How to Hide Your Number With *67 (Does Star 67 still work)

Hide Your Number With *67 : Have you ever been in a scenario when you wished you could make a phone call without revealing your true identity? Perhaps you’re trying to supplement your income by posting classified advertising or exploring the world of online dating, where privacy is essential. Or maybe you just want to keep your personal information secure when making online purchases. Whatever the cause, there’s a simple solution that’s been around for a long time – *67.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what *67 on your phone represents and whether it’ll still operate in 2023. We’ll also go through why masking your phone number could be useful in a variety of situations, from safeguarding your privacy to more comfortably navigating the digital realm.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to hide your phone number using *67 or if it’s still effective today, keep reading! We have all of the answers right here.

What is *67?

What is *67?
What is *67?

What is the value of *67? Many people have heard of this enigmatic code but are unsure what it does. *67 is a vertical service code that lets you hide your phone number when making outgoing calls. It’s like hiding your phone number behind a mask!

When you dial *67 before the desired phone number, the person receiving the call will see “Unknown” or “Blocked Number” instead of your actual phone number on their caller ID. This is especially important when you wish to retain your privacy or anonymity.

*67 is a simple three-character code that allows you to conceal your identity during phone conversations. Using *67 can provide you piece of mind, whether you’re seeking to secure your personal information or simply prefer to keep things private.

Is Star 67 still operational in 2023? Given how rapidly technology advances, this is a crucial question. Continue reading to find out if this tried-and-true method is still working!

Does Star 67 Still Work In 2023?

Does Star 67 Still Work In 2023
Does Star 67 Still Work In 2023

The need to hide your phone number has become increasingly vital in today’s digital age, where privacy concerns are at an all-time high. For many years, people have used the prefix *67 before calling a number. But, with technology progressing at such a quick pace, you may be wondering if Star 67 will still operate in 2023.

Yes, the answer is yes! Despite the ever-changing world of smartphones and telecoms, dialing *67 is still a reliable way to mask your phone number when making calls. Simply dial *67 followed by the desired phone number to have your call appear as “private” or “blocked” on the recipient’s caller ID.

So, why would anyone want to make use of this feature? The reasons vary from person to person, but can include supplementary income opportunities such as freelance work or side enterprises that require anonymity. Individuals who use online dating or shopping may also choose to keep their personal information secret.

While Star 67 is one of the most popular vertical service codes for concealing digits, it is not the only one! Other codes have distinct functions, such as forwarding calls or enabling call waiting.

Despite technological and communication developments in 2023, Star 67 remains a reliable means to mask your phone number when making calls. Knowing how to use *67 might bring benefits such as extra revenue, internet privacy, or personal preference.

Why Do I Need To Use *67?

Why Do I Need To Use *67
Why Do I Need To Use *67

Why do you need to use *67? There are several reasons why hiding your phone number with *67 can be beneficial.

1- Extra Income:

Are you looking for techniques to increase the size of your bank account? Do you need some additional cash to pay for that dream vacation or to pay off your school loans? Look no farther than using the power of *67 to disguise your phone number and explore new ways to earn extra money.

You can contact potential clients or customers without revealing your personal phone number if you can mask your caller ID. This anonymity adds a degree of protection and privacy while allowing you to pursue a variety of side hustles.

Freelance work is a popular way to supplement one’s income. There is always a need for talented individuals in the gig economy, whether you are a great writer, graphic designer, or programmer. You may keep control over who has access to your personal information by utilizing *67 when contacting potential clients.

Selling things online is another possibility worth considering. Entrepreneurs wishing to transform their hobbies or crafts into profitable companies can find chances on platforms like Etsy and eBay. You can connect with buyers and negotiate sales using *67 without providing critical information such as your phone number.

Participating in market research studies or focus groups can also be a simple way to earn some extra money on the side. Many businesses are prepared to compensate participants in exchange for their time and thoughts on various items or services. You have more control over who contacts you directly if you hide your phone number with *67 during initial screenings or interviews.

