Idea Balance Check Net and Main Balance Number Code

How to Check Idea Net Balance Latest Method 2018

Idea Balance check latest working method is here and in this Guide we will tell you the easiest way to Check Idea net balance. So do you want to Know how to check Idea net balance? If yes then you are at right place, We are back with a Detailed guide to check data balance in idea 2018.

Idea is one of the major network provider company in india, according to reports the company serves around 8 million users in india till date. Idea was one of the very first companies in india which provided 4G network but later on with the launch of Jio 4g many users shifted to Jio. Almost every company in india provide unlimited internet and calling nowadays but still there are many users who want to check net balance in Idea, So as we mentioned earlier that in this Guide we will show you the detailed and most easy way of Idea balance check.

Idea balance check is just like we check balance on other networks like Airtel, Jio Etc. But as we all know that Every year companies change their IVR and because of that we end up doing wrong process to Check Data balance in Idea, But we have figured out the easiest and convenient method which will Work almost every time without waiting. So Without wasting much time lets start the Guide on Idea balance check.

Idea Net Balance Check Number

So there are basically two ways with which you do idea net balance check, first one by using Idea app which is available on Both Playstore and Appstore and Second one is by Dialing Idea net balance check code. So we will start with the first One which is Check Idea net balance by using Idea App, But before you start the guide there are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow so make sure you follow all of them carefully.

Pre-requirements to Check Idea Net Balance

  • This Guide on Idea balance check will only work for Idea users, So other network users like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio should not try because they have other codes
  • Make sure you have Internet pack activated on your device, Idea app requires active internet connection to work
  • Make sure you have Idea sim inserted in 1st Sim card slot

Idea balance check by Using Idea app

  • First of all install Idea app from google Playstore ( Android users), Appstore (iPhone users)
  • Now as soon as you install the App you will get 4 options to Sign in the app
  • To Sign Up with OTP tap on Sign in with OTP
  • Now you have to Enter your IDEA number
  • Now you will get Otp on your Idea number to check Idea balance
  • Thats all!! On the front screen you will see your Remaining main balance and Remaining Data balance for the respective Day.

Idea Balance Check Code

So this is considered as one of the most easiest way of idea balance check, because all you have to do is just dial a code from your idea number and you will get all the details on your screen consisting of Remaining main balance and Remaining Data balance.

  • First of make sure that you have your Idea sim in the Sim 1 slot
  • Now you have to Dial *125*5# from your idea number
  • As soon as you dial the number from your Phone you will get a message on your screen with all the remaining data balances.

Idea 3G/4G Balance Check Code

So for the users who have a doubt between 3G and 4G balance check codes, So let me tell you that you can use the same guide given above to Check idea balance using idea app and by using Balance Check Code.

Check Idea Main Balance

In the above guide we told you the way to Check idea Data balance and now in this Section we will show you the way to Check Idea main balance by using Idea app or Simply by Dialing A USSD code from your Idea number.

  • So first of all you have to Open browser on your smartphone or PC
  • Now you have to Go to Idea official Website
  • Now you will see option to Input details


  • Now you have to Tap on Request OTP to get Otp on your Idea number and successfully signing in.
  • Now tap on Login
  • As soon as you tap on Login, You will see your account details with Remaining Data Balance and Remaining Main Balance.
  • Thats all !!! this is How you can check Idea data balance and idea main balance

Idea Balance Check USSD Codes

Idea Balance Check Code

So to check Idea balance by ussd code Simply Dial *121# from your Keypad and you will get a message with your remaining Account balance.

Idea Net balance check code

To check Remaining Idea Data pack Simply Dial *125*5# from your phone’s Keypad, After dialing you will get a message with your remaining Idea net balance. This is also Considered as one of the easiest way of idea balance check

Idea Sms Balance Check Code

Now you can Also Check remaining Sms balance by Dialing *161*1# from your Phone’s Dialer. After you dial the Above ussd code you will get record of your remaining balance for the Day.

Idea balance Transfer Code

You can also Transfer balance from idea to idea by Dialing *567# from your Phone’s Keypad, After that you have to input the Amount and the number you wish to send balance.

This Guide is updated for users to even check in 2020, So if you want to Check main and net balance in idea in 2020 you can easily use this guide. If in future company changes the IVR features of this service then we will surely update this guide till then you can use the same method.

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So this was our guide on How to Check Idea balance, In this guide we explained the easiest way to Check idea net balance by using USSD codes. We hope this guide helped you. Incase if you have any doubt feel free to Write down in the comments section below. Also Consider checking out some other articles on Rootupdate.

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