting the ‘Arrive by’ function so that users may enjoy a more smooth navigation experience.

Fix Google Maps ‘Arrive by’ feature not showing ‘Leave By’ time

Fix Google Maps ‘Arrive by’ feature not showing ‘Leave By’ time
Fix Google Maps ‘Arrive by’ feature not showing ‘Leave By’ time

To rectify the issue of the Arrive By feature of Google Maps not displaying the ‘Leave By’ time, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your device.
  2. Select Apps and then choose See All Apps.
  3. Find Google Maps and tap on it.
  4. Click on the overflow icon (three vertical dots) and choose Uninstall Updates, then confirm by selecting OK.
  5. Scroll down and tap on App Details. This will take you to the Google Play Store page for Google Maps.
  6. Tap on the overflow icon at the top right corner and uncheck Enable Auto Updates.

That’s it! By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue with the Arrive By feature in Google Maps not showing the ‘Leave By’ time.

Alternative Solutions and Apps

If you’re weary of being frustrated by Google Maps’ ‘Arrive By’ function not displaying the ‘Leave By’ time, there are several other methods and apps that can help. While these are not perfect solutions, they might provide you with more options to guarantee you arrive on time.

Waze, a community-based navigation programme that provides real-time traffic updates and recommends best departure timings based on current circumstances, is a popular option. This is very useful when planning your journey ahead of time.

Another alternative is Apple Maps, which has slowly improved over the years and now includes features such as projected route times that take real-time traffic data into consideration. Although it lacks some of Google Maps’ bells and whistles, it could be a viable alternative for individuals who rely primarily on Apple devices.

Citymapper is a fantastic alternative for people who frequent public transport. This app offers precise transit information such as schedules, routes, and even real-time alerts for delays or disruptions. Users can also create reminders so they never miss a bus or train again.

MapQuest may be worth exploring if you want a more simple approach without all the extra elements cluttering your screen. It provides basic turn-by-turn navigation as well as projected journey times based on traffic conditions.

While none of these options are likely to completely replace Google Maps in terms of popularity or functionality for many users, they do provide viable remedies for people who are annoyed by the lack of ‘Leave By’ time in Google’s ‘Arrive By’ feature.

Always look at numerous options before choosing on one, as different apps may suit different needs or interests.



In this digital age, where we rely largely on navigation programmes like Google Maps to get us from point A to point B, it can be aggravating when key functionalities fail to function properly. One such issue is the absence of the ‘Leave By’ time in Google Maps’ ‘Arrive By’ function.

While Google has not provided an official response or remedy to this specific problem, there are other solutions and apps that can help fill the void. Similar capability is provided by apps such as Waze, Apple Maps, and HERE WeGo, which provide accurate anticipated arrival times based on departure times.

Users should express their dissatisfaction and complaints about this issue so that Google developers can take note and potentially address it in future versions. In the meanwhile, looking into alternate solutions may give a temporary solution for people who rely greatly on knowing their arrival and departure times.

As technology advances, we expect that navigation apps like Google Maps will continue to improve their functionality to better meet the needs of users. Staying sensitive to customer feedback is critical for any successful app, whether it’s adding the option to display ‘Leave By’ times or introducing new innovative features entirely.

So, if you’re disappointed by the lack of a ‘Leave By’ time on Google Maps’ ‘Arrive By’ feature, keep in mind that there are other options. Don’t be afraid to investigate these alternatives until a satisfying solution is found.

Remember that going from one point to another should always be easy and convenient, even if our favourite navigation software doesn’t have all the answers just yet!


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