When it comes to using *67 to secure new income streams, the possibilities are unlimited. Utilize this function on your phone immediately to begin exploring new cash opportunities while preserving control over your privacy!

2- Online Dating

Online dating has grown in popularity in recent years, giving people the ability to meet potential companions from the comfort of their own homes. Many people, though, may be hesitant to share their personal phone numbers immediately soon. This is where *67 can be useful.

You can hide your caller ID and safeguard your privacy during online dating by entering *67 before dialing a number on your phone. This gives you complete control over who has access to your contact information until you are ready to share it.

The advantage of utilizing *67 for online dating is that it adds an extra degree of protection. It aids in the prevention of unwanted calls or messages from strangers who may have hidden purposes. By concealing your phone number at first, you may screen out potentially problematic persons and ensure that only real matches can contact you.

Furthermore, masking your phone number with *67 during online dating can help establish boundaries and keep anonymity until both parties are ready to take the next step. It provides you with piece of mind by allowing you to manage when and how much personal information is shared.

If you’re entering into the realm of online dating, hiding your phone number with *67 can provide an added layer of security and peace of mind. Remember to emphasize your safety and privacy whenever you engage in any type of digital communication.

3- Online Shopping

Convenience is essential when it comes to internet buying. You may get your favorite things delivered right to your door with just a few clicks. However, many shoppers are concerned about the security and privacy of their personal information.

This is when the number *67 comes in helpful. You can conceal your phone number when making online transactions by using this option. This adds an extra degree of security by preventing unauthorized callers from acquiring your phone number.

Online buying frequently necessitates the entry of sensitive information such as credit card numbers and addresses. You may ensure that only the necessary parties have access to this information by masking your phone number with *67.

Using *67 when shopping online also protects against any scams or fraudulent activity. It gives you control over who has access to your personal information and lowers your chances of falling victim to phishing or identity theft.

So, the next time you indulge in some internet retail therapy, remember the necessity of safeguarding yourself. When entering your phone number during checkout, enter *67 to enjoy a safer and more secure online buying experience!

4- Privacy Concerns

Privacy has been a rising worry for many people in today’s digital world, as our personal information is constantly being collected and shared. This is especially true when it comes to phone calls and the dread of our phone numbers being disclosed.

One reason you might wish to hide your phone number using *67 is to safeguard your privacy. You may not want strangers to have access to your personal contact information when making calls for extra money opportunities or online dating. You can prevent them from seeing your actual phone number by dialing *67.

Another privacy issue that emerges while shopping online is the chance of receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls. When you make an online purchase, there is always the possibility that your phone number could be sold or shared with third parties who will bombard you with unsolicited sales pitches. Using *67 can help lessen this danger by keeping your phone number private and decreasing the likelihood of receiving unwanted marketing calls.

Furthermore, with cybercrime on the rise, safeguarding personal information has never been more crucial. By disguising your phone number with *67, you make it more difficult for potential fraudsters or hackers to get sensitive data linked with your phone number, such as addresses or other contact details.

Many people use *67 when making phone calls because they are concerned about their privacy. It adds an extra layer of security against the unintentional disclosure of personal information in a variety of situations such as extra income opportunities, online dating encounters, online shopping transactions, or simply in response to increased concerns about their overall security and safety in today’s interconnected world.

How To Hide A Number Beginning With * 67 On Android?

How To Hide A Number Beginning With * 67 On Android
How To Hide A Number Beginning With * 67 On Android

Are you an Android user who wants to conceal your phone number? You’ve come to the right place! Hide your phone number on Android is a simple operation that can be accomplished by using the star 67 feature. By entering this code before contacting a number, you can keep your caller ID hidden from the recipient.

Follow these instructions to hide your caller ID on an Android phone with *67:

  • Launch the “Phone” app.
  • Tap the menu icon (typically three dots or lines).
  • Click on “Settings” or “Additional Settings.”
  • Look for the option “Caller ID” or “Show My Caller ID.”
  • Tap “Hide number” or deactivate “Show My Caller ID.”
  • When you call now, your phone number will be concealed and displayed as “Private” to the person you’re calling.
  • You can also use the *67 method while dialing a number to temporarily hide your caller ID. The person you’re phoning will see your phone number as “Private” if you use this strategy.

