How to Update Galaxy Note 3 to Android 9.0 Pie

Download Android 9.0 Pie for Galaxy Note 3

So do you want to Update Galaxy Note 3 to Android 9.0 Pie? If yes then you are at Right Place. Today we are here with the Guide to Download And Install Android 9.0 Pie on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Easily. Android 9.0 Pie is the latest Android version from Google, Also it is the Successor of android 8.0 Oreo. The Update Comes with many New Features Which you can use in Daily life.

Before we start the Guide to Update Galaxy Note 3 to Android 9.0 Pie, Let’s have a Quick Look at the Specifications of Galaxy Note 3 and After that we will start the Guide. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 5.7 inch Display, having resolution of 1080X1920 and a Pixel density of 386Ppi, under the hood of the smartphone there is Qualcomm Snapdragon processor coupled with 3Gb of ram. Coming to the other features of the Phone Such As Camera and Battery So the Galaxy Note 3 comes with 13Mp primary camera unit whereas a 3Mp camera unit is placed at the front Side. Under the hood of the smartphone there is 3200mah Removable battery.

So this was all about the specifications of the device, Now let’s have a Quick look at the features of Android 9.0 Pie Update for Galaxy Note 3 So the New Android 9.0 Pie Update comes with Following New Features:

Download Android 9.0 Pie Custom Rom for Galaxy Note 3

Before we start Downloading the Rom for Galaxy Note 3, let’s have a Quick look at the Features of New android 9.0 Pie rom for Galaxy Note 3:

Adaptive Battery:

So this is one of the very first and Most Interesting feature of Android 9.0 Pie, In this feature All the Apps which you are not using will Be Hibernated. Inshort all the apps which you are not using Will be turned off automatically by the Adaptive battery Feature. This can be Easily Enable and Disable by Going to Settings>Battery>Adaptive Battery.

Dark Mode:

This was one of the most waited feature of Android 9.0, In the New android google have enabled the System Wide Dark mode feature. All the apps which Support dark mode will Automatically enable Dark mode by just one Command. Also this Feature is good for smartphones Having Amoled display.

App time limit:

This Feature Will Automatically Enable the app time limit, Which means if you set the Time to 9 minutes the Icon of  App will automatically turn to grey hence giving you Warning not to use this app for much time.

Adaptive Brightness:

This feature will Automatically Adjust the Brightness of your android screen according to the environment you are using your android phone, This feature also helps in getting longer battery life.

New Screenshot Shortcut:

Taking Screenshot is much easier now, You can Easily take screenshot by long pressing the power button, Also the new feature let’s you edit the screenshot in Go.

New Design:

Last but not the least, The new Android 9.0 Pie comes with new Design. One thing which is common between Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9.0 Pie is that both the versions share Material Design. However both Android version’s have many differences in Design and once can easily differentiate between both of them.

Install Android 9.0 Pie on Galaxy Note 3

So as this device was launched in 2013 and it is pretty much old So samsung has officially Discontinued the support for further updates. But Still Users who are using Galaxy Note 3 can easily Install custom rom on their Device by following this guide. But Before you start installing rom on your Phone make sure you read all the Points to remember.

Things to Remember before you Upgrade Galaxy Note 3 to Android 9.0 Pie

  • This Guide is only for Galaxy Note 3 users, So don’t try to Install this on Any other smartphone as it might brick your android Phone
  • Make sure you make a backup of all important files before you start installing the Android 9 on your phone
  • Make sure there is more then 65% battery on your Android Phone
  • Make sure TWRP recovery is installed on your Phone, To Install TWRP recovery simply follow this Guide To Install TWRP recovery on Any Android Phone

Update Galaxy Note 3 to Android 9.0 Pie SM9000, SM9005

  • First of All Download Android 9.0 Pie Custom rom for your Galaxy Note 3 from Here.
  • Now Place the rom inside your SD card or internal Memory, But just make sure that your remember the location easily.
  • Now Rename the Downloaded file to
  • Now Turn off your Galaxy Note 3 and Boot into TWRP recovery mode.
  • To Boot in TWRP Recovery mode you can Press combination of Volume Up+Home+Power button together.
  • Now your Galaxy Note 3 Will Boot in TWRP recovery mode and you will see Many Options on the screen.
  • First of all Tap on Install And Choose the Android 9.0 Pie rom you downloaded earlier
  • Now you have to Swipe Right to Confirm the installation.
  • Now Wait for Sometime to get the Installation completed.
  • Now You will See Update Successful Notification on the screen.
  • Thats all!! You have successfully Update Galaxy Note 3 to Android 9.0 Pie.

 Some Points About Galaxy Note 3 SM9000 and SM9005

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Was Launched in September 2013

There are Two Versions of Galaxy Note 3. SM9000 Supports 3G Network Only whereas the SM9005 Version supports LTE Also

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Officially Runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop, However It can be updated using Custom roms

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was one of the very first devices from Samsung to Support Amoled Display and later on Samsung Released Many Amoled Display Smartphones.

Rounding Up

So this was Our Guide to Update Galaxy Note 3 to Android 9.0 Pie, We hope the Android 9.0 Pie rom for Samsung Note 3 helped you in Updating your Smartphone, Also We will keep updating the post with new Custom roms for your smartphone.

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