5 Methods to solve “This Device is locked” in Xiaomi Phone

Solve “This Device is locked” in Xiaomi Phone: Unlocking a locked Xiaomi phone can be quite frustrating, especially if you receive the dreaded “This Device is locked” error message. But don’t worry! In this blog post, we will look at five efficient strategies for resolving this problem and regaining access to your cherished device. We’ve got you covered if you’ve forgotten your Mi Account password or need help from Xiaomi customer service. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started on these tried-and-true methods for getting your Xiaomi phone unlocked in no time!

Whats is This Device is locked” Error on Xiaomi Phone?

What exactly is the “This Device is Locked” problem message on a Xiaomi phone? Many consumers July have this frustrating situation when attempting to access their Xiaomi gadget. This issue usually happens when the phone is locked by the Mi Account that is linked to it. This lock’s function is to prevent unauthorized access and protect user data.

So, how does this occur? If you forget your Mi Account password or repeatedly enter wrong credentials, your smartphone July be locked. You July also see this issue if you purchase a used Xiaomi phone and the prior owner did not correctly erase their Mi Account.

Don’t be alarmed if you see this error notice on the screen of your Xiaomi phone. You can try numerous approaches to fix it and recover access to your device. In the following sections, we’ll look at five alternative solutions to the “This Device is locked” problem.

Remember that each approach has its own set of actions and requirements, so pick one based on your scenario and carefully follow the directions. You should be able to overcome this obstacle with patience and persistence and resume using your Xiaomi phone without limits.

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How to Fix the “This Device is locked” Error on Xiaomi Phone

Fix the “This Device is locked” Error on Xiaomi Phone
Fix the “This Device is locked” Error on Xiaomi Phone

Have you encountered the frustrating “This Device is locked” error on your Xiaomi phone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some effective solutions to fix this issue. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Forgot your Mi Account password
  2. Request Xiaomi customer support
  3. Unlock by Hard Reset
  4. Using Mi Account Remove Tool
  5. Contact the Mi service center

Method 1: By Forgot your Mi Account password

By Forgot your Mi Account password
By Forgot your Mi Account password

Forgetting your Mi Account password is a typical cause of the “This Device is locked” problem on Xiaomi phones. It can be aggravating to discover yourself locked out of your own gadget, but don’t panic, there are workarounds.

Don’t panic if you accidentally lock yourself out of your Xiaomi smartphone because you forget your Mi account password. To recover access, adhere to these steps:

  • Visit Xiaomi’s Account Site: Go to Xiaomi’s official account site using a different device.
  • Choose “Forgot Password”: Find and select the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Put Your Credentials in Here: Enter your account information, including your registered phone number or email address.
  • Verification Procedure: Xiaomi will walk you through the verification procedure after you submit your credentials.
  • Select a verification strategy: To get a verification code, choose your chosen verification method (phone or email).
  • Create a New Password: After your account has been verified, you can create a new password for it.

Remember to keep track of passwords and account information for a smooth user experience. However, if things go wrong and you forget them, these methods will come in helpful!

Method 2: Request Xiaomi Customer Support

Request Xiaomi Customer Support
Request Xiaomi Customer Support

If you’re facing the dreaded “This Device is locked” error on your Xiaomi phone, don’t panic just yet. One of the simplest ways to resolve this issue is by reaching out to Xiaomi’s customer support team for assistance.

  • Follow Method 1: If you can’t remember your Mi account login information, use Method 1 to retrieve it.
  • Try an Alternative Verification process: Xiaomi provides alternatives to the main verification process in case it is unsuccessful.
  • Get Reset Recovery Information: In your Mi account settings, find the “Reset Recovery Info” option.
  • Take these Actions: Verify your identification and reset your account credentials by following the instructions provided.
  • Contact Xiaomi customer service: Don’t be afraid to contact Xiaomi’s customer service for assistance if you run into problems during the procedure.

Xiaomi prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, and they are constantly available to assist users with any issues they July run into. Their support staff has the skills and experience to walk you through the troubleshooting process whether it’s a software bug or a problem with your Mi account.

So, if the first two techniques haven’t helped you yet, try Method 2 and let Xiaomi’s first-rate customer support save the day!

Method 3: Hard Reset Without a PC

Method 3: Hard Reset Without a PC
Method 3: Hard Reset Without a PC

If you’re facing the “This Device is locked” error on your Xiaomi phone and don’t have access to a PC, don’t worry! There’s still a method you can try to resolve this issue. Hard resetting your device without a PC might just do the trick.

