How to Use 2 Bank Accounts in BHIM App

Add multiple Bank Accounts in Bhim App

Heya! Welcome back with an interesting guide to add multiple bank accounts in Bhim app. So guys I suppose you might have come across situations where you landed up running out of enough balance in one of your bank account and its really urgent for you to transfer money using BHIM UPI. Trust me you I have faced this many a times and hence I have landed with a solution to help you out folks. By now you guys must have got an idea about how important this guide is going to be here onward. To use two or more bank accounts in Bhim app all by yourself keep reading.

Let me brief you a little about this Bhim app so that you are enough enlightened before we get into the details of how to use more than one bank account in bhim app at the same time. This app stands for Bharat Interface for Money and it basically like any other  mobile application. This application was presented to us by our present Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 30 December 2016 which closely marks the post demonetization. So folks thats enough of the information for you to share it with someone who isnt enough aware of how useful this Bhim app could be for them.

Add 2 bank Accounts in Bhim App

This application paved the way for easy and quick transfer of money from one account to another within fraction of seconds. Also another major reason that this app became popular was the the fact that it was user friendly. The Bhim app also made a remarkable rise in the number of digital transaction within India from the time it came in use. Now moving ahead lets discuss the key features of this app. The highlighted features includes

Features of BHIM App

Easy access to your bank accounts .

Transfer money to anyone anywhere using the Bhim app by just entering their mobile numbers and make sure that they have the Bhim application installed on their phones as well.

You can also request money from any user using Bhim application

While shopping online, you can check out your cart using Pay by UPI/BHIM.

QR scanning is a also a key feature for a seamless experience.

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Splitting bills and setting up payment reminders are the added advantage. The users on installation of the Bhim application also receives cashback as rewards and the existing users can get more than 500/a month. Now isn’t that exciting?

There were a few bugs as well which with time got fixed by the developers in the further updates. Guys its very important to check the updates any app on your phone launches so that the developers get their feedbacks. Now moving on, the Bhim app came with a major drawback too. The major con. that the Bhim application had was that you can have only one bank account linked with your Bhim app. In case you wished to link your other bank account at the time of running out of balance in the previous ones, you had to logout the existing bhim account, create a new account following the same registration process and then add your other bank account. So by now you guys are smart enough to understand how messy the whole experience gets and the user friendliness reduced. But our smart developers again did put up a lots of hard work and fixed this bug in their latest update. The highlighted point of the latest update is how you can have multiple accounts in Bhi app, without going through the process of multiple registration and creating a new each time. Now you guys can Use more than one accounts in Bhim app which will give you a seamless experience.

But again this has a small constraint to itself. Guys you all have to make sure that you have the same mobile number registered in both of your bank account whichever you wish to link with the Bhim app. Consider you have bank accounts and one of them is SBI (state bank of India) and the other be ICICI. Now all you have to keep in mind is that both your accounts must have the mobile number registered in their respective banks. Once the above criteria is satisfied, then you can use both the accounts in the single Bhim app. To learn the how to add both accounts in the Bhim app keep reading.

Now if anyone is using their SBI as their Primary account on the Bhim app and wishes to link their other bank account say ICICI, in the same BHIM app , all you have to do is follow the quick and easy steps mentioned below:

Add multiple bank accounts in Bhim app

  • Install the Bhim app from your play store/ app store on your mobile,
  • Click the BHIM app and open the app
  • Enter your pass code to login to the app
  • Select BANK ACCOUNT under My information and you will arrive on the brief bank details.
  • On top right corner click the three vertical dots, a little above Sync
  • Tap on Change bank account and trust me this will not harm your existing account
  • Choose Proceed option
  • Now as the heading says Select Your Bank you wish to add.
  • Press Next
  • Your Bank account details will be automatically fetched.
  • Follow the detailed instructions.
  • Enter your card details carefully
  • Activate it and you will land back to the Bank Account page.

You can follow the same procedures for as many number of times you wish to add different bank accounts on your Bhim app on a single device. All the accounts you add would be always listed on the Bank Account page and at any time you can choose your primary account. Also you can change your primary account as default or remove it. So you end up adding multiple bank accounts in Bhim app.

Every Bhim app has its unique UPI address which would not change no matter how many bank accounts you add in BHIM app. Whenever some one sends you money  or pays you any amount, that money would directly get deposited in the bank account which is marked as default.

There is another method through which you can again add multiple bank accounts on the Bhim app and it is also as simple as the mentioned narrated above. Though this method is a lesser know but its always good to know the tips. You must be familiar with the USSD method. All you have to do to create any account using USSD method on your device is given below :

Use 2 Different bank accounts in Bhim app

  • Type *99#  from your phone number which is registered and dial it.
  • After that tap on my profile
  • Now tap on change bank account
  • Enter Bank’s Name in which you have your Bank account
  • Now you will get instructions to add your bank account just follow them and complete the process.

Completing the registration successfully,  go back to your BHIM app and open it, Then tab on to  your Bank Accounts. You will find both of your bank accounts say SBI and ICICI. Make any of them as your primary UPI account and as mentioned above your UPI address will not change and will continue to remain same for your multiple bank accounts.

In short just take a quick note folks:If you have 2 accounts says SBI and ICICI in your Bhim app, make SBI as primary. Anyone sending money using UPI address, that money will be directly deposited into your SBI bank account. If you mark ICICI as primary anyone sending money through UPI address will be credited into your ICICI account.

We hope this guide helped you in adding 2 bank accounts in Bhim App, Incase if you have any doubt feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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