How to protect your Computer from Wannacry Ransomware

How to Protect PC From Wannacrypt ( wannacry ) Ransomware Attack

An aggressive Virus Attack is running all around the World, the Virus is known as “Wannacry”. As you can predict by its name it makes the victim cry as it acquires all the files of the Victim and demands Ransom (Money) that too in Bitcoin which is an online Virtual Currency. WannaCry has already infected over 75,000 PCs in 99 countries. It is deadly Virus and one will never want to be the victim of Such Virus.

So in order to aware you, in order to protect you we are here with some things you can do right now to save yourself from Ransomware or “Wannacry” Virus.

Protect Your Computer from Wannadecryptor using Microsoft Patch

We will advise you to install the Microsoft fix—MS17-010— on your Windows PC. It is a patch which is being developed in order to protect the machines from Ransomware attack. Make sure you reboot your System after installing the Patch.

Patches are being rolled out by Microsoft from time to time as updates which help the system to be free from some malware or virus attacks.

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How to Protect Pc from Wannacrypt Attack : Beware

Ransomware can penetrate your System in any means.  It can be “spray-n-pray” form which involves targeting vicrtim through emails, texts etc. You may be targeted to click on a url or a file attachment and the virus will crawl into your System.

Ransomware or “Wannacry” Virus is targeting Everyday Internet users businesses and public service providers, any individuals or organizations that needs continuous access to its systems should be especially more careful and alert what sites they visit and which attachments they download and view.

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Backup your Pc to Protect Pc from Wannacry Ransomware Attack

Backup! Backup that System Now. Especially all your Important documents, images, presentation. Everything that has some value to you. Wither copy them into a sapre hard disk you might have or save it on cloud.

Save it anywhere but do save it. NOW. To be on the safe side as Ransomware might target you next.

Don’t Pay

The Ransoms will ask you to pay in bitcoins if you want to get back your data. We will suggest you to not pay even few bucks to  ransoms as there is no guarantee that they will return your data after getting bitcoins.

There is no guarantee that they will not make you a victim again after getting Ransom (Money) from you.

Use Antivirus to Protect Laptop/PC from wannacry Ransomware Attacks

Lot of you must be having it. But Wait, Don’t you have? Are you Serious? You don’t have any antivirus installed on your System. Get one. Get it right now, even if you don’t have few bucks to spent get some trial version for free, but do get it.

Antivirus helps to provide shield to the System from Malware attacks. Though it might not protect your System Completely, but it will surely help in some ways to do so.

So that’s it Guys, this was our Guide on How to Protect Your Computer from Wannacry Ransomware. We hope this helped you to protect yourself from Ransomware. If you have any questions leave them in the Comments below.

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