Fix Network Not Working After Flashing EU ROM On Chinese Xiaomi

Fix Network Not Working After Flashing EU ROM On Chinese Xiaomi: Are you a proud owner of a Chinese Xiaomi smartphone? Did you recently flash the EU ROM on your device, only to find that your network is now behaving strangely or not working at all? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many users have faced similar issues after flashing the EU ROM on their Chinese Xiaomi phones. In this blog post, we will explore the possible causes behind these network problems and provide some effective solutions to fix them. So, sit back, relax, and let’s get started on resolving this frustrating issue together!

Causes of Network Issues on Chinese Xiaomi after Flashing EU ROM

When it comes to flashing the EU ROM on a Chinese Xiaomi device, there are a few potential causes that may lead to network issues.

  • Distinct Modem Variants:
    • Xiaomi devices are manufactured with modems tailored for specific regions. These modems have configurations that align with the regional ROM they’re intended for.
  • Configuration Mismatch:
    • Xiaomi’s global and Chinese versions of the ROM come with different modem configurations. These configurations include specific settings, frequency bands, and optimizations designed for the respective regions.
  • Modem Disruption After Flashing:
    • When the Global EEA/EU ROM is flashed onto a Chinese Xiaomi device, the modem configuration can be overwritten or mismatched. This change impacts the modem’s ability to communicate effectively with local networks.
  • Impact of Modem Disruption:
    • The malfunctioning modem can lead to various network-related issues, such as:
      • Inability to make or receive calls.
      • Failed SMS sending or reception.
      • Problems connecting to mobile data or unstable connections.

Recommendation: If you’re planning to flash a different regional ROM on your Xiaomi device, it’s crucial to be aware of these modem issues. It might be beneficial to find region-specific solutions or ROMs that align better with the Chinese modem configuration. Alternatively, some advanced users might opt to flash only specific parts of a ROM (excluding the modem) or find ways to restore the original modem after flashing. However, these methods come with their own set of complexities and risks.

Fix Network Not Working After Flashing EU ROM On Chinese Xiaomi

Fix Network Not Working After Flashing EU ROM On Chinese Xiaomi
Fix Network Not Working After Flashing EU ROM On Chinese Xiaomi

Flashing a custom ROM on your Chinese Xiaomi device can bring exciting new features and enhancements.

  • Android SDK Platform Tools: Download and extract this on your computer.
  • Global EEA Fastboot ROM: Download the ROM version that matches the EU ROM you’ve installed.
  • Extract and Identify: Once you’ve extracted the ROM, locate either the modem.img or NON-HLOS.bin file based on its content.
  • File Transfer: Move the identified file (either modem.img or NON-HLOS.bin) to the platform-tools folder.

2. Access Command Prompt:

  • Navigate: Head over to the platform-tools folder.
  • Open CMD: Type CMD in the address bar of the folder and hit Enter.

3. Initiate Fastboot Mode:

  • Command: In the Command Prompt window, enter:
adb reboot bootloader
  • This command directs your Xiaomi device into Fastboot Mode.

4. Flash the Modem:

  • If your file is modem.img, type:
fastboot flash modem_ab modem.img
  • If you have the NON-HLOS.bin file, enter:
fastboot flash modem_ab NON-HLOS.bin

5. Reboot Your Device:

  • To apply all changes and exit Fastboot Mode, Enter in:
fastboot reboot


Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Dealing with network issues after flashing a EU ROM on a Chinese Xiaomi device can be frustrating, but with the right steps, you can easily fix the problem. By understanding the causes of these network issues and following the troubleshooting methods discussed in this article, you should be able to restore your network connection successfully.

Remember, it’s important to ensure compatibility between your phone model and ROM version before attempting any firmware updates. Always double-check that you have downloaded the correct ROM for your specific device to avoid encountering such problems in the first place.

Additionally, make sure to follow each step carefully and back up your data before proceeding with any software modifications. This will help prevent any loss of important information during the process.

If all else fails, consider seeking assistance from Xiaomi’s official support channels or online forums where fellow users may have encountered similar issues and found solutions.

Flashing a different region’s ROM on your Chinese Xiaomi device opens up exciting possibilities for customization and access to additional features. However, it is crucial to proceed with caution and take necessary precautions to avoid potential complications like network connectivity problems.

By being well-informed about potential challenges ahead of time and having patience throughout the process, you can enjoy an enhanced user experience without sacrificing essential functionality like reliable network connectivity.

Remember that while these solutions have been effective for many users experiencing similar difficulties after flashing EU ROMs on their Chinese Xiaomi devices, individual results may vary depending on various factors unique to each situation. Hence it is always advisable to exercise caution when making changes that could potentially affect your device’s performance or functionality.

So go ahead! Explore new horizons by flashing custom ROMs on your Chinese Xiaomi smartphone but do so responsibly while considering all implications involved. With proper research, preparation, and execution techniques at hand – fixing any post-ROM flash networking issue should no longer stand as an insurmountable feat!

Happy flashing!

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