How to Fix Galaxy Note 3 Screen Flickering Issue

Stop Screen Flickering in Galaxy Note 3

Fix Galaxy Note 3 Screen Flickering Issue, So do you want to the Best way to Stop the Screen Flickering Issue in Galaxy Note 3? if yes then you are at right Place, If you are at this post you might be facing problems while using your Oppo Device? You are trying to operate it but it is Flickering and you are Unable to Just Given commands on Screen. So make sure you follow this Guide till end.

So it happens many times when we are using our Android phone and Suddenly it starts behaving Weirdly, You try to operate your smartphone from fingers but the touch becomes unresponsive, Now to solve this issue you Start turning off your smartphone and Perform hard reset but nothing Works? No worries in this article today we will show you the Best way to Stop Screen Flickering in Galaxy Note 3, But before that lets have a Quick Look at the specifications of the smartphone and After that We will head over to Possible reasons why Screen of your Galaxy Note 3 is fluctuating and How you can Get Rid of that issue.

Before we start the Guide to Update Galaxy Note 3 to Android 9.0 Pie, Let’s have a Quick Look at the Specifications of Galaxy Note 3 and After that we will start the Guide. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 5.7 inch Display, having resolution of 1080X1920 and a Pixel density of 386Ppi, under the hood of the smartphone there is Qualcomm Snapdragon processor coupled with 3Gb of ram. Coming to the other features of the Phone Such As Camera and Battery So the Galaxy Note 3 comes with 13Mp primary camera unit whereas a 3Mp camera unit is placed at the front Side. Under the hood of the smartphone there is 3200mah Removable battery.

Galaxy Note 3 Touch Screen Flickering Fix

So if you are at this Part of guide it might be possible that you are facing Difficulty in using your android Phone and you are looking for a Fix. But Before we head over to the fix lets have a Quick look at the Possible reasons why your android Started flickering issue.

Moisture in Galaxy Note 3

So moisture in Galaxy Note 3 can also Cause Touchscreen Flickering, Sometimes it happens that we accidentally Drop our Smartphone in Water and as an Result the Screen of our Galaxy Note 3 Start’s Malfunctioning. So if you also Dropped your smartphone in Water and you are facing Screen Flickering Issue you can Follow this Guide on Fix Moisture Detected Error on Android DevicesSo after you follow this Guide you can Easily Solve Moisture problem in your Galaxy note 3

Touch Screen Crack Galaxy Note 3 Fix

So Next and Major Reason why your Galaxy Note 3 is not working properly is simply that the touch Screen on your Galaxy Note 3 has cracked and as a Result you are facing the Screen Flickering Issue. Now to fix this issue you have to Get your Galaxy Note 3 fixed by Any Professionals.

Galaxy Note 3 Touchscreen Calibration

So If you ever used any Samsung Device you Might Know about the term Touchscreen calibration. Now when you keep on using your phone for long time it need’s screen calibration and also you have to Change some settings which can Increase and Decrease the Sensitivity . For this you can simply Follow this Guide to Make Android touchscreen Smooth Without root. After that you Will Feel Difference in the Input of Touchscreen.

Galaxy Note 3 Touchscreen Automatically Working

So you Might Have Noticed that Whenever you try to Charge your Galaxy Note 3 your Touchscreen Starts automatic Respond and as an Result it also Starts Flickering Issue. So to Get Rid of this All You need to Do is Just Pull Out your Smartphone from the Charging Jack and then Check if the Screen is working perfectly or not.

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Not Responding To Touch

So Most of the users also complained that there Screen Stops Responding to Touch, Now if this is the same case with you All you need to Do is just Restart your Android Device. Incase if that also Doesn’t Works then you can Try Hard Turn off.

Fix Galaxy Note 3 Touch Screen Flickering Problem

So above we have given some of the possible Reason’s on Why Your Smartphone might have Flickering problems, Now coming to the Fix and solution of this So below are some of the tested Fix which you can also try on your Phone and get it Fixed at home itself.

Restart Your Android Device

So this Method works most of the Time and all you need to Do is just turn off your Android phone. As soon as you restart your android device you will notice that your phone will start Working Normally.

Boot Your Device into Safe Mode

If you are Familiar with android You Might know that Android has many third party Applications installed which keep Running in the Background. Now if this the Same Case with you then there are possible chances that your Screen Starts flickering So in order to Solve that All you need to Do is Just boot your Device in Safe Mode, After you boot your device in safe mode all the third party applications will Stop and hence you can use your device without any problem.

Disable Auto Brightness

To Solve Galaxy Note 3 Screen Flickering Issue You Can Disable Auto brightness and then check if your Device is Working properly or Not, Most of us have a habit to Keep the Auto Brightness Option turned on in our Display. Now What happens when we have Enabled The Auto brightness is that the display keep’s Adjusting the brightness on Scree automatically.

Now the thing which creates a problem here is sometimes because of Continuous increase and decrease in brightness the smartphone itself starts Inducing Screen Flickering issue. So the another thing you can Do to Fix Galaxy Note 3 screen flickering issue is simply Disable Auto Brightness.

Enable Developers Option on Galaxy Note 3

Step 1: To Enable Developers option in Galaxy Note 3 all you need to do is Go to settings> Build Number > Tap on Build Number for 7 times> after you Tap on Build Number for 7 times Developer option Will Be enabled Automatically. Now Next thing you have to Do is Enable Hardware overlays.

Step 2: So First of all Head over to the settings and Open Developer Options and head over to Drawing.

Step 3: Now You will see another option Show Surface updates, Tap on that and Just check if it is Enabled or not.

Step 4: Now You have to Search for Hardware acceleration option, By Default it is Disable to get Good battery backup but sometimes it is also the reason behind the screen Flickering problem in Galaxy Note 3. So once you Find it just tap on Enable and thats it !!! .

By Doing the Above things you will Solve the Screen Flickering Issue on Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 Service Center

So if all the above steps Doesn’t work for you then you should Seek a professional, Sometimes this error is not about Software it’s all About Hardware and only Galaxy Note 3 Service center professionals can fix this. So all you need to do is just check the nearest oppo Service center and take your Device.

Some Points About Galaxy Note 3 SM9000 and SM9005

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Was Launched in September 2013

There are Two Versions of Galaxy Note 3. SM9000 Supports 3G Network Only whereas the SM9005 Version supports LTE Also

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Officially Runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop, However It can be updated using Custom roms

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was one of the very first devices from Samsung to Support Amoled Display and later on Samsung Released Many Amoled Display Smartphones.

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So this was all About How to Fix Screen Flickering Issue in Galaxy Note 3, We hope this Guide helped you. Incase if you have any Doubt feel free to Write Down in the comments section below. Also Consider out checking Some other articles on Rootupdate.

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