Follow these instructions to make a hard reset without a PC:

1. Turn off your Xiaomi phone entirely.
2. Hold down the Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time until you see the Mi logo on your screen.
3. When the Mi logo shows, release both buttons.
4. Select “Wipe data” using the Volume Down button.
5. Press the Power button to confirm your choices.
6. Select “Wipe All Data” and confirm with the Power button one again.
7. After the operation has finished, click “Reboot.”

Please keep in mind that executing a hard reset will destroy all data on your device, so create a backup of any vital files first.

If earlier approaches haven’t worked for you, hard resetting your Xiaomi phone without a PC July assist. Give it a shot before moving on to other options!

Always be cautious when doing such surgeries because they include specific hazards!

Method 4: Mi Account Remove Tool

Mi Account Remove Tool
Mi Account Remove Tool

If you’re facing the “This Device is locked” error on your Xiaomi phone and have forgotten your Mi account password, don’t worry! There’s a solution for you. One of the methods to unlock your device is by using Mi Account Remove Tools.

Mi Account Remove Tools are third-party programs that can be used to get beyond the device’s locked screen and delete your Mi account. These tools function by wiping all data from your phone, including the password for the lock screen, and resetting it to its factory defaults.

  • To access recovery mode, hold down the volume down and power buttons simultaneously for around 5 seconds.
  • Connect your phone to a computer by connecting your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Install the Mi Account Unlock Tool on your PC by downloading and installing it.
  • Fixing Interface Issues: To fix any interface issues, according to the tool’s instructions.
  • Using the program, you can either bypass or disable the Mi account connected to the locked device.

It’s critical to remember that there are hazards associated with using third-party solutions because they aren’t necessarily trustworthy or secure. Use caution when downloading and use these tools, and do extensive study before moving forward.

You might be able to fix the “This Device is locked” problem on your Xiaomi phone by using Mi Account Remove Tools without requiring a lot of technical know-how or help from customer support or service centers.

Method 5: Contact the Mi service center

Contact the Mi service center
Contact the Mi service center

It’s time to seek expert assistance if none of the aforementioned strategies work for you. A dependable solution to fix the “This Device is locked” error on your Xiaomi phone is to get in touch with the Mi support center.

The Mi service center is staffed with knowledgeable professionals that are experienced in solving a wide range of software and hardware problems. They possess the knowledge and resources necessary to unlock your gadget and restore it to optimal operation.

Visit the Mi service center’s website or phone their customer care line to get in touch with them. Give them all the information they require about your equipment and describe the problem you’re having. If necessary, they will provide you alternate solutions or walk you through the process of unlocking your Xiaomi phone.

Keep in mind that reaching out to specialists might occasionally take time, so have patience while going through this procedure. The professionals at the Mi service center will make every effort to help you and make sure that unlocking your device goes smoothly.

Therefore, if all else fails and you need help with the “This Device is locked” error on your Xiaomi phone, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Mi service center.


After investigating the many techniques for resolving the “This Device is Locked” error on Xiaomi phones, it is clear that there are numerous solutions available to people experiencing this problem. Depending on the circumstances, each method has its own set of pros and disadvantages.

By analyzing these many ways and determining which one best meets your needs, you July effectively resolve the annoying “This Device is locked” error on your Xiaomi phone and resume enjoying its capabilities!


1. How to unlock a Xiaomi phone if I forgot my Mi Account password?

If you have forgotten your Mi Account password, you can follow Method 1 mentioned in this article. By resetting your password through the Mi Account Recovery process, you will be able to unlock your Xiaomi phone.

2. Can contacting Xiaomi Customer Support help solve the “This Device is locked” error?

Yes, Method 2 suggests reaching out to Xiaomi Customer Support for assistance with unlocking your device. They can guide you through the necessary steps or provide further solutions based on your specific situation.

3. Is it possible to hard reset a Xiaomi phone without using a PC?

Certainly! Method 3 explains how you can perform a hard reset on your device without requiring a computer. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in that section to unlock your Xiaomi phone and resolve the “This Device is locked” issue.

4. What are Mi Account Remove Tools? Are they safe to use?

Mi Account Remove Tools are third-party software or tools that claim to remove the Mi account lock from Xiaomi phones. However, their reliability and safety cannot be guaranteed. It’s advisable to exercise caution when using such tools as they July pose security risks or damage your device.

5. Should I contact the Mi service center if none of the methods work?

If all else fails, it’s recommended to reach out directly to an authorized Mi service center (Method 5). The professionals there will possess expertise in resolving various issues related to Xiaomi devices and July offer specialized solutions tailored specifically for your problem.

Remember, each method discussed in this article should be attempted carefully and at one’s own discretion.

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