Fix: Google Messages ‘Can’t Reply To This Short Code’ Bug

Fix: Google Messages ‘Can’t Reply To This Short Code’ Bug: Google Messages is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, boasting over one billion downloads on Google Play Store alone. Unfortunately, like any other application, it can experience bugs and glitches from time to time. One such issue that’s been frustrating users recently is ‘Can’t Reply To This Short Code’ error message that appears when trying to respond to certain messages. Thankfully, there are solutions and we have them all covered in this blog post! So let’s dive right in and fix this annoying issue once and for all!

What is the Google Messages ‘Can’t Reply To This Short Code’ Bug?

Google Messages’ ‘Can’t Reply To This Short Code’ Bug is an issue where users are experiencing a flickering notification at the bottom of their app with text stating ‘Can’t reply to this short code’ blinking. Some have also reported that the bottom banner is shaking and jumping up and down. Recently this bug has been experienced by many device owners for unknown reasons.

Users can resolve their issue by uninstalling Google Messages updates, then launching the Play Store and searching for Messages. After selecting it, tap on the overflow icon at top-right and uncheck ‘Enable Auto Updates’; this should resolve the problem.

Another solution is to disable the notification by going to Settings > Apps > Messages > Notifications and switching it off. However, this only conceals the notification without addressing the underlying problem.

Users have reported this issue across various platforms, such as Samsung, Reddit and the Google Messages support forum.
It is worth noting that developers are aware of the issue and working to resolve it; however, no official statement has yet been released.

User Reported on Reddit:

Can’t reply to this short code
by in GoogleMessages

Another User Also Reported the same:

Why is this happening? (can’t reply to short code)
by u/niccotuberz08 in GoogleMessages

How to Fix the Google Messages ‘Can’t Reply To This Short Code’ Bug

Google Messages’ ‘Can’t Reply to This Short Code’ bug has been causing some users to experience notifications flicker at the bottom of the app and move up and down. Here are some steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  • To uninstall the latest updates to Google Messages, go to Settings > Apps > Google Messages and uncheck ‘Enable Auto Updates’. Launch the Play Store and search for Messages; tap on the overflow icon at top right and uncheck this option.
  • Some users have reported that switching to Samsung Messages helps resolve this problem.
  • Verify if the contact sending short code messages has not been blocked. Delete the contact and add them again, making sure the phone number is correct and no blocks were accidentally made.
  • It is essential to be aware that the ‘Can’t reply to this short code’ message is not a bug, but an automated notification informing you that your text message has been disabled by the sender and cannot be replied to. This message appears when they have indicated they will no longer receive any texts messages from you.

If none of these steps work for you, you can try sending a feedback report to Google Messages developer for further assistance.

Can’t Reply to this Short Code Oneplus Message problem

Many OnePlus users have reported an issue with the Google Messages app, where they receive a “Can’t reply to this short code” notification that blinks and shakes at the bottom of the app. This makes communication with companies or getting human help difficult without first responding to a short code message.

Fixing this issue may involve uninstalling all updates for Google Messages and disabling auto-updates before installing them again. Others have recommended deleting and re-adding a contact. It has also been noted that using buttons instead of swipe gestures to navigate may resolve the problem.

However, it should be noted that this issue does not arise from not receiving short code messages but rather from being unable to reply. This issue could have severe repercussions as more companies turn towards short codes for communication. At present there have been no official statements from Google or OnePlus regarding this matter; however, it has been discussed on community forums.

If you are experiencing the “Can’t reply to this short code” notification issue on your OnePlus device, the above-mentioned solutions may work for you. However, it is also recommended that you reach out to Google or OnePlus support for further assistance or updates regarding the issue.



Google Messages is an excellent messaging application with plenty of helpful features and options. Unfortunately, it occasionally experiences bugs which prevent users from sending messages or replying to certain short codes. Fortunately, if this ever occurs to you, there are several simple solutions you can try for a fix. We hope this article has been able to assist in solving your issues quickly and conveniently so that you can get back to using Google Messages without further hassle or delay.

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