Keep in mind that the exact steps may differ significantly depending on the manufacturer of your Android phone and the version of Android you’re using.

Using *67 on Android can help keep your identity hidden, whether you’re making a confidential business call or simply want some more privacy during personal interactions. Try it out and enjoy the added peace of mind that your calls are anonymous!

How To Hide A Phone Number On An iPhone Using Star 67?

Hide A Phone Number On An iPhone Using Star 67
Hide A Phone Number On An iPhone Using Star 67

To hide your phone number on an iPhone using *67, follow these steps:

  • Before dialing the number, enter *67.
  • The caller will display “No Caller ID,” “Private,” or “Blocked” in place of your phone number.
  • This method prevents your phone number from being displayed on a call-by-call basis, allowing you to make an anonymous call.

Alternatively, you can do so by:

  • On your iPhone, launch the “Settings” app.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select “Phone.”
  • Find “Show My Caller ID” and uncheck it.
  • Using either of these ways will block the recipient from seeing your phone number when making a call.

It’s crucial to note that while *67 will hide your caller ID while making standard phone calls, it may not work for other sorts of communication like text messaging or video conversations.

So there you have it – a quick and easy way to disguise your iPhone’s phone number using Star 67! Remember that privacy is vital, therefore use this function as necessary.

How to Block * 67 Calls On An iPhone 2023?

Follow these steps to Block *67 Calls On An iPhone 2023:

Method 1: Do Not Disturb

Using the “Do Not Disturb” option on your iPhone is one of the simplest ways to block unwanted calls. This function allows you to quiet calls and notifications from unknown or blocked numbers, ensuring that nuisance callers do not annoy you.

To enable this feature, go to your iPhone’s settings and select the “Do Not Disturb” option. Once there, you can enable it manually or schedule it for times when you don’t want to be bothered.

When this option is selected, all incoming calls from unknown or blocked numbers are hushed and routed to voicemail. These calls will not even be notified to you, saving you from avoidable interruptions throughout the day.

It’s worth noting that setting Do Not Disturb may have an impact on other features such as alarms and emergency notifications. As a result, make any necessary adjustments to the settings.

This strategy gives you more control over who can contact you while keeping undesirable callers at away. In a world full of spammy phone calls, it’s a simple yet effective solution to safeguard your privacy and peace of mind!

Remember that there are other options, which we will go over in detail later in this post.

Keep an eye out!

Method 2: Employing Contacts

Another method for blocking calls from numbers using *67 on an iPhone is to use your contacts. This method lets you to specify which individuals can and cannot view your caller ID.

Follow these instructions to create and block a “No Caller ID” contact on an iPhone:

  • Launch the Phone app.
  • Navigate to the “Contacts” tab.
  • To add a new contact, press the “+” button.
  • Enter the phone number “000-000-0000“.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Block this Caller.
  • Tap “Block Contact” to stop receiving phone calls, messages, or FaceTime calls from you.

Rep these procedures as needed for any more contacts or phone numbers.

If you want additional control over masking your caller ID while still being able to converse directly with particular people, you can use contacts.

Method 3: Disallow calls with no caller ID (cellphone services)

Calls with no caller ID can be blocked at the network level, which is an efficient approach to prevent such calls from reaching your device. Most cellular service providers provide alternatives for blocking these calls. Here’s how to accomplish it with different carriers:

  • AT&T Call Blocking with No Caller ID: Inquire with your carrier about blocking alternatives. Some providers, such as AT&T, may have features or policies in place to prevent such calls.
  • Unknown Caller Blocking (T-Mobile): Check to see whether your carrier offers call blocking services. T-Mobile, for example, has a tool called “Scam Shield” that can assist you block unfamiliar callers.
  • Blocking Anonymous Calls (Verizon): Verizon may also provide solutions to ban anonymous calls. You can use features such as “Call Filter” to manage unwanted phone calls.
  • Enabling Anonymous Call Rejection (Bright House): If you use Bright House services, you may be able to select “Anonymous Call Rejection” to block incoming anonymous calls.
  • Consult Your Carrier: Contact your carrier’s customer care to see whether they offer call blocking features. Some providers may not offer this service right now.

