Discord Mic not working issue (Not Picking Up Fix)

Discord Not Picking Up Mic

Fix Discord Not Picking Up Mic Or if your Discord Mic Not Working Then you are at right place . Discord is a widespread voice chatting application, specifically for gamers. If you are a gamer, you must have heard around this online voice chat service by this time. It is predominantly being used by gamers who are hooked on the online world of multiplayer gaming. If you are a Discord user and facing the same issue, then you are the right place. We have covered all the possible fixes to solve the Discord mic not working issue. Follow all the below-mentioned methods to fix the Discord mic not working problem.

Most of the online multiplayer games support the in-game voice chat features. But bearing in mind how wicked the in-game audio functionality is, gamers are nowadays more tending towards Discord. With that being said, more than 250 million gamers use the Discord every day. On the other hand, no matter how big this voice chat service is, more or fewer users tend to face Discord mic not working issue. Without any further intro, let us jump to the methods to fix the issue, Shall we?

Fix Discord Mic Not Working

Things get categorically frustrating when Discord mic stops functioning while you are in the game progress. Luckily, you will not need to be worried about this moment. Markedly, all the methods to fix Discord mic not working issue are stated in the further parts of the post. So gear up folks, let us fix the issue completely.

So basically This Method is to Fix the Discord Mic Not Working Error, Incase if you are facing the Discord Can’t Hear Anyone . So there is Another Separate Guide for that.

Method 1: Resetting the Voice Settings

The maximum number of the users can get Discord mic not working issue stable by ensuring this step. As an obvious point, Discord originates with a ton of options and tailored settings to provide you the finest experience possible. Although Discord’s preservation team is enthusiastically good at fixing up bugs and issues like these, users may face hitches and glitches at times. To fix Discord mic not working issue, head on over to the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Discord application in your PC. Run as administrator.
  • Navigate to user Settings Which is located on the Bottom Left side (Gear Icon)
  • Further down in the App settings, gaze for an option hail as Voice & Audio. Click on it to open.
  • At this time, scroll down to the bottom most of the setting’s page and tap on Reset Voice Settings button.
  • A verification pop-up will appear on the screen. Click on the Okay button to entirely reset the voice settings.
  • As pointed out previously, this process will habitually help to fix Discord mic not working issue. Yet, if this doesn’t slog for you, go ahead and trail the following methods!
This Method is The easiest and luckily it solves this Error For Almost Everyone, So just Give method 1 a try And Still If The problem persists. Then Headover to Other Methods

Method 2: Enabling the Microphone Access

Before you start tinkering with technical stuff or altering random settings on Discord application to Sole Mic not working on discord, we recommend you checking the built-in settings of your device. Every now and then, access to the microphone is retracted automatically by the security. Before troubleshooting, follow below-mentioned steps to fix discord mic not working issue.

  • Click on Start icon and route to System Settings. Instead, you can directly hunt for system settings from the Search bar on the taskbar.
  • Now you will see Several Settings on the screen, You have to Tap on System Settings
  • In the microphone settings, enable the Allow apps to right to use your microphone option.
  • As soon as you’re done with the aforementioned steps, open Discord and check if it’s functioning.
  • Now you will see Discord in the Allowed Apps section and Input,Output Devices there. You can Choose the best Settings for you.
  • Now Just go And Check if Discord is Picking Up Mic or not, incase if it Doesn’t then you can Simply Tap on “Reset” Voice settings.
  • If this method did not work, do not feel defeated. This method is fairly a rudimentary check in advance of moving on to authentic troubleshooting.
Method 2 Solves the Discord Mic Not Working for most of the Users, Incase if this also Doesn’t worked for you. Then Make sure you Follow Method 3 In Which We will Logout and Login From Discord

Method 3: Logout and Login from Discord

Don’t you have adequate time to fix the Discord mic not working problem everlastingly? Don’t worry folks, we’ve got you covered with a temporary fix which you can use. The good news here is, sometimes, this temporary fix can get a permanent one too. It’s always a hit or miss. Test your luck here!

  • Open Discord and navigate to the Settings.
  • Tap on User Settings option in the lower left corner.
  • From here scroll down to the bottom of the layout, up until you treasure Logout button.
  • Once you find it, click on it.
  • A notification box will perform, probing for the authorization. Simply click on Logout.
  • Subsequently, you will be logged out efficaciously, you’ll be greeted with the start face screen layout on Discord.
  • Type in down your credentials and log into your account.
  • As mentioned earlier, this is a temporary fix and issue might reoccur.
This is Considered as a temporary Fix for Fixing Up the Discord Mic Not Working issue, However if you are Lucky Enough you can Fix Your issue Permanently As well

Method 4: Verify the Automatic Input Sensitivity

If the automatic sensitivity setting is twisted off in Discord application, it may possibly not elite up audio from your microphone or in the least audio device for that matter. In addition, it gets immobilized spontaneously at times.

  • Run Discord as an administrator using the aforementioned method. Once opened open discord settings.
  • The minute you are inside the settings, find and open User Settings
  • Find and select the Voice & Video option below App settings.
  • Scroll down up until you find the Input sensitivity section.
  • In the input sensitivity division, turn on the option that states “Automatically determine input sensitivity.”
  • At this instant restart the application, and you are virtuous to go. Now you’ve successfully fixed Discord mic not working issue.
Method 4 tells you To Just Change the Automatic Input Sensitivity, This method worked for Most of the users and Also You Can Change Sensitivity from On to Off and Off to On

Method 5: Run Discord as Administrator:

  • Close Discord service entirely. Additionally, open task manager and close entire procedures by Discord, to Do that Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and then tap on End Task.
  • As you have completely shut the application, bonce over to the Discord shortcut Tap on the application and right mouse click on it. At this moment select Open file location.
  • Selecting the Open file location option will yield you to the Discord directory. At this point, right click on the core application and select Run as Administrator. If you’re auspicious, all the kinds of stuff get typical as they used to be.
Pro Tip : If None of the above Method Worked For You, Then you can try Updating the Audio and Video Drivers on your PC. Updating the Driver Will Solve Most of Your Issues

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Just with Updating the Drivers, Also make sure that you use the latest version of Discord because sometimes users get this error while using the Outdated Version of the App. So just keep this fact in mind that Outdated Discord can also be one of the reasons why are you getting this error again And again.

Also check if your internet Connection is working properly or not because sometimes Slow internet connection is also the reason of voice not coming so just make sure you check that you are using good internet connection.

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then the only thing you can do is uninstall Discord completely and reinstall the application. If you face any issues or have any doubts feel free to comment down in the section below. Now it is time for me to bid you adieu. It takes lots of time and research for us to bring you content like this. Share this post with your friends and family who are using Discord. For more content like this, stay tuned with us! Till next one, Stay Techy!

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