Fix: Widgets Not Working On MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4

Fix: Widgets Not Working On MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4: Widgets are a popular feature of MacOS, allowing users to customise their desktops and quickly access vital information. If you’re one of the brave souls who installed MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4, you may have run into some frustrating issues with your widgets. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this blog post, we’ll look at the issues that customers are having with MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 and offer easy yet effective remedies to those irritating widget malfunctions. So buckle your seatbelts as we go on a quest to restore the functionality of your widgets!

What is MacOS 14 Sonoma

Widgets Not Working On MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4
Widgets Not Working On MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4

What exactly is MacOS 14 Sonoma? It’s the most recent and exciting update to Apple’s operating system. Sonoma promises to improve user experience and take Mac usability to new heights with its elegant style and creative features.

The overhauled widget system is one of MacOS 14 Sonoma’s notable features. Widgets are little programmes that allow you to quickly access information or conduct certain tasks right on your desktop. Widgets can provide you with weather forecasts, calendar events, and stock market updates.

Sonoma takes widgets a step further by including interactive widgets that allow users to interact with them without having to launch additional programmes. This allows you to respond to conversations or check email notifications without disrupting your workflow – talk about convenience!

Furthermore, Sonoma includes an enhanced widget gallery where users can browse through many alternatives and customise their desktops according on personal tastes. The large variety of widgets offered assures that there is something for everyone.

With all of these exciting improvements in store, it’s no surprise that many Mac enthusiasts excitedly embraced MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4. However, like with any beta version, there will undoubtedly be some bugs along the road. Users frequently remark that various widgets stop working properly or fail to display appropriate information.

But don’t worry! We’ve done our homework and discovered some efficient strategies to get those wayward widgets back on track in no time! So let’s go into troubleshooting mode and work together to solve those annoying problems.

Overview of MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 Issues

Overview of MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 Issues
Overview of MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 Issues

MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4, Apple’s next operating system upgrade, promises exciting new features and enhancements. However, as with any product in its beta stage, it has a few bugs that users have reported. Let’s look more closely at some of these difficulties.

The faulty widgets in MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 are a typical issue reported by users. Widgets are an important element of the Mac experience because they allow users to easily access information and execute tasks without having to open individual apps. Unfortunately, some widgets are not working properly for certain users.

Another issue that has been identified is one of performance. After installing MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4, some customers have reported a decline in overall system performance. This can show as delayed app launches or general computer slowdown.

There have also been claims of compatibility issues with third-party programmes on MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4. When using these programmes, users may experience crashes or other unexpected behaviour.

These difficulties are not uncommon during the beta testing phase, and Apple is actively working to resolve them before the official release of MacOS 14 Sonoma. Indeed, one of the primary goals of releasing beta versions is to gather customer feedback and address any issues or anomalies that develop.

If you’re having problems with your widgets or general system performance on MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4, be assured that Apple is actively working on a fix. Meanwhile, it may be beneficial to submit your specific issues through Apple’s feedback channels so that they can be addressed more effectively.

While errors with pre-release software upgrades like MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 can be annoying, it’s vital to understand that this is all part of the development process. The goal of releasing beta versions is to discover and correct any issues before making them available to the wider public.

Fix: Widgets Not Working On MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4

Fix: Widgets Not Working On MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4
Fix: Widgets Not Working On MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4

Widgets are a fantastic feature on MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 that allow users to easily access and interact with their favorite apps right from the desktop. However, some users have been experiencing issues where the widgets are not working as expected. If you’re facing this problem, don’t worry! There are several steps you can take to fix it.

  • Follow these procedures to remove a widget from your Mac’s Notification Centre:
  • To access the Notification Centre, click the Notification Centre icon in the top-right corner of the menu bar, or use the corresponding keyboard shortcut.
  • Hold down the Options (commonly known as the Alt) key on your keyboard.
  • Place the cursor on the widget you want to remove while holding down the Options key.
  • Click on the minus sign (-) that appears in the widget’s top-left corner. The widget will be removed from the Notification Centre as a result of this action.
  • Restart your Mac after deleting the widget.
  • Reopen the Notification Centre after your Mac has rebooted.
  • Click the “Edit Widgets” button at the bottom of the Notification Centre.
  • Place the pointer on the widget you want to bring back to the Notification Centre while in the Edit Widgets mode.
  • The plus sign (+) that displays next to the widget should be clicked. This step will restore the chosen widget to the Notification Centre.

By following these steps, you can delete undesirable widgets and replace them in your Mac’s Notification Centre.


While the MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 has some intriguing new features and enhancements, it is not without flaws. One of the major issues that customers have encountered is that the widgets do not work properly in this beta version.

But don’t be alarmed! To resolve this issue, we have developed a simple and effective solution. You can get your widgets back up and running on your MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 by following the instructions in our guide.

Keep a watch out for future Apple updates as they work to address these flaws and enhance the overall speed of their operating system. Until then, be patient and enjoy exploring all of MacOS 14 Sonoma’s other wonderful features!

So, go ahead and apply our workaround for widgets not working on MacOS 14 Sonoma Beta 4 to resume full use of these useful tools. Have fun making widgets!


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