Keep in mind that these methods differ by carrier, so you should contact your cellular service provider directly to enquire about their specific call blocking choices.

Using this method, you can successfully filter out spam or nuisance calls that frequently come from unknown or hidden numbers. It adds an extra degree of security to your privacy and reduces unwanted disruptions throughout the day.

Remember to review your blocked call list on a regular basis and modify these settings as needed to avoid mistakenly blocking critical calls.

Use this helpful function provided by cellular operators to keep track of who contacts you!

How to Block Unwanted Calls on Android

Unwanted calls might be inconvenient, but there are ways to block them on your Android mobile. Here are several approaches you can take:

1. Make use of the built-in call blocking feature: Most Android phones include a built-in call blocking feature that allows you to block certain numbers or all unknown callers. Simply go to your phone’s settings, locate the “Call” or “Phone” section, and seek for the “Block Calls” option. You may then manually enter numbers or enable the option to ban all unknown callers.

2. Download a call-blocking app from the Google Play Store: If your phone has a built-in call-blocking feature or you want more advanced choices, try installing a call-blocking program from the Google Play Store. These apps also include capabilities like as spam detection and automatic call filtering.

3. Contact your service provider: Some providers have call-blocking services that you can enable on your account. Check with your provider to determine if this option is available and how to enable it.

Keep in mind that, while these tactics can help limit unwanted calls, determined spammers may discover ways around them. Maintain vigilance and never give out personal information to unfamiliar callers.

How to Use Other Popular Vertical Service Codes

Other popular vertical service codes, in addition to *67, can be used to improve your phone calling experience. These codes offer features and functionalities that can be quite beneficial in a variety of scenarios.

Here are some useful star codes for managing various landline phone features:

  • *60: Blocks a certain Number – Dial *60 to prevent a certain number from contacting you. This feature aids in the management of unwanted calls by blocking calls from specified numbers.
  • *66: Continuous Redial – Dial *66 to dial a busy number repeatedly until the line becomes free. When trying to reach a busy line, this can be useful.
  • *69: Last Caller Redial – Dial *69 to redial the last number that phoned you if you don’t have caller ID on your landline. This is useful if you have missed a call and need to return it.
  • *70: Disable Call Waiting – Dial *70 to disable the call waiting feature temporarily, allowing you to make uninterrupted calls.
  • *72: Call Forwarding – To enable call forwarding on a landline, dial *72. This functionality forwards incoming calls to a different number that you designate.
  • *77: Anonymous Call Rejection – To enable anonymous call rejection, dial *77. This feature allows incoming calls only from persons who provide their phone number, excluding anonymous calls.

By being acquainted with these additional vertical service codes, you will be able to fully utilize the advanced features available on your phone and improve your calling experience in a variety of ways.

CAN the *67 call be traced?

The phone provider and authorities can still trace your call if you use *67 to block your caller ID. The call blocking feature is only visible to the person answering the phone, but it can still be traced by the phone provider and police enforcement. While some software claims to show blocked numbers from the end user’s perspective, tracing is available from the service provider’s perspective.



In today’s digital world, where many people value privacy, being able to mask your phone number can provide a sense of protection and control. For years, *67, often known as Star 67, has been a popular way to hide your phone number when making calls.

Is Star 67 still operational in 2023? Yes, the answer is yes! Despite technological developments and changes in communication platforms, this basic code is still an excellent approach to conceal your identity during phone calls.

There are several reasons why you might want to use *67. Whether you want to earn extra money through freelance work or gig employment, explore the world of online dating while remaining anonymous, or just protect your personal information when shopping online, using *67 can provide you with peace of mind.

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